Morning Buzz: USC Has A QB1-A

I did a Twitter Spaces conversation last week where I said freshman Jaxson Dart is really QB1-A, not QB2.

Why do I say that?

Because that’s what I hear from some people on the coaching staff. They seem eager to get a look at Dart in an actual game, which leads me to believe he will get playing time even if Kedon Slovis stays healthy, which is unlikely for an entire season.

You might laugh but some at USC suggest to me Dart is better than Slovis. They like his athleticism, which is extremely valuable given USC’s shaky offensive line.

Did someone tell Brendan Costello, the preferred walk-on and former Oklahoma State QB? Or did he transfer to USC primarily for an education and to be closer to home?

  • Isaiah Jewett, who won the 800 meters at the NCAA championships, finished second at the U.S. Olympic Trials last night and made the U.S. Olympic Team. Jewett was actually at UC Irvine for two seasons before he transferred to USC.

38 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Has A QB1-A

  1. When Jaxson Dart gets in a game he better have his head on a swivel and not be afraid to audible out of shit play calling that’s become the norm.

    She-don Slovis got away with a lot of Hail Mary passes and just throwing the ball up for grabs before being hit, but she’s too frail to hold up.

    Dart will definitely see action, at least he can run.


  2. “Jewett was actually at UC Irvine for two seasons before he transferred to USC” – another meaningless quote from dumpster diving blogger.

    Keyshawn was at West Los Angeles College before coming to USC. He was first pick in NFL draft, Super Bowl winning team member and in NFL HOF.

    OJ was at San Francisco City College before coming to USC. He was first pick in AFL draft and in NFL HOF.

    I am sure there were other great JC transfers at USC over the years.

    Does it matter that someone did not initially come to USC out of high school?

    Enough with the stupidity WOLF. Isiah is going to Toyko where he will likely will earn a medal for the USA. I do not see anything negative there.

    Of course, I was not dumped by the Daily News and my credentials to cover USC were not pulled either.

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  3. Last time scottie tried to create a qb controversy he said Sears was the better guy and had support of many players and coaches. And all the great analysts here tried to make JT into the coaches pet, who couldn’t play. Now JT is starting for a top sec team and Sears is gathering splinters in his boise diploma… hope it was worth it jack, that boise sheepskin should get you places.

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    1. Yep. J. T. had the goods [& Sears lost the only game he started]. Slovis is better for our team than J. T. [for some reason they play harder for him]. Slovis is a better choice to start this year than Dart [he knows every defense he’s gonna play against except San Jose State]. And Dart is a great guy to have in the wings if something happens to Kedon.

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    2. pudly dumb fuck got a hard on when that girl Palaie Gaoteote committed to USC.

      pudly dumb fuck kept saying how Palaie Gaoteote was a can’t miss 5 star #1 recruit in the nation and how she was going to be one of the all time great linebackers at USC when all was said and done.


      That grass hula skirt wearing slow as a slug overweight couldn’t get through a soft practice without spraining her toenail being sidelined for most of the year waste of a scholarship clown is one of if not the biggest bust in the history of USC football.

      That shows you how much Twitter Queen pudly dumb fuck knows. All day and night on Twitter, 24/7. That idiot has no life, he’s on Twitter more than a 12 year old girl..
      talk about a fucking loser.

      pudly dumb fuck jerks off to all those 4 and 5 star recruits, hyping them and hoping tbey pan out in order to save his daddy Clay Helton’s job.

      So that’s pudly dumb fucks job in a nutshell, a fucking clown just like his daddy Clay Helton.


  4. Last night CBS interviewed Mo Hanson -USC quarterback- about the NCAA decision. And even I was wondering where they found him. I guess they went to the school and said, “we need a football player.”
    He’s in school for the education, although I guess he’s expected to put on his football clothes during the season.
    Maybe he’ll be the next Matt Cassel.

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      1. Never cop like that again, Me! [You could have gone with the spellcheck defense and the judge would’ve bought it].

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  5. You guys are excited about sh!t like this?

    Like trying finding positives in a genocide.

    This team sucks from top to bottom.


    1. I guess you know more than Clay Helton!
      [Actually —for once — Clay DOES know more than ‘someone.’ This team is capable of beating everybody on their schedule]…..

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      1. Vincent (Pulp Fiction): “Throwing Tony out the 4th story window for massaging Marcellus’ wife’s feet was excessive.”

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      1. Thanks, Pudly.
        Some really nice cuts, great balance —he turns it on when he gets in the open field but I’d like to know what his 40 time is.

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      1. I hate it too when Pudly puts together these ‘alleged’ highlight reels — which, in reality, are nothing more than experiments in CGI.


  6. Hi Folks, heres some food news imported foriners commonly known as cannibals are eating penguins in pigsburgh pa. how about that sports fans!!!!!!!!!! sincerely, Edward

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    1. It could be worse, Ed…..
      [“Have you seen the President, Kamala? He was seen entering your office. Hey, is that blood on the carpet?”]……

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      1. The Mayor. The District Attorney. The City Attorney. And the Grand Jury Foreman.


  7. I vaguely recall considerable lamentations around “here” this past Winter that we were “one Slovis injury away from playing a walk-on QB.”

    Great that Dart is a fine prospect. He’s gonna’ see a lot more sophisticated blitz packages as a true Freshman than he did in Utah HS Fb. It takes a lot of teaching to
    figure out Utah and Oregon* defensive schemes. You gotta like a kid who could be better than Zach Wilson. Time will tell.

    Yeah, super excited to watch him play. Here’s to a 40-6 lead in the 4th qtr vs SJSU so Dart can get some reps.

    If Slovis’ arm is 100%, he should have another fantastic season. Yes, a few INT’s. 70% completion rate. 300 yards per game. Plenty of TD’s. Lots of wins. And quite a few sacks. I think he has about 15 full games under his belt. Glad I don’t have to coach against him.

    Having Dart, Moss, and Costello on our sideline is a true luxury.

    *I know, not on the regular season schedule.

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      1. And —cuz of Oregon’s QB situation —I think Washington will win it again (and even get to actually play in the Championship Game now that we’re no longer calling an umbrella of symptoms “covid”)…

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  8. Saying as it has been touched on, what is this groups’s overall opinion of JT? I have been in that camp that says he was overrated, but perhaps it was a lack of protection.
    Did anyone ever hear a definitive answer as to why it took to week 8 last year to get him on the field? PS. ND signing linebackers like USC’ heyday!

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      1. According to Kirby….

        “Let’s not make the discussion all about that,” Smart said why Daniels hadn’t played sooner. “Let’s make the discussion about how well JT handled (his situation) in a world where nobody handles things very well when they don’t get what they want. … He came down (to scout team) and went every day against what I think is a pretty good defense and made plays. He moved around in the pocket and he started showing us, ‘hey, I can do this thing.’ He took the bull by the horns and he took advantage of it tonight.”

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    1. I still don’t feel that JT is much improved at UGA.
      He still throws a lot off his back foot when pressured.
      Starting QB during COVID is not a great resume builder.

      I always expect ND to have great interior 7’s on both sides.
      I get super worried when there is a 5 star QB and speedy WR’s on the Irish squad.
      A tough running back is always in the mix, of course.

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      1. We’re REALLY gonna get a chance to see what kind of coach Kelly is —this Notre Dame team is playing a ton of freshman….


  9. hi folks, the nba milkaukee has the best player by far but thecoach is shakey!as are some players lopez chocked last knight!and this role guy connaughgh whatever takes a 3 ball air ball at the end of the game??????holiday hogs the ball too long!and the defense on skinny trae was horrendous! sincerely, Edward


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