Dept. Of Suspicious Timing: USC Adds A Wide Receiver Commitment

With USC under criticism for losing three wide receivers in the past week, the Trojans found a wide receiver to commit . . . from Texas.

Caleb Douglas, a three-star from Missouri City, Texas, committed to USC today. He was previously committed to Baylor.

No one will confuse Douglas with the recent wide receivers USC lost out on. But maybe the coaches thought this would be a way to stop the bleeding. This is USC today: Perception over performance.

24 thoughts on “Dept. Of Suspicious Timing: USC Adds A Wide Receiver Commitment

    1. smackyd,

      Let the gun for hire begin. This is just like being a professional player since you are being paid. This will destroy the spirit of ameture competition. I think collegitte sports are dommed from this. That is my opinion. I think this is a shame.

      These kids already get paid by receiving a four year scholi, free room and board, free air travel to different stadiums, free bus rides, accolation, and they do recieve a stipend for the month.


  1. Whooopie….another wide receiver…..maybe we can convert him to an O-Lineman. Then again, he’d still be a project. He’s only a 3 star.


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      2. If a cowboy has crazy thick callouses on the insides of both legs that minimally provide a levi jeans level of protection, and this same cowboy doesn’t mind having the tan lines of a 1970s Playboy model sans bikini, than yeah, a cowboy can wear shorts imho.


  2. One way to determine how good a guy is to look at who is offering him a scholarship. I don’t see any powerhouse schools offering him. That makes me wonder


  3. My take on this Air Raid kinda thing…

    Baller QB’s and WR’s ultimately don’t like the program, so the second-tier QB’s and WR’s who are not highly recruited go to the programs, as they can accumulate some “gaudy” stats. When the QB and WR finally go to their pro day and/or to the Combine, they realize that the talent level is not there and they just never make it on Sundays.

    I remember how the U Hawaii guys would run up impressive stats, and then never reproduce any of the success in the NFL. Remember Colt Brennan? Same with Mike Leach and Tejas Teck and WSU. I can’t recall a single Leach QB who has turned into a success in the NFL. Only WR of any note was Crabtree, and he had very few decent years in the NFL.

    Of course O-line questions follow the same path.

    If USC can show balance in throwing 45 (to 50) times a game and running 35 (to 30) times a game and put up 550-600 yards a game and 45-55 ppg and win 12-13 games a year every year, then maybe I’ll accept the present offense. Oklahoma comes to mind as a school that modified the up-tempo Air Raid to a more balanced high scoring machine.

    If the Trojans can’t amass 150+ ypg on the ground consistently each and every week, this is all gonna go downhill prontisimo.

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    1. I can’t see why Harrell doesn’t appreciate that last paragraph of yours is what separates his offense from Oklahoma’s. The answer isn’t throw faster, throw deeper, throw more. The answer to all his problems is figure out how to supplement a 300 yard passing offense with a 150 yard rushing attack. That’s a lot easier said than done, though, with our o-line. A compromise is start using Christon and Ingraham the way the Saints used Reggie: toss them the ball two yards beyond the line of scrimmage…and let them take it from there. When the defense starts worrying about that London will stop getting doubled.


  4. hi folks, college basketball is a real mess at many colleges.all players should play 2 seasons at least! coach dambrot a ohio coach who is very shady and shaky is always in the newpapers with players leaving him left and right ! james knows this creep of a coach! a real loser wig and all? sincerely, edward


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