USC Wide Receiver Recruitment Remains In Spotlight

This is an only at USC story right here about wide receiver recruiting.

And speaking of wide receivers, some at USC have already warned me that perhaps the top prize this year, Tetairoa McMillan of Servite, could end up at Arizona.

That would be four wide receivers going elsewhere if he doesn’t choose USC on August 16.

29 thoughts on “USC Wide Receiver Recruitment Remains In Spotlight

  1. You mean he might end up at the same school as his two other teammates? This has been their plan since before the TE decommitted. What’s worse is he could’ve helped our volleyball team immensely.

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  2. Was looking for ruins on this list too, but alas there’s none to be found…

    Guess that’s what all those 4th qtr comebacks get ya. “It’s not where you start..”

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    1. UCLA: 11 BB NC’s

      SUCC: oooooooooooooooooooferever

      UCLA last Final Four: 2021

      SUCC last Final Four: 1954

      Jrue Holiday becomes the fourth former UCLA player in the last five seasons to have won the NBA Finals. In 2017, Kevon Looney and Matt Barnes helped the Golden State Warriors win the championship. Looney was also part of the 2018 Golden State squad that won the NBA Finals. In 2019, Norman Powell was part of the Toronto Raptors’ NBA championship team.

      Jrue Holiday and Zack Lavine win BB gold in Japan; Chimezie Metu complains about his Nigerian Team experience and wins 5 lbs. of iron slag and kicks a teammate in the balls.


      1. Go screw yourself and take the ‘ruins with you. Pros mean nothing you

        USC TROJANS 12 NCAA BASEBALL TITLES while the high-school in
        Westwood only one. 1/2 in football vs. 11 or 12 for the Trojans.

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      2. Just rent,

        Once again it is time for Ugly History. Before Sam Gilbert got involved and paid the players while Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden was the broker, Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden was an average basketball coach at ugly. he didn’t win anything important. Reminder, he was there in the early 50’s. then, the mafia, err…..Sam Gilbert decides to pay the players. Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden was so into detail that he taught his players how to put on their socks and how to tie their shoes. So why didn’t Johnny cheetin’ Wooden notice the guys in new clothes, new cars, new location of living, and having spending money? I will tell you why, because he saw it and did not ask or tell them to stop. See Just Rent, Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden was in on it since he did not stop it nor did he say a word about it. The ugly players were making more money than the Laker players. So, you see those 11 basket ball trophies were bought and paid for. As far as the motto that ugly says, “Champs are made here”, it actually reads, “Chumps are made here.

        Once again, U Clowns Lose Again


    1. He was such a fun target — they kept hitting him with one technical battery charge after another, saying “This Is The Most, Most Ghastliest, Ungallantest Thing Ever…. He Was Giving Out Bad Hugs, Not Good Hugs.”
      It was trial by accusation. No D. A. will ever file a single charge. It was just another media stampede. There was nothing due-processy about it.
      The really fun part? He was playing the same game last year with all his bullshit allegations of lack of federal assistance to New York.

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      1. MG, with that goes around, comes around sentiment…God I hate to introduce something with such loathsome ’80s stylings, but the title/lyrics…and the video imagery seems to fit a certain university’s head shed…and it’s actually not a bad song if you can get beyond the production values of the era…

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      2. Confession —I loved the 80’s and 80’s music [raised my kids to it]–and Ratt was a big part of that.

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    2. Here’s a gem (by Slade from the UK), for you guys from , the 70s. 73 the year I was born to be exact. Made famous by Quiet Riot in the early 80s. Who knew! Noddy Holder had a voice that sounded like it would rock a stadium full of people enjoy.

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      1. Thanks MG I knew some of you old school fans would like that content. Looks like the band was having one big party the fans just happened to be there and joined.

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    3. Way to go S hit that loser Trojan stalking lush just owns, rents, lease or what ever lame name he decides to comes up, with facts! 12 baseball titles, 11 football titles and how many Olympic gold medals now?

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  3. USC has a pretty stacked receivers room. They have been dipping into the transfer portal for talent alot and I wonder if this hurts them with recruits because they feel that USC doesnt recruit out of high school and then develop talent, but just goes into the free agent market.

    Got to say that SC has identified some underrated talent at receiver, like Manjack and MJ3. Only the season will tell, but I think that the combo of receivers at SC this year could be alot more difficult to cover than last year. More top end speed. More height. Hopefully they figure out how to use tight ends and running backs out of the backfield in the pass attack.

    Say the coaches poll and USC at #14 is too high, but ASU and Utah and UCLA are ranked too low. Going to be tougher competition in the Pac-12 South this year.

    Cincinnati at #10 might have our future head coach.

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    1. Got a chance to see one of Cincinnati Luke’s spring pressers the other night. Like the way he carries himself. He’d could be our Helton vax

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      1. I saw it too…


  4. What about Chris Peterson as head coach; the former Boise st and Washington Huskies coach? You know the guy that should of been hired in the first place by Pat Haden instead of Helton.
    Or what about Jack Del Rio who can bring some toughness and stability to the program whom hasn’t even been granted an interview yet. Which is really hard to believe with having experienced some success in the NFL as a head coach.

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      1. Employment as a head coach for millions of dollars; dealing with a roaming gnome is better than un-employment with 0 dollars with no coaching job.


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