Morning Buzz: USC QB/NFL Coach Jim Fassel Dies

Former USC QB and NFL coach Jim Fassel died Monday of a heart attack. He was 71.

Fassel was the Trojans’ backup QB in 1969 but left USC after the season because he wanted to play and could not beat out Jimmy Jones. Fassel and his high school teammate, fullback Tom Fitzpatrick, left USC and went to Long Beach State. Fassel played there in 1971.

He threw a TD pass to Sam Dickerson in USC’s 48-6 victory over Northwestern in 1969. Fassel completed 7 of 22 passes for 94 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions in 1969.

In 1966, Fassel led Anaheim High School to a 12-1 record, Sunset League title and place in the CIF 4-A championship game at the Coliseum.

Fassel obviously was best known as a coach. He was named the NFL’s Coach of the Year in 1997 while coaching the New York Giants. The Giants lost to the Baltimore Ravens, 34-7, in Super Bowl XXXV in January 2001, after going 12-4 and winning the NFC East that season. Fassel was 58-53-1 overall with the Giants.

Jim Fassel (6), Mike Holmgren (7), Jimmy Jones (8) and Bob Chandler (10) in 1969 USC football team photo.

Here’s the video of the Anaheim-El Rancho 4-A title game from 1966:

22 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC QB/NFL Coach Jim Fassel Dies

    1. Personally, I don’t think that there are 12 “elite” teams in any given CFB year who have the talent, coaching, and body of work to qualify, P76.

      Six? Sure. Seems that there is always a bubble team at #5 or #6 with a claim.

      AND… I don’t think that ANY group of 5 team has the body of work during the season to be included. While there are plenty of laggards in the Power 5 conferences, the weekly competition and physical beatings are just a bit more intense. The G5 schools are academically and athletically just a cut below. Why should the Power 5 conferences dummy down CFB just cuz the Group of 5 occasionally put up a good team (and stay healthy cuz they have 8 scrimmages per year and maybe 4 tough, real games?). Stanford vs UAB comes to mind.

      I do see the group of 5 as a proving ground for good coaches to “matriculate*” up to a Power 5 program, where they can then prove to be mediocre coaches in the power 65.

      There are many more talking points on this one Pudly76, and after paying respects to Jim Fassel, maybe we can pick it up?

      Since a 12 team CFB playoff is one of the most illogical ideas I’ve ever heard of, it is certain to be done by the numbskulls who profit off the sport while these young fellows playing the game damage their cerebrums making them rich.

      *with attribution to one Hank Stram.

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      1. Speaking of “interrupting broadcasts” —does anyone else here agree with me that when Mike Lindell comes on television saying, “Hi, I’m Interrupting my own commercial to bring you this message…” that he’s violating the Federal Communications Act?


      2. Well I’m for the expansion. Adding a game to what would be a meaningless bowl game that kids could still be hurt in doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm a bit. I love a good underdog making a run through the playoffs or even lasting long enough to knock a big dog off their perch.

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    2. Unsuccessful players going on to become great NFL coaches?! I have an idea — Successful past coaches go on to become United States Senators.
      Well, at this point it couldn’t hurt, right?

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      1. Or unsuccessful actresses becoming US Senators…

        I’ve always thought Ashley Judd was sexy. Still do.
        Harvard Degree.
        Still, I don’t think she had the gravitas to replace Mitch McC.

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      2. Guess it’s a little late in the game for Lori Laughlin….

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  1. Fits my mantra which is, “lousy QB’s frequently make good coaches.”
    (And the converse, of course).

    I was but a young lad at the time, but I recall the LA Times routinely excoriating Jimmy Jones for his skill set at QB. Won a lot of games, however. And he was the QB at “TB U” which meant 99% of his practice reps were “handing off”–28 pitch, 26 power, 21 ice, 32 belly. At least Holmgren and Fassell learned the “power running game.”

    Not sure Bill Walsh was very good at football, but he WAS a good coach.
    Fassell (GRHS)?
    Jim Harbaugh?
    The list goes on.

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  3. On vacation in Arizona this week and you would not believe the number of Sun Devil fans around here. Fortunately the owner of the air B&B we’re in is a Cardinal fan. I gotta spend time in the pyramid room here. It’s an air mattress lined with crystals and magnets under a pyramid made of copper wrapped PVC and more crystals. I’m supposed to chant my desire while in the pyramid. I guess I’ll be in a dark room chanting “fire Helton” for the next hour or so.


  4. Hi folks,some monkey business near hong kong a plane problem does in two buddist monks? wait a minute are these monks or monkees!????Sincerely, Edward


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