USC Will Play Georgia Tech (And Former Trojans)

USC and Georgia Tech will play in Phoenix on Dec. 18 as part of the Jerry Colangelo Classic basketball tournament.

The game means former USC players Jordan Usher (11.6 ppg last season) and Kyle Sturdivant (3.5) — who play for Georgia Tech — will face their former school.

“USC is a terrific opponent for us; they’ve played at a high level in recent years,” Georgia Tech coach Josh Pastner said.

19 thoughts on “USC Will Play Georgia Tech (And Former Trojans)

  1. 12/18/21: Usher and Sturdivant will pay for their treachery.

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  2. Oh no, SUCC BB loads up on another powerhouse BB team – GT was one and adios in the 2020 NCAA tournament. A half eaten cupcake as it were.

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      1. Prediction: If UCLA doesn’t beat USC at least once this upcoming season — they will NEVER beat USC again… their program will be over…and their players will be sent to other countries….

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      2. SUCC BB: OOOOOOOOOOOOferever and proud of it. Only 24,455 days and counting since the last time bozo BB lucked into a Final Four

        UCLA got to the Final Four w/o having to employ one of its player’s Daddy.

        The SUCC, good night, Chuckie Buggs MVP award goes to:

        Andyain’twinning…….After eight years and $24 million, Clown U’s ROI is a monumental, humiliating, 19 point, bend-over, give-it-to-me loss in the Tournament; and now Andyain’twinning is pissed because the Boner didn’t give him a contract extension – it’s impossible to make this sh*t up.

        However, Coach Cronin did get a contract extension!

        #It’s 19 after the hour, so it must be warm milk and cookies time at Hubris Hall. Cue the Charlie Harper CD.



      3. You’re still an idiot. All you said and you’re still 0-4..

        What a loser. Trying to make losing the new winning. And no matter how you look at the hiring of Mobley, it was BOTH legal and above board unlike that all time cheater johnny wooden and his co conspirator. But sure, make believe those games don’t count.

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      1. A full, super-sized cupcake at that. 5,000 calories worth of cupcake and frosting. As owns would say, “yuuuuge!”

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      2. Michael, I couldn’t leave him out, since Stan’s Donuts offers that big puppy up as the Monday special during the fall to help sustain Chip after a Saturday loss.

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      3. It’s wrong of us to keep harping on Chip’s sweet tooth —as though the poor man doesn’t have anything on his mind other than cupcakes and donuts….

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  3. Hey BruinRob, how did your Pre-season #2 ranked ucla baseball team do? Oh, that’s right, in true bruin fashion, they got their ass handed to them in the Texas Tech regional. Once again, when ucla has expectations they spit the bit. Watch the basketball team do the same thing next year. It’s in ucla’s DNA.

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      1. GO AWAY YOU PRICK. Women softball no hitted by Alabama and
        eliminated from WCWS . Your athletic teams are a pile of shit
        like your face with those sunglasses.


  4. The TRF portal–aka The Snowflake Express–is here to stay in the marquee college sports. Gives a coach an opportunity to show a kid why he didn’t get playing time. Gives a player an opportunity…

    Adds to the drama of sport, I suppose.
    It’s a distraction for me.

    Cool thing for THIS SITE is that 2021/22 WILL BE a watershed year for both Enfield and Helton.

    Kinda sad that Laughlin-gate, Gyne-gate (I don’t use the perp’s name), MedSchool-gate, Bland-gate, etc are closing down. What will we have to talk about?
    I guess it’ll be more Marv Goux cinema history?

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  5. Gosh “S” UCLA has a softball team that has won several natties.

    What’s Clown U’s whiny, BS excuse for not fielding a softball team?

    SUCC all fat mouth and no softballs.


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