USC Player Spotlight

This week’s USC newsletter takes a look at Bill Hayhoe, who played a role in the Game of the Century.

Vintage Football and a Lone Bruin.............. - The Compleat Toronto  Maple Leafs Hockey Card Compendium

44 thoughts on “USC Player Spotlight

    1. Don’t leave, RT. This has just been a screwy day on the old blog. Half the stuff I posted got “delayed” —then showed up later….

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    2. Has that lying corrupt weasel C.L. Max Nikias apologized to USC, it’s alumni, current student/athletes, faculty and fan base for turning the university into a dumpster fire?

      The amount of corruption, scandal and embarrassment that filth C.L. Max Nikias caused at USC and people associated with the university are concerned with whether Reggie Bush has apologized enough…are you fucking kidding me?


  1. I guess the only way out is to ignore the blog. But after 5 posts of mine have been blocked or whatever I don’t see any point in continuing
    Join me at Trojandailyblog. Com

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    1. Okey Dokey.
      Please explain to me how we are winning 400m and 800m races now?
      What’s going on around USC?

      I thought we only won the sprints, sprint relays, and maybe some field events?
      Distance events?

      What’s Caryl up to?

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  2. My mistake Pisley, but that’s the difference betwixt you and I; unlike you, I don’t need to hide for three weeks to cover up my mistakes.

    I may be dumb as dirt, but it’s lot better than being a plain donut hole like yourself.

    #SUCC: warm milk and cookies FB


  3. RT finally did it. I called him. I told him to get use a computer and stop messing with that stupid tablet, but he told me he was sick of one finger typing and then going through the login process and having a page of work disappear. He found the close your account button and clicked it.
    He’ll miss it in a week and be back with a new account.

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  4. Huge shout out to Scott Wolf for giving alot of credit to Bill Hayhoe as a key player in USC’s big win over UCLA in 1967. Hayhoe was a a huge guy at 6’8 more of a role player at SC, but credit should be given to John Mckay for using him as a weapon against the UCLA soccer style kicker who was a great distance kicker, but did not kick it very high off the ground. He went on to have a pretty nice pro career as an offensive tackle.

    Bill played at Birmingham High School, and his teammate there was Mike Scarpace who was one of the greatest offensive lineman to ever play a SC that never received the credit he deserved. That guy was a killer blocker on the student body right sweeps, and if you watch the famous OJ run in the 67 game Scarpace took out several Bruins opening up more than one running lane for the juice.

    I am not sure if Mike Scarpace ever made it into the USC Hall of Fame, but he should be there. Sadly, he passed away in the last year or so, but most people who played with him or against him will tell you he was a true Trojan. Ron Yary, Syd Smith, Bob Klein, etc got all the publicity but Mike Scarpace and Fred Khasigian were the true anchors of some of the great USC offensive lines in history. If you watch some film of these guys, and then watch the 2020 USC offensive line it pretty much sums up how far our running game has slipped due to poor offensive line play.

    Does a player have to make it to the NFL to be in the USC Hall of Fame?
    No question Mike Scarpace deserves to be rewarded by USC as a tremendous college football player period, and he seems to be forgotten about because he did not play in the NFL due to injuries and size. Fullback Danny Scott on that team is another key ingredient player from that team that has been forgotten about.

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      1. Thanks for great piece tommyd. [And thanks for mentioning Bob Klein— maybe the best football player to ever emerge from my little Saint Monica’s High School in Santa Monica]…..

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    1. GAS STATION ATTENDANT: “Hey Coach McKay. I hear the UCLA kicker has a low trajectory.” And that’s how McKay got the idea to block the kick in ’67.
      Is there any truth to this story?


  5. USC use to have a very strong “club” ruby program, and Mckay use to encourage his lineman to participate in that sport. Mike Scarpace, Syd Smith, and Fred Khasigian were excellent rugby players for USC also. One of the problems with our offensive lineman today is they are too soft, and can’t move off the line of scrimmage. Our coaches don’t know how to teach a physical style of football, and put too much emphysis on defeating a defense with the finesse of the passing game.

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    1. Soft O-Line?? That’s just so surprising when we have a hard- as -nails Head Coach…..who prides himself on knowing everything there is to know about run blocking….and O-Line coaches…


  6. Ruby was not an official NCAA sport in those days so many schools classified it as a “club” sport. I believe Bob Klein,Mike Hubb, and Tim Rossovich also played ruby but did not participate on a consistent basis like Fred Khasigian, Syd Smith and Mike Scarpace. Do you all remember that Mike Battle use to eat glass he was another tough guy. TRUE STORY I would not recommend eating glass, but perhaps that is what Clay Helton needs to do instead of all the in and out burgers he consumes on USC paychecks!!!

    I think Scott Wolf should do some great research on the USC rugby program. I am sure he would do a great job on that as he always does on USC history.

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    1. Everybody: Go to YouTube and watch Mike Battle return a punt for a TD against Clemson —hurdling two Clemson players on the way to the end zone….

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    2. And my old team used to beat the shit out of every team in the USA. Old Blues, national champs 7 out of 8 yrs in a row. Guys would come back after one yr in the NFL, until the pro team told them to knock off the nonsense- you have a voidable contract if you get hurt.

      Rugby, beer & ladies.


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    3. I was co captain in 1977 Rugby was a great experience and we had a number of football players

      Rich Dimler
      John Cantwell
      Dale Logie
      Doug Hogan
      Pat Murphy
      and others

      Larry Petrill coached


  7. This photo was of the 1968 USC vs Oregon State game in the Coliseum. It was a great game for USC. Whoever won the game, would go to the Rose Bowl. I played Strong LB along with #55 Jim Snow. #83 was Jimmy Gunn. I made the tackle on this play #51 Bob Jensen. We won the game in the second half after great halftime adjustments.. Oregon State had a huge fullback, Bill “earthquake” Enyart. He was a beast to tackle and ran for 300 yards the week before! I think it’s #46 Jerry Shaw, Roverback, who is getting leveled by the OS player. We went to the 1969 Rose Bowl and unfortunately lost the National Championship game to Ohio State. OJ’s last game!! Only one of two losses in my four career at USC. I ended up with a 32-2-2 record, counting my undefeated (3-0) freshman team record.. We had great talented teams with great coaches! a Great AD, and a Great President, Norman Topping,

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    1. Either your memory is shot and don’t remember what years you attended USC or your math, dare I say skills, have diminished beyond the point where you can correctly calculate simple elementary addition.



      1. Let’s see: 1966 freshman team 3-0. 1967 varsity team 10-1, 1968 varsity team 9-1-1, 1969 varsity team 10-1-1. 36 games Final Record 32-2-2… I looks like you can’t add.. You Twit!


  8. Congrats on a great career as a Trojan -Bob Jensen. Oregon State was tough in those days if I recall correctly their QB was Steve Preece who later played defensive back for the Rams. The Oregon State coach was the “Great Pumpkin” -Dee Andros. Stanford was also tough in those days with the great Jim Plunkett, Randy Vataha and the Thunder Chickens led by Jeff Siemon, Mike Simone, and I believe Pete Lazatich.

    Jimmy Gunn (RIP) was a tremendous football player with great closing speed and toughness. I will never forget some of the great hits he put on Gary Beban during the 67 and 68 USC games. Those USC teams had great well coached defenses. The 69 Rose Bowl defeat was a huge disappointment, but we took care of them for you guys in the Rose Bowl games of the 70’s with a special thanks to #39 Sam “Bam” who like Jimmy Gunn was a tremendous athlete.

    No question in my mind that the USC defensive teams in the late 60’s and 70’s would kill this silly air raid offense we are running today. The great USC teams all had great tough defenses with speed, and a solid running game on offense that controlled the game clock, and wore down the opponents in the 4th.

    Let’s all hope we get to see the Trojans return to physical football once again we are going no where with this finesse football era under Clay Helton.


    1. Thanks for the kudos!
      I was very fortunate to be recruited
      (Magnolia High School, Anaheim) by USC.
      In 1965, I was a HS All American and led the nation In tackles. Averaging 19 tackles per game with 32 tackles in one game …
      My 4 years at USC were unbelievable..
      Great teammates and Great Coaches!
      In 1969, I was honored by my teammates to be the team CoCaptain with Jimmy Gunn.
      Cheers.. Bob Jensen #51 LB


  9. GAS STATION ATTENDANT: “Hey Coach McKay. I hear the UCLA kicker has a low trajectory.” And that’s how McKay got the idea to block the kick in ’67.
    Is there any truth to this story?


  10. hi sports fans, this fellow emiid has problems keeping his balance!?constan tly falling on the floor? was 4 out of 20 from the field! verses atlanta but had many rebounds? has history of back injuries ? his playing days are short llived other than rebounding does not know how to play bASKETBALL? RIVERS HIS COACH a knucklehead!!!!Sincerely, Edward


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