USC Notes: Someone Is Not Amused

An insider tells me Clay Helton was not amused I wrote his head was buried at the Lott Trophy Luncheon last week when a former staffer he fired was introduced at the luncheon.

“He got a longer intro than Helton,” a USC booster who went to the luncheon joked.

  • Eight of the nine players USC took from the transfer portal are originally from Texas. That might have been surprising at one time. Not anymore.

None of the nine transfers are offensive linemen.

  • Haley Anderson, a silver medalist in 2012, is the only Trojan on the U.S. Olympic swimming team after last weekend’s Olympic trials.

36 thoughts on “USC Notes: Someone Is Not Amused

      1. 67 — We have reasons to feel optimistic about the d-line (from both a coaching and player perspective) —but out O-line has been rated in the bottom half of the country by Phil Steele (who really nails it year after year in these position categories). I’ve never seen a USC O-Line rated anywhere near this poorly in the many years I’ve been following Steele.
        [To make matters worse, San Jose State’s O & D-Lines were rated the best in the Mountain West, ahead of Boise State and San Diego State]…

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      2. indeed but lacking in depth.
        If someone (UCLA?) runs 50 running plays against this D-line, the 4th Qtr could be rough.

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      3. Bourbon — Don’t think Chip isn’t thinking the exact same thing. [Only thing we have going for us is UCLA’s offensive line isn’t any better than ours and, by November 20th, the dangerous Dorian Thompson-Robinson might not be in their line-up]……


  1. Helton should be aware that he has many enemies after letting go so many staff members to save his own job. Most ethical good head coaches would have resigned rather than let the AD replace most of his staff.

    It would be interesting to get some quotes from former USC offensive coordinator Clancy Pedergast who is still out of work after being let go by Helton. If you all recall Helton begged him to come back a second time to join his staff then let him go after two years. The poor guy left an NFL defensive coordinator job to work his with Helton who he thought was his buddy, but not anymore. Clancy was not a good defensive coordinator, but look what he got for coming back to USC, and being loyal.

    Hopefully, what goes around comes around and Helton will get the knife in the back next. No question what he did to some of these former assistant coaches will damage his reputation even further within the college football community.

    Clay, it is all on you this year. No excuses you must win at least 9 games, win the Pac 12, and finish in the Top 10 Nationally, or is time to go work with your brother as an “air raid” assistant in Bowling Green, KY.


    1. Playoffs or he’s fired. With this weak schedule, playoffs is the only acceptable outcome. And even that isn’t good enough if we get curb-stomped in the playoffs.


    2. Anything less than 10-2 in the regular season should be grounds for dismissal.
      I’d accept a 10-2 with a Pac12 Champ game victory followed by a NYDay Bowl victory.

      All the pieces are there. No longer “rebuilding.” No excuse for anything less than 11-1 IMHO

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      1. “Should” be grounds for dismissal….


  2. For the $4M he earns annually plus his hefty 401K balance due to generous match, Coach needs to be able to take the heat and criticism that comes with the territory.

    No sympathy here.

    Coach saved his own bacon by firing coaches he mostly hired.

    I’d be shocked if Coach even knows who the blogger is anyway. It’s been years since Wolf was allowed on campus to watch practices/attend pressers. Probably one of the Bearcat transplants assigned duties is to provide a report of what is said on the internet.

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    1. For a long time Helton tried to co-opt Scott at each post practice presser —“Good question, Scott! Glad you asked That!”

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  3. Although I would be surprised to hear Clay reads this blog, I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned he used to log in as FU@&you.
    How a second string quarterback, with NO previous experience as a head coach, believes he is the man to elevate USC football, is beyond Me. I bet he justifies accepting his salary as a salve for all the arrows he has received, at the hands of a rabid fans. It is abundantly clear that the two men responsible for Trojan football, are in over their heads.
    Helton doesn’t know football, Bohn doesn’t know negotiations at the USC level.
    Small time players are trying to be big time kings. From the one trick offensive coordinator, who is unconcerned about blocking on the line to the clueless head coach, there needs to be a total revamping of the command structure.
    Who cares about Clay’s feeling? It’s time to move on from this guy.

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    1. Charles R Smith

      JUNE 21, 2021 AT 11:32 PM

      Somebody get Clay Helton a tampon.


      pudly is Clay Helton’s tampon, that’s his pet name Clay gave.


  4. I saw a “way to early prediction for the first games of the season,” today. The prediction for the LSU Ucla game gives LSU the edge by 3 points. There are a lot of dynamics in play for this game, but the article mentioned that LSU is stacked with talent and says nothing about Ucla talent.
    If Ucla meets or exceeds this prediction, with opening game jitters versus opening against a (supposedly) better opponent, I see Helton standing on the sidelines gap-jawed, while watching Ucla have a once in a decade romp against their crosstown rival.
    Owns will change his name to Just Owns or even Ucla Owns L.A.
    This is a scary possibility, but if it comes true, Helton won’t coach another game and USC finishes 3rd or 4th in the PAC 12 South.
    I don’t know whether to pray it happens or pray it doesn’t?


      1. What? Facebook lied to me? I take it all back then. I suppose I should overlook the anonymous coach that says USC is about to turn around under Helton because the new coaches under him are making a difference.
        Owns don’t change your name yet!!!

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    1. 4th in Pac 12? You don’t have to pray over it, Me…


    1. Really? Helton’s 2020 recruiting class ranked #79 and this is what the media had to say about him…

      The USC football program is getting flushed down the toilet. They are a long ways away from the Pete Carroll days where they were dominating college football. Instead, they are winning 8 games a year and can’t even compete for Pac 12 titles. The standard under Clay Helton has been “well, maybe we can beat Utah”. Embarressing… Why hasn’t USC fired Clay Helton yet?

      USC took another step back during National Signing Day. According to the 247 Sports recruiting rankings, USC just pulled off the 79th best recruiting class in the country. For the record, Bowling Green was 78th. That’s how pathetic USC has become.


      1. Here’s the other half from the article

        To make matters worse, Clay Helton was proud of those accomplishments:

        We had a very good day today that we’re very happy about,” Helton told the Los Angeles Times, with a grin on his face. “I’m not necessarily about perception, I’m about wins and how to produce the best football team. You have to worry maybe not about popular opinion and address what your needs are.”

        Hilarious. “I’m about wins and how to produce the best football team.” USC isn’t winning and they can’t even recruit in the State of California. I just don’t understand how this guy still has a job. It makes no sense. Fans aren’t going to the games, they aren’t recruiting well, and not even competing for the Conference title game. Clay Helton gotta go.

        “Clay Helton gotta go”

        No Shit!

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      2. Clay will make you eat those words when he takes the prestigious Pac 12 South……


  5. Scooter,

    Who cares if Helton is not amused. More importantly, is, the fans for USC are fu#king pissed off at Helton, Bohn, and Folt. He has drug the program down below the whale sh#t program, called ugly. I don’t know what is worse, helton for Hackett. You let me know.


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