Pac-12/USC Get Big Boost From Expanded College Playoff

Nothing helps a bad conference like expanding the College Football Playoff.

And the impending 12-team format will benefit the Pac-12.

Here’s how:

2019: 2 teams from Pac-12

2018: 1 team

2017: 2 teams

2016: 3 teams

2015: 1 team

That’s an upgrade. Now will Clay Helton be around in 2023 for the new format?

42 thoughts on “Pac-12/USC Get Big Boost From Expanded College Playoff

      1. I’m hoping he would have been weeded out in the process and never given the licence.
        I guess that’s the difference in football. However, the body of work so far shows that he should not be the surgeon in the OR. An assistant? sure.

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      2. Bourbon —I have to disagree on this one. As an assistant coach, all Clay could do is screw up quarterbacks. As a member of a hospital staff, the potential for harm is a bit greater…..

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      3. When the surgeon asks for the 10-blade, Clay hands the scalpel, and mistakenly sticks the surgeon’s radial artery, and… Clay is promoted to surgeon 30 minutes later.

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      4. Circa 2019….
        Dr. Helton: “Dr. Harrell, do you think it’s possible to replace a man’s brain with the brain of a chicken?”
        Doctor Harrell: I don’t know. Let’s sneak into Dr. Folt’s office for a chicken brain and then see if we can graft it onto Dr. Bohn’s brain.”

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      1. ucla athletics dept debt up to nearly $41 million and growing…well done, Chianti Dan! Thanks, CA taxpayers!

        From USA Today:

        “This means UCLA has totaled more than $40.6 million in operating debt over its past two fiscal years. And that’s without facing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on revenue.”

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      2. They’ve decided to move their student (if that’s what you call em) section again hoping to increase attendance. They figure it’ll get em 10-15 more students a season.

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      3. Sir Pud of the76:
        Throwing your device off the roof helps. It doesn’t fix anything but the frustration factor goes way down when you see the gremlins (not AMC) running away from the busted remnants of the offending device.

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      4. And, P76, USC women’s T&F place 3 in the NCAA finals for the 400m sprint on Saturday.

        Three of the 5 USC women racing in the heats made it to the finals.
        The 400 has never been a strong suit for USC–the school of sprinters.
        Gilbert is building a great program.

        One Bruin was involved in the heats and she did not make the finals.
        As I recall, the Bruins use to be sporty in T&F…

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  1. Every great show needs an opening act, so adding the has-been teams to the slate will generate more revenue for the ruling party of champions. And USC is the perfect Cinderella team. They have a bumpkin for a coach and three evil step-administrators. What’s not to like? Except for the embarrassing loss…


  2. It’s just not fair that ‘Bama, tOSU, CLemson etc have to play a “semifinal warm-up game” against a G5 team–risk injury etc–when that G5 team has NO CHANCE of beating one of the blue-bloods. This isn’t basketball. It’s way more complicated.

    Booger McFarland (on ESPN) had a nice presentation on why NOT to extend the CPF beyond 4 teams. It’s all about greed and money on the part of the guys who put on a suit, don’t risk their brain, and make tons of money off CFB players.

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  3. hi folks, this guy ortiz back wound this guy from fbi ed long skinny junkie looks like some of his work!??????????sincerely, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


  4. Memo to: Dear Pisley, Clown U yeast infection of the decade

    Sept. 4, 2021 CFB:

    LSU vs UCLA at the Rose Bowl

    San Jose St. vs Clown U at the crumbling mausoleum



      1. I’m praying you’re right, 67. If things turn out otherwise, Owns is gonna absolutely torture us for a week.
        [Upside? Chip will head straight to the nearest Colonel Sanders and celebrate by eating drumsticks until he explodes like that guy in Magical Mystery Tour]……

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      2. Michael, DTR’s box score will be -20 rushing on a bunch of sacks, but he will run for about 300 yards behind the LOS that evening, if you know what I mean. The brubabes have no idea what the LSU d-line is going to bring. One reason? The brubabes practice against their own d-line…

        Unlike Lincoln Riley, who put in the 3rd team in the second quarter in last year’s OU-ucla game, Big Ed won’t be quite so civil.

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      3. I tend to agree —but there’s one wrinkle to consider: The game is huge for Chip and UCLA —- Coach Orgeron has his entire SEC schedule to plan for….

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      4. Washed up coach plus lack of talent = big loss to LSU

        ucla recruiting ranks of 40, 31, 32 the last 3 years. Plus the worse Power 5 coaching record in the last 3 years.

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      1. No Pisley, that’s SUCC’s BB thing: we beat UCLA – BFD

        SUCC BB bends over, humming give it to me, in an ugly, pathetic 19 point loss to Gonzaga in the NCAA tournament.

        The Sept. 4 schedule ref. just indicates the Clown U schedules FB cupcakes, while UCLA schedules tests. Tell me Pisley, you lousy cockroach, who will watch SJSt. vs SUCC? – NOBODY, except rah-rah f**k-ups like yourself.


      2. No it’s not our “thing” that we beat sow. Just reminding you who somehow think beating a third party makes you better than us when you HAVEN’T beat us in years.
        Riddle me this mud, when was the last sow schedule ranked as being tougher than ours? Even in BB last season we had zags and j-hawks scheduled until the pandemic. You’re a sniveling wimp, sitting in the dark grasping at straws and twisting the truth into something completely unrecognizable.


      1. That’s not a joke, marvienna……

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      2. USC defense did improve from around 80 in 2019 under Clancy (I don’t care) Pendergast to around 30 under Orlando, and got better over the season, including holding the quacks to 243 yards of total offense. That is a big improvement in one year, but agree we need to see the D getting even better next year.

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      3. Yeah — Orlando is light years better than Monte Kiffin or Clancy Pendergast (both of whom were capable of getting the defense ready for a couple of games every year…and then letting us down big time in a couple of key games every year). I not only think Orlando is the real deal as coordinator —I think he’s gonna help bring some missing swagger back to the team.

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      4. Still recall Clancy in the ’18 ucla game when Joshua Kelly ran for 300 or some odd yards, with absolutely no adjustments in the second half…zippo. zilch. nada.

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      5. Not Pendergast’s finest hour….

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      6. Hi Michael, that ’16 Washington game was a beauty, and Clancy deserves his due. (And he also had Adoree in the defensive backfield – and Adoree also was in the offensive backfield).

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      7. Really great point about Adoree, 67. We have some 2021 superstars (we all know their names) who may very well make Helton look better than he is again…..

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  5. If SC had the coaches that they have had and that have won, they would not have to expand the playoff. SC woudl have been in many a time.

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