Jay Toia Commits To UCLA

Former USC defensive tackle Jay Toia announced late tonight he was going to transfer to UCLA.

Toia will be coached at UCLA by Johnny Nansen, who recruited Toia to USC before he got fired by Clay Helton.

But don’t forget what I wrote about the reason for the transfer: The poor relationship USC defensive line coach Vic So’oto had with Toia. And the environment Toia felt he had to flee after a spring practice where some believed he earned a starting position.

USC has dropped the ball . . . again. A trademark of the Helton era.

44 thoughts on “Jay Toia Commits To UCLA

    1. We should support Coach Helton at this difficult time. Trojans have to always stick together. Jay Toia is a big loss and to UCLA is unfathomable… “Once a Trojan always a Trojan” but not in Toia’s case.

      In any case lets get behind our coach! Maybe he can poach one of UCLA’s good players!


    1. Nobody at USC really gives much of a shit about “messages” sent by Jay (who has yet to play a down of college football)….

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  1. Getting rid of Johnny Nansen was really stupid. He was a great coach…..a jack of all trades. He could coach tight ends, running backs, D-Line, LB’s, special teams……but more than that…..he was one of the best recruiters around. They could have put him coaching the tight ends. He’d do a better job than the guy we have now and a much better job recruiting.


  2. The TRF portal–aka “The snowflake express…”

    I didn’t watch the Spring scrimmage, but if Toia had an easy day ripping through our O-line, then the Rivalry game in November will certainly be interesting. I am happy for the kid that he transferred to a decent University–#34 or so in the country. If he earned “straight A’s” at USC during the pandemic, he should be A+ or so at UCLA this year.

    Me? I would have worked harder and stayed at the #19 University of higher learning in America that also boasts one of the 8 true, blue blood football programs in the World.
    (cuz 19’s better than 34). The trajectory for USC is strongly upward, as UCLA continues to slowly and gradually work its way down “the ladder of success.”

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      1. Old saying.
        For every beautiful woman sitting at a bar- there’s someone that didn’t want her.

        Time will tell if it holds true for this 17yr old. Maybe he’s a head case or maybe he just wasn’t feeling the luv at SC.

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    1. Come on… don’t talk about another Trojan like that. Coach Clay Helton is arguably top 5 coach of all time at USC.

      Top coaches of all time.
      Howard Jones
      John McKay
      Pete Carroll
      John Robinson
      Clay Helton


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  3. Nice try Wolfe! This was tampering. Pure and simple. Stop with the hate. It’s really ugly. Report the news, if you have any.

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  4. Some say he tipped the scale toward Ucla. Some say he’s getting back at USC for firing the recruiting coach. Still others say he’s a head case. I say the transfer portal lacks the control needed to be fair. In a bygone era, a player could transfer to any school with the approval of their home school. There was a provision for disapproval when the transfer involved a traditional rival. There was a sitting out period.
    Under the current situation, the NCAA voids a contract with the student, without recourse or compensation. This allows the student instant access to the new school.
    Yes I blame Helton and his don’t win at any cost attitude. If this man-child truly loved USC and has always dreamed of playing for the Trojans, he would have never chosen Ucla. This is deeper than not having a choice, or chance to visit. Ucla is just a few miles up the street and does not have the tradition that USC has. This move appears to be a statement which is being made towards the football staff at USC.
    Good luck moving from Google to Yahoo.

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  5. Jay could have gone to Michigan, but instead he goes to ucla…the worst power 5 record in the last 3 years. I am all for blaming Clay for everything that goes wrong on God’s green earth, but as Michael notes, Jay could most def be a head case/prima donna.

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    1. It’s my understanding that a freshman who signed an LOI that wants to transfer prior to his first season MUST sit out a year unless a release his granted.
      I hope he gets the full sow experience. You know the one, it’s where almost not losing is winning…

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      1. Eventually, all UCLA players accept the “bruin truth”: there is really, deep down no difference between a close loss and a victory….

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      2. What’s really funny, is that the ruins couldn’t take a proper edit for his commitment on their own and used a um pic that they photoshopped…. Hahahahaha, what a bunch of losers.

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      3. Occam’s Razor: Toia thought SUCC FB SUCC’d – pure and simple; hence Toia’s move to UCLA. OUCH!



      4. Photo shopping the image to make it appear Jay is peeing on the freeway is a nice touch…..

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  6. This was obvious tampering by Nansen at UCLA. If I were USC I would appeal this transfer and let the facts come out about Nansen.

    USC’s defensive line has lots of potential for good recruits, but we havent yet seen commitments to the position.

    At the end of the day, it just feels like USC will dump Helton this year and then with a quality head coach the team can finally live up to the potential. Graham Harrell also needs to be dumped to get things on track.

    SC needs to start to get commitments from some of these 5 star and high 4 star athletes that are showing up on campus. There are 2 top DTs from Georgia and SC just needs one of them. Hero Kanu would be another big get for the program.

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    1. Larry, classy to the end. Thanks Pac-12 University Presidents/Chancellors for hiring the charlatan. Hope you performed due diligence this time. Larry had no background in college athletics. Maybe that was an error? Hmm…

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    2. He came in with no class, he served with no class, he went out with no class…..

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  7. Unfortunately, most of this feeling of unease is the result of our dunce head coach and hot (but not hot enough to bring in a load of quality recruits) asst coach not recruiting quality linemen. Considering what we had on the interior line from 20 I would have brought in 5, which they did…..but quality……not so much. There really is no top notch talent available so anyone with a game should have been attracted. Pili….give me a break. They bombed out again. They did bring in a transfer, that needed surgery and has never played. Trio, who was the grand hope but was recruited by the guy the Dunce got rid of (Duh!) and…..a pack of projects. This is USC…..where is the top notch guy who knew he could just show up and start. Especially when he knows Foreman will be on the same line.
    As far as Jay leaving…..I wonder how a couple of other programs (I know the situation was slightly different) felt when McCoy had his brain fart and Steele ran for home. Its free agency…..get used to it…..there are no real rules…..the kid obviously wanted to play for Nansen. Lets get a quality transfer (that is not going thru surgery and has played a few snaps) or how about recruiting a load of linemen with 5 or at least 4 stars……oh that’s right…..our head coach can’t do that.
    As far as the kid…..he’s a kid.


  8. Looks like former USC Asst Coach got his revenge for being fired by Clay Helton after so many years of service. If you look at the history very few players have transferred from USC to UCLA which is a strong indication that something is defnitely wrong, and should be investigated immediately as I believe Johnny Nansen was breaking some recruiting rules to get back at Helton, and Mr. Bohn.


  9. College football is in real danger. A letter of intent, and acceptance of a scholarship means nothing these days. The kids can now transfer at all times whether it is ethical or not. To me it is very obvious Johnny Nansen continued to recruit Toia for UCLA even after he signed his letter of intent to USC. He only took a visit to Michigan to help cover this up for Johnny Nansen who was hired to help recruit kids away from the USC program which is fine but not after a kid has already signed.

    Sadly, we are going to see more and more of this. The only way to stop it is to make the kids sit out at least a year if they transfer within the conference otherwsie all the time, and money spent on recruiting is a big waste.


  10. Imagine if Toia played half the season at USC this year, and then transferred to UCLA in late October, and starts for UCLA in this year’s SC -UCLA game. Not possible if you make the kids sit out a year who transfer inside the conference, but I will say some of the SC kids are going to look across town now as a way to get away quickly from Helton and his assistants, and still have family close by to see them play.

    Bottom line this transfer portal, and its rules need to be tightened up as it is now there are too many loopholes including Covid-19, family medical issues etc. In other words if you want to transfer so be it, but if you do there are penalties including sitting out an entire season.


    1. The Snowflake express.
      Once this portal has been opened, I suspect that the NCAA-F won’t ever close it.
      There was a nice, in-depth article in ESPN with several quotes from D1 CFB coaches on the matter of tampering with players already signed with an established program. The summary statement?

      “If ya’ ain’t cheatin’, ya’ ain’t tryin'”

      High School coaches, parents, CFB coaches, etc with lower moral values will be cheating. In the end, I still feel that superior programs with superior facilities and superior coaches will be successful. Offering a top-flight education will matter to many student-athletes (though not all). USC checks all the boxes (but maybe one).


  11. Jay toia has been having a Sexual Affair with Johnny boy Nansen. So jay toia decided to Trans Sexual over to FUCLA.


  12. hi folks, trojan fans does jay have a play book? well now ucla has it also right now!? ????????????Sincerely, Edward


  13. hi folks, what do these bb players have in common? jokic, Eof 76ers doncic, they play with teammates that are at best average to mediocre ! there teammates stink!? sincerely, Edward


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