Sunday Buzz: Oregon Snags Another USC Target

Dave Iuli, a four-star offensive guard from Puyallup, Wash., committed to Oregon on Saturday.

He was a big USC target and also considered Oklahoma and Washington. Iuli (6-5, 330) is the first four-or-five star prospect from Washington to commit to Oregon since 2005.

More importantly, Oregon keeps building its offensive line with big, highly regarded prospects. It also has linemen from Texas, Mississippi, California and Washington in its current class.

I don’t know if Oregon is better than USC. I do know it has a plan for recruiting offensive linemen and has developed a buzz among recruits as it tries to emulate SEC programs when it comes to the offensive line.

USC? Well, it runs the Air Raid.

22 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Oregon Snags Another USC Target

  1. History 101— To flatter his best recruiter, Helton made Tee Martin Offensive Coordinator. Unfortunately, running USC’s offense was not Tee’s strength. After lots of losses and criticism, Helton fired Tee & took control of the offense himself. Unfortunately running an offense is not Clay’s strength. USC promptly got beat by Cal & UCLA. Helton couldn’t accept the fact he was a less than exceptional offensive coach & decided the reason USC got beat was….. it needed to transition into an Air Raid Offense. He tried to snag an air raid coach (the first one he announced met with Helton once & decided to leave for the Arizona Cardinals). Along comes Harrell.

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    1. The reason Helton landed on the air raid was because he had one half of somewhat success in the first half against Notre Dame in the season he fired Tee. But after half-time adjustments, ND beat SC. But that was as close to winning as Clay could get and Clay in his infinite stupidity went out and hired a completely unqualifed OC based on this tiny sliver of success. Harrell was basically a QB coach who ran Seth Lattrell’s offense. Of course, no top level OC would work for Clay, just as no top level o-line coach would sign on this past season.

      I think right now, it cant be more apparent that SC’s offense is viewed as poorly coached by prospects. I personally think that Bohn just needs to sit back and watch it implode, so he can finally get approval to fire Clay. The hire of McGuire is obviously backfiring. At some point, the 5 star recruits on the defense might decide to look elsewhere.

      We might finally get rid of Harrell, who is inept and stubborn, a really bad combo if you want to win.

      Top programs like Oregon, Oklahoma, Alabama, Notre Dame are eating our lunch in recruiting. The whole problem is that whoever is in charge at USC tried to sell everything about USC, except for the football program. Top recruits wont come to USC for the degree, NIL or the great weather. They need a ticket to the NFL.

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      1. I wouldn’t describe Harrell so much as ‘stubborn’ —‘surly’ seems more like it. Each time USC got beat in his first year at the helm he not only blamed the QB….but did so with a degree of venom that was surprising. Harrell was a VERY talented college QB because of his (bordering on arrogant) belief in himself. Not all star college players have the capacity, personality or patience to coach.

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  2. Even if USC had 5 – 4 star and 5 – 5 star offensive line recruits, what good would they be with Helton as their head coach?

    Last year Helton had the Trojans ranked #120 in rushing. So much for USC being Tailback U.

    Helton and his crap staff’s haven’t coached any players up, not a one. Whatever players that have gone onto the NFL that played for Helton, made it on talent alone.

    Helton can’t coach worth a shit, the guy is fucking stupid, he just is.

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    1. I still think that Donte and Vic are excellent coaches and will coach up their positions. I think TO is a good coach. But if the d-line prospects are going to be practicing versus 3 star o-line talent, they wont come to SC.

      Is TO and the defensive staff the best in the country? No. But they are competent. Harrell and the offensive staff are not viewed as solid coaches by anyone in the country. That is a huge problem.

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      1. After allowing for the fact the o-line can’t be more than a work in progress in spring practice, everybody could see it’s a bigger mess than it’s ever been. How Bohn can sit back and watch Helton’s mess (knowing the physical toll it takes on one USC QB after another) is beyond explanation.

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  3. One of the schools that USC seems to be recruiting against now for OL is Washington State. Mike Leach was there 8 years and ran the air raid. In that time, WSU only had 3 OL drafted into the NFL.

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    1. Speaking of the o-line, if Slovis is sacked twice or more against San Jose State USC will be in for REAL serious trouble all season long.
      [Note to Charles: With Carol (“I’m on the path of righteousness”) and her hubby (“I believe in the sacredness of butterflies”), USC bought itself a real prize First Couple].

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      1. Rick Caruso really shit the bed when he hired Carol Folt. She was hired only because she’s a woman (who happened to have president experience at a big-time school and was unemployed). She brings no leadership or anything else to table.

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      2. Stupid-ass Caruso hires Folt so he can use hiring a woman at USC in his LA Mayoral campaign. Totally backfired … Carol Folt has alienated so many … her position at USC is untenable. Caruso rich, successful guy, but no charisma and no chance of being Mayor of Los Angeles. He and the Board of Trustees haven’t exercised any oversight over Folt and specifically USC Gould Law.


      3. Caruso was overheard telling some cheerleaders on his yacht, “Don’t worry, girls —when I become Mayor I’m going to take care of Charles …. I don’t want to get into specifics…. hahahaha….hahahahaha…. hahahaha”


      1. “Mike Leach and Kliff will look like O-Line Monsters by the time I’m done.”
        —-Graham Harrell


  4. Michael: You stated offensive coaching is not one of Clay Helton strengths.
    I don’t think he has any strengths period in coaching college football. He can’t even hire an equipment manager clearly he is in the wrong profession. Just like Gomer Pyle was not a good fit for the Marine Corp. Clay Helton should not be coaching in college football.

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    1. I forgot about the equipment manager deal. I also forgot about Helton saying he “understood” Biggie Marshall drawing a penalty in the Cal game for cursing the Cal fans. I guess I forgot about him hiring Callaway too…and giving the game ball to Carol Folt instead of the QB who threw for 500 yards…. or praising the Iowa Fans for booing Fink when he came into the game….or saying that a 49-21 loss proved we were on the verge of “greatness”…..

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  5. Don’t know if Oregon is better?
    welcome to the ‘bone head -‘fault’ line of reasoning at sc…
    Oregon is better at everything, they care about being the best,sc is woke and majors in moron mediocre effort & reasoning thanks to ‘the board’ of non education & athletics.

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    1. USC [Board President, Board Members, President, Head Football Coach] is best at pretending to be Good, Community Minded People.

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  6. The guy is a 4 star O-Lineman. 4 and 5 star O-Linemen don’t go to USC. That includes the ones who are right in the backyard of SC like Ernest Greene. Oregon gets the people that they want, like Pete Carroll used to. USC doesn’t. So far Oregon has one 5 star O-Lineman, one 4 star O-Lineman and three 3 stars. SC has one 3 star O-Lineman. Oregon is ranked #8 nationally in recruiting. SC is 27th and falling fast. Did somebody say something about taking back the west?

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