USC: Where Every Hire Is The Most Important

Is it an oxymoron to say hiring an assistant director of recruiting operations is a “big time hire”?

Is it as big time as being the assistant to the assistant manager at the movie theater?

USC is once again giving me an opportunity to make a Mark Ratner reference.

Mark Ratner (above) from the movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” Ratner held the title, “assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater.”

23 thoughts on “USC: Where Every Hire Is The Most Important

  1. Good Fast Times analogy … “Rat, I found your wallet … want it back!?” Bohner and Carol Fraud have never seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High”✌️

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  2. Clay Helton: “doesn’t anybody [effin] knock anymore!?” (Carol Folt, not Phoebe Cates) … (top off) “Clay you know how I always liked you!”

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      1. Michael, you are right, no way to talk about Clay, since he does have…well…you know…the need for a mansierre…

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      2. That’s exactly what I meant, 67…..


  3. USC needs to recruit Charles Jefferson (and little brother) from Lincoln High. “He’s going to shit and then… he’s going to kill us … I like sex! … people on ludes should NOT drive!”


  4. Scott Wolf I hope you appreciate this line because it’s absolutely true: “They say oh, Wolf that loud mouth – and they say that a lot. I say oh, no you just don’t know Wolf.” Haha cheers✌️

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  5. They had a crap offense, so they hired an offensive coordinator. Their defense was marshmallows in cleats so they hired a defensive coordinator. They beefed up the physical conditioning. The recruiting was putrid so the hire a recruiting coordinator.
    When are they going to figure out that man in charge isn’t able to spot those flaws? Who would keep a special teams coach who couldn’t get 11 men on the field for a point after attempt? Who would keep a defensive coordinator who had no defense for the corners of the field? A guy who couldn’t teach tackling because he had never played football.
    But the head coach of the team never see the problem. He is like a maintenance man in a slum dwelling. He is so busy chasing problems he can’t see the building was condemned. I don’t know if this is a great hire, but I do know the snake is dead at the head and no replacement coaches will bring him up to speed.

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      1. Clay with plunger? I thought you were gonna go a different way with this story…
        [There’s more that can be done with the Clay and overflowing toilet elements]…..


  6. Scooter,

    Give us some info on this Colin Pritts. He looks like he is the assistant to the assistant movie manager. What quailifies him for this position?


  7. hi folks, well june has its big events! miami fla, rated number 9 on the list of hot spots for cannibalism! and the police boss there was fired both were husband and wife papier she drove the suv onto the sidewalk trying to hit someone and kinda wrecked??? Sincerely.edward


  8. hi fans, looks like the suns and clippers have hit the end of the line for basketball!sloppy dull game 6/25 they are through!looks like leonard owes the gamblers mula!!!!! so he will not play for a while???? sincerely. Edward


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