USC Mystery Player Identified

OK, time to answer the question from Friday.

Do you recognize this former USC football player?

It’s Bruce Rollinson, better known as Mater Dei football coach.

Rollinson played defensive back and flanker at USC from1969-71. He even had four carries for 38 yards in 1969.

10 thoughts on “USC Mystery Player Identified

    1. Man that gold makes ’em look even faster!

      My wife was looking at a pic of TeeTee’s ripped shoulders and arms–then looked at mine (as I was shirtless)–and then, well, she gave a simple tsk-tsk.

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  1. Rollinson has been a great Trojan along the way–building a super program at Mater Dei and assuring that the best recruits understand the benefits to an education from USC along with competing against the best CFB every day at USC and then on Saturdays.

    He has weathered the storm of the Tollner years, the Hackett years, JRII, Kiff, Sark, among others…….
    Great Trojan, indeed.

    We need to pay him back with some Natty Champ runs.

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    1. Someone should find out when his birthday is and every birthday, Trojans everywhere – and I mean everywhere! – send him some kind words.


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  2. Bruce was a great teammate on my 1969 undefeated team. He was a DB from Mater Dei.
    In 1966, my USC Freshman football team was undefeated. We had 6 recruits from Mater Dei along with their Head Coach,
    Dick Coury. They came as a package deal!
    We had the two best QB’s in the state,
    Pete Sanchez and Mike Holmgren.
    Neither one played much on the varsity.
    They both were better than the QB’s that played.,, Toby Page, Steve Sogge and Jimmy Jones in my opinion.
    Bruce has been a Fantastic Coach and continued the USC Football pipeline!

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    1. Indeed, I remember how the LA media routinely excoriated Sogge and Jones that year.

      But, Jones to Dickerson in the big game….


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