USC Morning Buzz: Will A Recruit Buy An Offensive Pitch?

Gavin Sawchuk is rated the No. 3 tailback in the nation by Rivals.

He visited USC last weekend and told Rivals, “I really like how they run their offense.”

It would be interesting to know what USC showed him? The offense is not exactly tailback friendly and if you are one of the top backs in the nation, you expect 20-25 carries a game in college.

USC hasn’t really done that. Obviously they are telling Sawchuk something different. Will he buy it? Does Sawchuk really think Graham Harrell is committed to running the ball?

Maybe Sawchuk should ask Stephen Carr. Or Markese Stepp.

It’s kind of like the offensive line prospects: They are getting fed a line that somehow blocking in an Air Raid offense prepares them for the NFL.

20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Will A Recruit Buy An Offensive Pitch?

  1. Scottie, Sawchuck could ask you for your opinion and you could push him somewhere else.

    BTW, he is by far expected to go to Oklahoma, who is using Demarco Murrary to recruit him.

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    1. 67 —Maybe you’re on to something:
      Complex, Multi-Factor Plan Department— ALL recruits are required to speak with Scott before committing, Scott explains in his unique, bipartisan fashion all the strengths [and weaknesses] of the USC system under Helton, as a result USC attracts a new class of zero recruits, Helton is forced to forfeit every game, his job and, perhaps, his life….

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      1. Hall of Fame post – Michael this is your best post ever. Thank You for my smile. I have the greatest scoop that Scotty would give his next born son for. It happened last night with the 2 most prolific athletic dignitaries at USC & I have pictures to prove it. I’m so privileged- Ha Ha on all of you! One of my witnesses is named Dan Weber, due to knowing my last name & who I am related to. Inside Information is fantastic!


  2. He doesn’t really need to ask anybody what they think — all he needs to do is read your pathetic, snarky BS. Just saying Little Scottie.

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  3. Tailback U is now dead- RIP., but yet the top programs are still running the ball very effectively. Thank you Clay Helton, Mike Bohn, and Graham Harrell! Your time left at USC is limited please enjoy the free ride as you destroy the tremendous tradition of USC football.

    This RB recruit Gavin Sawchuk has no chance of coming to USC as long as Helton, Bohn, and Harrell are around. During the recruiting process they probably showed this recruit all the Heisman Trophies in Heritage Hall and he probably said “How come there is so much dust on the trophies has it really been 15 years since you had a guy rush for 1,000 yards”. Something is wrong I see good athletes here at USC but I don’t see much production at running back, and if I want to win a Heisman now all this past history your showing me at USC is irrelevant. By the way how come Garrett, OJ, AD, Charlie, Marcus, and Reggie aren’t assisting with the recruiting process, and I never see them at games on national TV any longer? I also never see USC much on National TV any longer nor mentioned on College Game day. If the former greats are not coming around any longer it means something is wrong with the program, and I believe if I come here I will get the same treatment once my career is over? No thank you Mr. Helton, but thank you for the free visit/vacation in Southern California.

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  4. What will it take to get rid of Helton? I say if he went 0-12 and was under recruting violations, the dude will still be here. Bohn needs to get rid of him and put the midget Folt in her place. If not, then you can kiss SC football good by and falls into the depths of crap like ugly is and has always been.


  5. Folt’s place is no better than a principal at an elementary school in Pasadena.

    Time for a change- the players are beginning to revolt. The recruits are seeing the air raid does not work, and will not get them quickly to the NFL so why come to USC. Give this team 2-4 losses this year, and the roof come down at Heritage Hall.


    1. Fun thing is, both of you could be correct.
      With the present HC, anything from 5-7 to 11-1 is possible.

      As for me, I hope for the players’s sake that it’s an 11-1 (or worst case, 10-2) season.
      Easiest schedule in USC history.*

      *Other than maybe Gloomy Gus Henderson’s last year.

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  6. They might start 6-0, and then finish losing the rest! Never been this pessimistic about an upcoming USC football season.


  7. 1- 1,000 yard rusher in Ronald Jones for 1 season probably ranks puts our running game at close to the bottom of the Pac 12 for the last 10 years.

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    1. I don’t know about being at the bottom for the last 10 years —but we HAVE been at the bottom since Harrell got here….


  8. If he can catch he might be handy. I was watching highlights of a Matt Lineart Reggie Bush game. Bush was getting nowhere on the ground and was unable to get more than a few yards downfield before being tackled. So they switched gears and hit him in the flat, full stride and nobody in his way. The resulting touchdown was the dam buster and it was used three more times before the defense caught on.
    I originally meant to write about it as an example of making great adjustments, but it works here too. This use of the tailback is a great way to get things going.

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  9. And we need to bring the fullback back into the offense especially for blocking, and giving the QB a little extra time to throw the ball. I agree throwing some screens, wheel routes, and passes out in the flat to the running backs is a great way to keep the defense honest. I was watching some clips of the USC teams with Rodney Peete. Ricky Ervins, was one of the most underated backs in USC football history, and the Larry Smith teams had a great 1-2 punch with Ervins, and Leroy Holt. The running game was very physical in the Smith era, and although not dominate it was more than adequate while mixed with a good passing attack that threw to TE Paul Green quite a bit.

    Larry Smith, had some good teams at SC. His teams played good defense, and althrough conservative on offense they had a balanced attack. Too bad the Todd Marinovich fiasco brought his program down, but to me he was night and day a better football coach than Helton, Sarkisian, and Kiffin. Replacing Smith with Robo 11 probably was a mistake, and then to bring in Paul Hackett after Robo was a disaster just like the Helton era.

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    1. Couldn’t agree with you more, tommyd —-Larry Smith was and is underappreciated.
      I loved the contented look on Larry’s face as he stood on the sidelines watching his Trojans play smash mouth football against UCLA…..


  10. We need another Ricky Erwins- that little guy was tough, fast, and a very good receiver out of the backfield. Leroy Holt, was also an excellent fullback and protected Rodney Peete when help was needed for pass protection.

    It’s a shame Marinovich went loco his last season at SC and ruined it for Larry Smith. Larry, was a solid football coach, and knew how to put together a complete football team with an emphysis that defense will win football games.


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