USC Player Spotlight

This week’s USC newsletter takes a look at Bill Hayhoe, who played a role in the Game of the Century.

Vintage Football and a Lone Bruin.............. - The Compleat Toronto  Maple Leafs Hockey Card Compendium

18 thoughts on “USC Player Spotlight

    1. Don’t leave, RT. This has just been a screwy day on the old blog. Half the stuff I posted got “delayed” —then showed up later….


  1. I guess the only way out is to ignore the blog. But after 5 posts of mine have been blocked or whatever I don’t see any point in continuing
    Join me at Trojandailyblog. Com

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    1. Okey Dokey.
      Please explain to me how we are winning 400m and 800m races now?
      What’s going on around USC?

      I thought we only won the sprints, sprint relays, and maybe some field events?
      Distance events?

      What’s Caryl up to?

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  2. My mistake Pisley, but that’s the difference betwixt you and I; unlike you, I don’t need to hide for three weeks to cover up my mistakes.

    I may be dumb as dirt, but it’s lot better than being a plain donut hole like yourself.

    #SUCC: warm milk and cookies FB


  3. RT finally did it. I called him. I told him to get use a computer and stop messing with that stupid tablet, but he told me he was sick of one finger typing and then going through the login process and having a page of work disappear. He found the close your account button and clicked it.
    He’ll miss it in a week and be back with a new account.

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