Tough Athletic Director Standards (Not USC)

Arizona State fired baseball coach Tracy Smith after the Sun Devils went 33-22 and made the NCAA Tournament. USC wishes it do that.

But I’m more interested in athletic director Ray Anderson’s quotes:

“I’m of the no excuses, no explanations mindset because you can sit around making excuses and explanations all day long any given year for why you didn’t accomplish something. The body of work was the totality we considered in making the decision.

“Everybody’s had bad luck the last couple of years. It’s the leader’s job to ultimately figure a way to fight through all that adversity and as a coach produce the wins you need to keep elevating the program forward.

“(The program is) mediocre, that’s one of the reasons we made the change last time and one of the reasons we’re making the change this time. We have not moved the needle enough in terms of the performance.”

Has Anderson applied these standards to football or basketball?

Imagine if USC looked at football that way?

21 thoughts on “Tough Athletic Director Standards (Not USC)

  1. Mike Bohn: “I’m a no excuses kind of guy. The only thing that matters is progress —measured in championships. Accordingly I fired myself today.”

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    1. P. S.
      “But before I terminated myself I fired Chairman of the Board Caruso and University President Folt…”

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      1. Oh, fuck it. This is supposed to go with the rest of the tebow stuff.
        [It’s like tebow’s spirit guide is playing tricks with my posts]…..


  2. Marv Goux, “And there I was…surrounded by Indians”.

    And that will conclude the Marv Goux content on this blog for the next 6 months.



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    1. Have you ever seen that Night Gallery episode where a guy keeps insulting a dead hero…..and the hero’s ghost comes back to seek unearthly revenge?

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      1. Sometimes I felt it stretched credulity for the same reporter to run into so many mythical creatures……..

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      2. There are some episodes of the X-files with an old, creepy Darren McGavin.
        Night Gallery
        Night Stalker

        The trilogy.
        Outer limits could be entertaining, and the first few years of X-files were “must-see.”

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      3. Totally agree about Outer Limits — the show had it all —horror, love stories, revenge, even transcendence —with stars like Robert Duvall, Robert Culp, Sally Kellerman, etc.

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  3. “Have you ever seen that Night Gallery episode where a guy keeps insulting a dead hero…..and the hero’s ghost comes back to seek unearthly revenge?
    #ButBasicIdeaCouldBeFun[InRightCircumstances]…. ”

    – Michael Guarino

    This ^^^^^ is your brain on drugs

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    1. Drugs! Drugs! That’s a pretty goddamn strange thing to accuse me of! Ha ha ha! Drugs! I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous!

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  4. USC is locked into contracts with coaches who do not fear the job ax. They can continue to be mediocre as long as they produce some evidence of trying. Their contracts are mill stones around the athletic director ‘s neck. Nothing will happen until it can happen. If the school could find a reason they would have used it. Nobody likes Helton I am reasonably certain.

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    1. I’m hoping that my proposed 2 best friends allow that hypocrite “boner “ with the best possible bullshit Integrity. My sincere prayer is that David Shaw& Nick Rolovich demonstrates coaching inferior talent overcomes the potential talent for the 2022 season. September 19th 2021 as Usc record is 1-2 that Dante Williams is named interim coach & forces Folt/ Bohn to FINALLY FIRE the MORON!

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      1. Admire David Shaw…but don’t hold your breath, Bobby.

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    2. While that may be true, we have been led to believe that certain donors would take care of Helton’s contract. If so, it wouldn’t cost SC a dime.
      I don’t believe the nonsense that Folt doesn’t want to be beholden to any donor. Pretty sure that she, like many in her position or most positions for that matter, is beholden to people who have helped along the way.
      Why be sanctimonious about this now?

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