Four-Star Corner Commits To USC

Jaeden Gould, a four-star cornerback from Oradell, N.J., committed to USC today over Penn State.

USC has eight commits for the Class of 2022 and three are cornerbacks (Gould, Domani Jackson, Fabian Ross).

None of the eight are offensive linemen. Now USC is bringing in a lot of offensive linemen for June visits, but so far it’s clear to see Donte Williams can recruit cornerbacks but someone needs to recruit some offensive linemen.

USC’s class is now ranked No. 10 by 247 after being No. 18 before Gould’s commitment.

29 thoughts on “Four-Star Corner Commits To USC

  1. Donte Williams can recruit DB’s and WR’s, but down linemen not so much. Clay Helton is a trash coach … Mike Bohner and Brendan Sosna trash AD’s! Fight on✌️


      1. Hey pudly dumb fuck, is that so called 5 star defensive linemen going to pass/run block?

        Poster’s are talking about USC’s offensive line and how it needs better recruits and that idiot pudly dumb fuck starts talking about defensive linemen…God Damn pudly is a fucking Helton ass kissing knob polisher.


    1. they just got a 5 star defensive lineman and will probably land a 4 star very soon. also looks like they might get a third 5 star athlete with Gentry Williams. O linemen are still the big issue, but they are in the mix for some good ones.

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      1. This fucking clown “gametv” is another idiot sent here from the corrupt Trojan athletic dept. to try and hype up Clueless Clay Helton.



    2. Here is a perfect example of how much Clay Helton knows about football, he had this clown Neil Callaway coaching the Trojans offensive line for years.

      If Helton wasn’t forced to fire Callaway, that clown would still be coaching at USC today.


      1. tebowobama – your understanding of people is only rivaled by your generous spirit and depth of knowledge in football.

        i am not a helton supporter and have never been. tons of my posts from the past on different fan sites demonstrate this. BUT there is a huge difference between wanting a new head coach who can make the team a national contender and simply trashing everything that happens to the program and the players.

        there are real improvements being made that are the basis for a turnaround at SC. every single forward step is a result of someone who is not named Clay Helton. TO hired some really great young coaches and that is why these top players are committing. bohn/sosna were able to identify a really good S&C coach in stiner and now have a much better conditioning program.

        i have said again and again in my posts that I question whether Graham Harrell is capable of being a really good offensive coordinator, so the SC offense is still a huge problem. and Clay Helton was the guy who hired GH, before Bohn ever came along. the simplistic version of the air raid that GH runs requires a level of execution that is impossible and puts too much pressure on the QB.

        so, as usual, you are just wrong. i went through my period of hating Helton so much that I couldnt ever celebrate the good things that happen to the program. that was toxic. it is time to be an adult, where we can see the difference between supporting the team and still demanding that the administration hires a new coach in the near future. because if harrell or TO do leave, no decent coach will want to come while Helton is still the head coach.

        the recruiting wins at SC are real, and when a new head coach is hired, he is going to keep most, if not all, of the defensive staff and have some really great players on the roster, which will make his job that much easier.


  2. I know a bunch of y’all are enjoying a well-deserved Father’s day with family–and will be checking in later today.

    So, a Happy Father’s Day to all of you.
    Most important job on the Planet. Well-done fellas.

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  3. I’m surprised that this wasn’t brought up here. Seems like it would’ve been right up scottie’s alley.

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    1. Yeah, I think USC will be well-positioned to support FB and MBB student athletes with the NIL question. The Supreme Court decision today should help USC immensely.

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  4. These guys are really good recruiters but not when it comes to O-Linemen. When I see them get a 4 or 5 star O-Linemen then maybe I’ll change my tune.

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    1. just a guess here, but I think that it will help alot if the o-line recruits see positive momentum with lots of quality players committing to the team. and if the defensive line of SC is going to be filled with 5 star athletes, then that will attract some 4 and 5 star -o-line players. because they want to practice against the best.

      unfortunately, some players might not want to commit to play in an air raid offense and there is a real question whether GH should remain the offensive coordinator.


      1. Michael, more like “another day that ucla hopes that the 1 percenters don’t leave the state and stop paying taxes”

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  5. Super gutty performance by Allyson Felix today to earn the right to participate in HER 5TH OLYMPIC GAMES. Not many can say they participated in 5 Olympic Games, and she has a shot at a gold medal which would be unbelievable. Quincy Watts, needs to bring her on board to assist with the women’s track program after she retires after the Olympics in Tokyo.

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    1. Whoa! Now there’s an idea. I’d pay handsomely for AF as Assistant HC. Over the years I’ve listened intently to AF. I think she’d be a great mentor/coach for these young sprinters.

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