An Offensive Line Trend Continues

USC has offered a scholarship to offensive lineman Sam Yoon of Loyola.

Yoon is a three-star prospect per 247Sports. He has not been awarded any stars yet by Rivals.

USC, UCLA, Cal and Oregon State are among the schools that offered Yoon.

Now offers are ultimately meaningless and do not matter.

But . . . after USC brought in a number of elite offensive linemen for June visits is it already now down to offering and taking three-star linemen?

  • Jason Hart Jr., the son of USC basketball assistant Jason Hart, has transferred to St. Bernard.

Remember a couple weeks ago I said former USC assistant Tony Bland is unofficially viewed as the head coach at St. Bernard.

32 thoughts on “An Offensive Line Trend Continues

  1. Well it could be worse. Kiffin was offering kids at Red Rover games on the elementary playground. Maybe we should forget recruiting offensive line players and grab more defensive backs. The only way we’ll score with our current system is to score on defensive.

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    1. I like the idea of our defense running up the score against UCLA….


      1. This is how much Clay Helton knows about football, he hired Neil Callaway to coach the offensive line.

        How are either of those two dopes Helton and Callaway not ashamed and embarrassed of themselves?


      2. I have asked you politely to please never post this video again…


  2. Austin Jackson and Alijah Vera Tucker were 4-star recruits (247’s Top 350ish) and overcame Clay Helton’s soft culture to become NFL 1st Round picks. Many other 4 and 5 star Helton recruits not as lucky. Championship programs not built on the backs of 3-star down linemen. Mike Bohn hiding in his basement; too intimidated to make his case for a new coach to Carol Folt. Dude, you and Brennan shoulda stayed at Cincinnati and rode Luke Fickell’s coattails.

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    1. Agree…and disagree. Hiding in the basement (with the door locked) is what Mike Bohn does best……


      1. Oh man, Bohner choking it in the basement to wee Carol Folt (and her tree-hugger husband told she’s a terrible lay … probably the whole menopause thing)… I can’t begin to understand the depths of this man’s depravity✌️


      2. He is not a tree hugger –he is a “disciple of sustainability and loving growth”…..

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  3. Four and five star O-Lineman do not got to USC. They look at USC the black plague has broken out on the USC campus. Mike Bohn should be calling people in his office and giving them some tough love over their lack of success in areas of recruiting where there is a need. If you look at the current O-Line coaches resume….it has nothing to recommend him. He doesn’t seem to be a great line coach and we’re starting to see that he is not a great recruiter either. We should have stuck with Drevno who was a real good O-Line coach although not a great recruiter and at the same time kept Johnny Nansen who was an outstanding recruiter and a good jack of all trades coach. Johnny Nansen is the reason why we lost Jay Toia.


    1. Good insight parcelman, but it looks like Drevno was mailing it in during his last 4-5 years. Even Harbaugh fired him. And I was a Drev supporter.

      I don’t know anything about the new O line coach other than his name is Clay.
      Two weeks into September I’ll have a good idea on how our O-line is gonna look.


  4. Three star lineman playing for a one star head coach. Two star offensive and defensive coordinators. If i were a three star, i would go elsewhere as id consider myself too good.


  5. I hear so much about this new beefed up recruiting crew that we have. But the fact is, right now, Oregon is ranked #7 in recruiting and USC is #27 and falling fast.. Did I hear someone say something about “taking back the west”?

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    1. This is just about competence. Bohn went out and hired a bunch of recruiting people, and they brought in a bunch of top athletes, but they failed to resolve the core problems of the offensive scheme and perception of the coaching staff. My guess is that instead of focusing on how they are actually changing the culture and development of the players, they focused on NIL, USC degree and LA lifestyle.

      That is selling fluff instead of addressing the fundamental reasons the players are not committing to USC. I think if USC doesnt win big this year, the recruiting will be another really bad year and the 5 star athletes will get lured away.

      In that case, Bohn/Folt/Caruso just might be forced to make a change, even if they dont want to.

      The top 5 star and 4 star athletes have a potential pay-day of millions of dollars at the end of college. Why would they mess that up? USC needs to be on parity with the other programs for player development, and then those other factors will tip things in our favor.

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    2. Everything depends on what happens this season: Recruiting, Helton’s job, Harrell’s job, Orlando’s job…..maybe even Bohn’s job…..

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    3. “new beefed up recruiting crew”?

      USC recruits itself. USC has afforded that idiot Clay Helton and his coaching staff of cast off’s and misfits multiple top 10 ranked recruiting classes, a couple of top 5 and at least #1 ranked class since he took over as head coach and he and his staff have continually underachieved. The Rose Bowl win, that was all Darnold & Co. improvising their way to a win. Helton’s play calling is crap.

      There are at least 15 football coaches in the CIF-SS that could win more games and actually develop talent at USC far better than Helton.

      Helton is a joke, Haden, Swann and now Bohn have all had to make coaching changes for Helton because he has no clue what the fuck he’s doing. Having to hold Helton’s hand and make changes to his staff for him, how the hell is he not embarrassed and how the hell is USC not ashamed to have that idiot there totally clueless?


  6. San Jose St. 29

    USC. 23

    And Jaxson Dart has to start the 2nd half, throws 1 TD and runs for another to make the game that close.

    She-don Slovis gets yanked because her elbow still hadn’t revovered from the beatdown she suffered vs Iowa.


      1. ..of course if USC doesn’t win we’ll have the pleasure of watching coliseum fans deal with Helton the way the angry crowd dealt with Donald Sutherland at the end of “Day of The Locusts”….


  7. MG, most FB fans will be at the RB for a real game: LSU vs UCLA instead of the bozo cream puff SJST. FB game.

    SUCC FB: Tough as a infant fart


  8. MG, most FB fans will be at the RB for a real game: LSU vs UCLA instead of the bozo cream puff SJST. FB game.

    SUCC FB: Tough as a infant fart


    1. Last season Helton coached up the Trojans finishing ranked #113 in penalties and #120 in rushing.

      And that was against the pillow soft PAC 12 teams.



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