USC Adds Tailback, Loses Out On Another

De’Anthony Gatson, a tailback from Newton, Texas (where else?) committed to USC today.

He is a four-star per Rivals and three-star per 247.

Meanwhile, Gavin Sawchuk of Littleton Colo., who is considered one of the top three tailbacks in the nation, committed to Oklahoma.

You might remember he visited USC two weeks ago.

“I really like how they run their offense,” Sawchuk said.

Just not enough to commit to running it? At least he got a trip to Southern California.

12 thoughts on “USC Adds Tailback, Loses Out On Another

  1. Meanwhile, Gavin Sawchuk of Littleton Colo., who is considered one of the top three tailbacks in the nation, committed to Oklahoma.

    You might remember he visited USC two weeks ago.

    “I really like how they run their offense,” Sawchuk said.


    The kid likes how Clueless & Harrell run the offense…and he’s a RB?

    What does he like about it, the fact the offensive line sucks, can’t block anybody, it’s predictable as all hell, bubble screens every other play and the RB’s are an afterthought?

    Just as well the kid committed to Oklahoma, he isn’t too bright, but bright enough not to waste his time playing for Clueless Clay and Jed Clampett in that ridiculous air raid crap offense.


  2. I might bite on the old Texas thing that Scott likes pointing out except honestly Texas looks at football as their Saturday religion. Last year Cali kids had to sue to be allowed to play and then many schools opted out. So, we are a year away from seeing a lot of local recruiting. And I said a lot not any. I know we recruit here it’s just that that Junior you’re recruiting last played as a freshman.

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  3. Our recruitment strategy: be the 4th or 5th option for recruits from Texas or hopefully gather them when they wash out from other colleges.


  4. Can open up better at the top end to increase long speed. Faces small-school competition (Texas 3A D-II) that could present a learning curve in transition to P5 level. Plays in a run-heavy offense and lacks pass-catching opportunities. Will need to acclimate to a more modern scheme in college. Definitely a P5-caliber back with a high floor and a nice combination of run effort and nuance. Still has tread on the tires despite run-heavy scheme and could become a reliable power conference started.

    Looks like our new running back recruit has some potential, but did he choose the right school if he came from a run heavy high school team, and did not get many opportunities to catch the ball. 3 Star Recruit not rated that high.

    I remember the good old days when we were able to consistently grab the 5 running backs in the country, and not have to recruit so much on potential. However, I can’t blame the top backs in the country not wanting to come to USC any longer.

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    1. These guys are real good recruiters at just about all the positions but when it comes to O-Linemen, they have to be considered terrible. Here we have a great football school like SC and all they can get is 3 stars projects? Bohn should breathing down Heltons neck asking why all of the outstanding O-Linemen seem to be avoiding USC like the plague.

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  5. Texas-centric coaching staff at blue-blood football program in Los Angeles and 3-star recruits from Texas … this is Mike Bohn’s recipe for failure at USC. Bohner and Brennan are professional halfwits.


  6. Here’s the thing about summer high school football kid’s commitments. High school kids change their mind as often as middle school kids change their gender. You just have to wait until this is sorted out before you claim recruiting victory. There is no “I” in team but there is a “me” commitment. (No not that Me)
    It’s getting to the point that the team roster isn’t set until the start of the game.


  7. Better yet, if SC had a real football coach, he could take the top talent from Cali, and then go after players out of state that would be on par as a 5 star recruit. Helton can’t recruit a lineman. SC will falter from this.


  8. hi folks, well the nba aaahh dallas could use the kaminskiy who rides the benchin pheonix the thing is he can put the ball in basket from the outside and inside! the suns are playing a slow foreigner now saric???sincerely, edward


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