USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC recruiting

Two commitments last week means the USC program can overcome the radioactive status of Clay Helton. Overcoming NCAA sanctions was nothing compared to this.

Quincy Watts

He became USC’s new track coach for two reasons: He deserved it and Mike Bohn probably had no clue who to hire if Watts hadn’t been available.

Michael Norman

The former USC sprinter won the 400 meters at the U.S. Olympic Trials on Sunday and qualified for his first Olympics. Allyson Felix, who never competed for USC but attended school, qualified for her fifth Olympics.

Onyeka Okongwu

The former USC forward is in the Eastern Conference Finals as a rookie with the Atlanta Hawks.


Coliseum capacity

It will be 100-percent capacity for the fall! So if you go to a game, all those empty seats will just be a way for USC to provide maximum comfort for the season-ticket holders still tired of those big crowds from the Pete Carroll era.

Arizona State

An NCAA investigation will put the coaching staff under pressure this season especially if someone becomes a scapegoat for all those dead-period visits.

USC baseball

Arizona is in College World Series for the third time since 2012. USC hasn’t made the CWS since 2001.

Palaie Gaoteote

Linebacker is apparently enrolled at Ohio State and still hasn’t announced he transferred from USC.


52 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

    1. The decision is framed in anti-trust language but deep down it’s really a due process case. Wonder what would have happened if Haden put the NCAA’s dictatorial appeals process in front of the federal bench?

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      1. Didn’t penn st go the route of putting before their local jurisdiction (st court & legislature)? Worked for them. And so did unc.

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      2. Yep. One week after Penn State announced they would challenge NCAA sanctions as violative of their due process rights, the NCAA reduced their sanctions to the point they were meaningless. The NCAA didn’t want to go through a discovery process (all their emails and internal memos) which would embarrass the shit out of their executive board and expose their hearing process as a joke.

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      3. A lot of good having an attorney (Haden) as our AD did us…Moe, Larry, and Curley (note the “e” in Curley) could have provided better representation.

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      4. Does anybody else find it funny that Dan Weber is applauding the Supreme Court for standing up to the NCAA when he couldn’t stand up to Kiff, Sark or Helton?
        Dan to Clay Helton: “Do you think it’s dangerous when your own players start criticizing your practices as too soft?”
        Helton to Dan: “Our players don’t criticize the practices.”
        Dan: “Okay. Sorry.”

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  1. Winner of the decade…
    Young HS student athletes playing CFB and MBB–the revenue sports.
    MAYBE forward-thinking schools will now provide better benefits to these hardworking student-athletes–AND PAY HEAD COACHES A FAIR BIT LESS! We devour CFB on Fall Saturdays because of the efforts of these young men, NOT the coaches. We tune in to watch the Cheer team and the Band, NOT the coaches. We tailgate for the camaraderie and experience and because of pride in our School, NOT because of coaches.

    Loser? We’ve known this for decades.
    When the SUPREME COURT finds 9-0 against the NCAA, you know how seriously lacking has been the position of that feckless group (the NCAA, that is).
    A seriously vacuous group of racist, over-paid white men (the NCAA that is).

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    1. Bourbon — You know what’s really hard to believe? The “executives” who run the NCAA —and have prevented a very large number of black student athletes from being compensated for generating hundreds of millions of dollars for their respective universities—-come in all colors. NOBODY stood up for the student athlete —and the diverse NCAA executive board openly laughed at the prospect of compensation when Senator Corey Booker brought it up …

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    1. In effect, the highest court in the land has officially labeled the NCAA…and their attorneys …. “a joke.”

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    2. Hard to believe it took this long…should have been dealt with years ago, but the NCAA-university cartel has been so good at keeping it under wraps.

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  2. One of the benefits of having an account here is being able to “like” something that someone else posted. But that benefit is outweighed by the fact of adding the login after you have written the post increasing the likelihood of losing your work.
    So all of that to say I like Pudly’s post 👍
    Another benefit of not having an account is you can make up your name on the spur of the moment when you are ready to post, but are being rushed to go somewhere.
    Loser of the week a blog that doesn’t require you to log to an account in for posting, allowing idiots and trolls (yes like Me) to post without moderation.

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      1. gotroll22 said pudly likes to ride on top in the reverse cowgirl position…just the way his momma taught him.


  3. …and finally, loser of the week?

    UCLA hoops, as LeMelo Ball earns ROY honors in the NBA.
    Gotta wonder how good UCLA hoops coulda’ been had they been able to
    keep LaMelo in School for a year or two and developed his game?

    (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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      1. Donte is enormously successful at recruiting because he’s 100% real and has an actual football philosophy. I heard him talk when he was at Oregon and my first thought was “this guy is so much realer then Helton —he actually believes what’s he’s saying.” Recruits respect that. And so do players. And so do fans. He’s gonna make a very fine head coach somewhere — cuz he’ll be just as successful recruiting assistants as he is players….and for all the same reasons.

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      2. I’m convinced that he will be our next head coach if Fickell says no. I’m good with it. I’ll take a head coach who can recruit like crazy, works harder than anyone else, and won’t settle for a sub par staff that won’t match his effort. Our culture would certainly get better as well. We would just need really good assistants, especially on offensive side of the ball.

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      3. It would be so nice to have a coach we could respect….

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  4. Hi folks, is the embiid a cannibal? cameroon has cannibals!? how many nba players are cannibals!? yikes!!!!!!!! who wants simmons the lsu stiff? Sincerely, Edward

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      1. Your momma?

        #Dear Pisley and “Me” love making fudge together.
        #Cue Boston’s “More than a Feeling”


      2. That story you shared with us about how your momma taught you about the birds and the bees with her strapon will always be an all time favorite on ruin sites… I particularly enjoyed when she told you “shut up and take it like a man..”


    1. Well…if ya like getting caught, Pat’s your guy…..
      [Pat on accepting NCAA penalties: “Sometimes it’s better to move on. Sometimes it’s better not to overthink things”]……

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  5. Dear Pisley, you make better fudge than repartee.

    #SUCCFB:warm milk and cupcake FB


    1. Says the guy who had to train 7 1/2 months just to learn “would you like fried pie with your order?”.

      Lowlife sow troll, you’ve no place better to be than on your wannabe school’s rival site tryin to act tough. What a joke.


      1. Dear Pisley, he be real mad. Maybe he should lick the fudge off his Trojan to feel better.

        #Cue the Rascals “Love is Beautiful”


      2. I’m not mad. You give yourself too much credit. I find you vile and disgusting, but it has nothing to do with anger, rather the way you always drag a conversation into the sewage pit.
        But then your favorite team plays in one. Pauley the French drain of the Pac12…


  6. Big “L” special mention to Bohner and Brendan. You’ve been at #USC for about 20 months and Clay Helton is still your coach. Boy, that must be some plan you have! How many more future NFL careers are you going to allow Clay to wreck?


  7. Just got the Phil Steele (“The Book The Experts Cannot Do Without”) 2021 Preview.
    Helton has done it! He’s remade USC football in his image! Running Backs– #43. Offensive Line–#51. Defensive Line –#37. Defensive Backs: #32.
    Quarterback and Receivers —TOP FIVE.


  8. I’m not sure why you keep link us together in some sexual relationship. You’re not my type, sexually or intellectually. I’m sure I should be flattered but unfortunately no I’m not. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

    And it should be “pudly and I” not Me..


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