Some Transfers Take Longer Than Others

Jay Toia entered the transfer portal in late May and picked UCLA on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Palaie Gaoteote entered the transfer portal in December and still hasn’t announced a decision.

Is he going to Ohio State? Tennessee? Texas? Is he going to stay at USC?

He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to do anything.

30 thoughts on “Some Transfers Take Longer Than Others

  1. Even better question would be, will he play at the school “he decides” on? How many of those transfers have found what they’re looking for?

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      1. Trump put his pants on backwards!



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    1. Every time I think of transfers I think of Emmanuel Moody, who went from being a valued back at USC in the rotation to an also ran as a Florida Gator. The guy have up a year to be the featured back at Florida, but didn’t have the speed needed. Florida just accepted his transfer to take a player from SC. He wound up as an undrafted free agent and a nowhere NFL career. I remember writing on the Michael Lev blog that Emmanuel was not mad, just Moody.

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      1. He was #4 in a 3 RB rotation.
        And, yes, he really never had much of a career with the Gators. Sad.
        (coulda’ graduated from the #19 university in America)

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    2. I’ll name 3 Jay Toia will become a stud for the Bruins ( my prediction) Jordan Usher @ Georgia Tech & of course J.T. Daniels. I’m also considering a couple of Illinois players that did well from the transfer portal. What makes my blood boil is that Boner cannot decipher that 14 Assistants have been fired & the program has nothing to show for it. Where is the integrity that boner has promised from day one. Prior to the 2022 season the coach will be Luke Fikell Maybe Bobby Stoops with Donte as backup defense coordinator & a wonderful new offensive scheme. Ford/ McCoy at wideouts & Ingram / Kenon at tailback,using the tight end the possibilities are truly worth dreaming of. Fuck! 2021 I am perplexed by the sentiments of the majority whether it’s on this site and others that believe in this team- 8-4 hopefully after a 1-2 start.


    3. Pudly dumb fuck has two new aliases, here’s one of them…


      JUNE 9, 2021 AT 6:32 PM

      Come on… don’t talk about another Trojan like that. Coach Clay Helton is arguably top 5 coach of all time at USC.

      Top coaches of all time.
      Howard Jones
      John McKay
      Pete Carroll
      John Robinson
      Clay Helton


      When pudly dumb fuck used to post as Gabby he would write the same stupid shit.


    1. That short school bus you ride on backfire into you cranium, you mudhole? I was speaking of IE who still hasn’t signed. And not to be technical here, but the first choice was made by Jay, this one was made by a bought off family member…🖕🏽🖕🏽💰💰

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      1. I keep forgetting about that enormous bruin success story, Pudly….

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      2. Things don’t always go the way you picture them when they first occur.. and for that I’m the pinhead? You’re just oblivious to your owns history mud.

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  2. Toia knew where he was going before entering the transfer portal. Johnny Nansen never stopped recruiting him , and definitely kept talking to him after he signed. The argument with his line coach just triggered this entire move to UCLA quicker than expected. The trip to Michigan was only an obvious cover up to look like he was opening up his recruitment once again which was to protect UCLA and Nansen for tampering charges.

    USC should definitely investigate this. No bitterness here we want players who truely want to be a Trojan not play the field. Nansen was hired at UCLA to get UCLA back in the picture with local players, and he never gave up on Toia. UCLA definitely kept talking to Toia while he was at SC, and will continue to do this with other players as Nansen knows there is alot of discontent with the players at SC.

    The NCAA needs to put a stop on this. Other schools are offering the world to signed players and are encouraging them to enter the portal.

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    1. i think there are alot of USC fans that are projecting their own frustrations with Helton on the situation with Toia. looks like what really happened was some dirty tricks with Nansen. It looks like the trip to Michigan was just for appearances.

      Maybe some of you know there are concerns with the players, but maybe that is BS. I’m not a Helton fan, but isnt it time to stop making shit up when we really dont know? Let’s see what happens on the field.

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  3. I’d like him to stay because, unless some of those injured people come back, we will need him. But, other than that, he’s over-rated.


      1. The recovery from compartment syndrome of the calf should be quite speedy (a few weeks), assuming that it was caught early and there was no permanent neuro-vascular injury.

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      2. Our very own Dr Kildare, Marcus Welby md, Ben Casey, House, on staff right here.

        WTH is compartment syndrome? Is that a ‘lower body injury’ ?


      3. Google me this..

        “ A painful and dangerous condition caused by pressure buildup from internal bleeding or swelling of tissues.
        The pressure decreases blood flow, depriving muscles and nerves of needed nourishment.”

        “ Compartment syndrome most often occurs in the anterior (front) compartment of the lower leg (calf). It can also occur in other compartments in the leg, as well as in the arms, hands, feet, and buttocks.”


  4. Thanks P76, …but…
    I was kinda hoping that the fine doktah could shed a little wisdom on the subject because 10yrs ago I had never heard of the affliction.



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