Welcome Back To Marv Goux Theater

I’ve been tracking Marv Goux’s acting career and Here is the premier episode of “Medical Center” in 1969.

And this features Goux with a speaking part, as he plays a college football assistant coach (a big stretch, I’m sure).

The episode features O.J. Simpson in his first credited role as a star tailback concealing an injury. I spotted former USC player/assistant coach Craig Fertig playing the QB in a locker room scene and it wouldn’t surprise me if other USC players were involved.

UCLA kicker Zenon Andrusyshyn also has a speaking part in the opening scene as an injured player. Ed Asner plays the college’s head coach.

Look below at how Medical Center duplicated USC’s jerseys.

This was no doubt so the show could use the stock footage from USC, presumably a spring game, which I ran a photo of this morning.

Below is the entire episode.

Fun fact: Simpson’s wife in the episode, Cicely Tyson, was 23 years older than him.

7 thoughts on “Welcome Back To Marv Goux Theater

    1. You pud sucking asswipe, those recruits aren’t visiting USC because they want to play for your daddy clueless clay…USC recruits itself.

      Stop trying to build up your daddy as if his 3rd rate at best coaching ability is attracting players for a visit.

      This clay helton pud wacker knob polisher pudly dumb fuck wants to make it out as if clueless clay is the reason recruits visit USC.

      GOD DAMN!


    1. “Welcome Back To Marv Goux Theater”

      Picture if you will the well known meme of the old guy sitting on a backyard swingset staring off into space, thinking…

      “And not a single fuck was given”


  1. Ed Asner. Better as the TV news director with MTM, don’t you think?
    Just doesn’t seem the part of a football coach.

    Gotta love the “leisure suit” bedecked young Doctor Joe Gannon, though.

    Goux? He would have sent some expletives the way of young Doctor Gannon for revealing the injury to the Press, don’t you think?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Zenon Andrusyshyn…now there is a name not heard for many years. Bill Hayhoe tipped Andrusyshyn’s PAT in the ’67 game – “game of the century” – that proved to be the difference (along with the 64 yard run at the end by OJ), USC 21, UCLA 20. I think Beban threw for over 300 yards that day, unheard of at that time, and did it with separated ribs. UCLA hasn’t had a team that good ever since then.


  3. Honesty not a good look for OJ. Too busy lying about his health to worry about abusing his wife. Rude, arrogant and not too bright. Come to think of it…
    Now I see where Scott was going with this


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