A First Day In Pads Stat

USC practiced in pads for the first time today. And Clay Helton has repeatedly complimented strength coach Robert Stiner since last Friday.

I mention this because at least 20 guys didn’t even practice today. Now that includes Bru McCoy (suspended) and defensive lineman Maninoa Tufono, who is out for unannounced reasons. And it includes cornerback Max Williams, who tore knee ligaments during the spring and defensive tackle Brandon Pili (Achilles).

But I’ll say it again: At least 20 guys didn’t practice.

Should we be surprised when 40 guys were out the last week of spring practice?

28 thoughts on “A First Day In Pads Stat

  1. Some things (injuries, for instance) are beyond a coach’s control. But Helton’s teams —for whatever reason — seem to suffer an inordinate number of them year in and year out. It would be interesting to see what the ‘injury differential’ is between Pete’s teams and Clay’s teams.

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    1. Can’t go down that other rabbit…uh…sorry Me, but having Folt, Bohn, Helton…and in the middle of an age of…is bad enough.

      MG-you already know the answer where Pete’s teams (let alone the Johns) are concerned, born of the opposite mentality (you want to play? compete.).

      It is part of the times to an extent (yet the teams that have continued to prosper in this brave new…something…have mostly managed to avoid the changes…guess it helps when you have pet media outlets to twist stories favorably, but I digress).

      Helton has finally completed what began (of course, there was an antecedent in Hackett) with SarKiffian (though they never would have intended it to go this far, and undoubtedly in their current gigs will demonstrate that they learned from their follies…or won’t last long) – USC now actually merits the scorn Woody Hayes once directed at west coast/California teams (not withstanding SamBam’s quadruple festival): “Hit them hard enough and they’ll bleed orange juice.”

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      1. I watch opposing coaches’ pressers the week before big games with USC and they’re always pointing some version of Woody’s remark (insult) at us. Meyer said “we don’t just run the ball and catch the ball, we fight for the ball.” It was a little preview of the numerous strips they pulled off as our receivers were going to the ground. Kyle Whittingham said, “I hear USC is complaining about injuries again. Everybody is injured by this point. We don’t even talk about it. We expect it. We’re ready to go.”
        Helton’s weakness as a man (you see it in a thousand little ways every time he opens his mouth) is setting our players up for the fall. Whether we are or not, everybody on our schedule thinks we’re a finesse team that doesn’t like (and can’t play) smash mouth football. In large part that attitude is attributable to Helton’s Happy Idiot routine (“I want to thank the Iowa cheering section for cheering their team on to victory”)……

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      2. There’s nothing that can be added to that. Perfect summation of the anti-perfection that USC football has devolved/degenerated into. And to think, Don James thought the same of J’Rob’s teams! And Harbaugh of Pete’s teams! Think of that in comparison to…this…

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      3. Chardin talked about the evolution from zero to everything. He’d probably have to call the Helton years ‘the evolution from everything to zero.”

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      4. With apologies to Black Sabbath (“Zero the Hero”) and the Fixx (“Saved By Hero”) this is much more Soundgarden (“Zero Chance”)…guess Clay would have been able to hide better in the pre-3 B.C. (zero concept origin, or so says…).

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      5. Nick Cave (who performed some pretty great love songs with the brilliant P. J. Harvey—which can be seen on YouTube) said he “reserved the right to believe in God and Zero.” I believe I’ve experienced the reality of God….but I’m not sure I experienced the reality of Zero until I heard Helton refuse to blame himself for the Holiday Bowl blowout.

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      6. And we’re unnecessarily impugning the good zero…Clay is clearly “Less Than Zero”…which unfortunately by extension means, so is USC…as long as this Hyksosian nonsense continues…

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      7. I only wish you had Clay’s telephone number, James. The stuff you’re saying reminds me of what Roberto Rossellini said about a call he was expecting from an actor with whom he had a falling out: “I didn’t want to hear what he was going to say –because I knew it would all be true —and I knew he was going to destroy me as much as it is possible to destroy someone with words.”

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      8. You are so on the money with that – I’m not familiar with that example, but think of a similar scene from near the end of Platoon when Rhah points out the realities of his prospects to 2LT Wolfe (“pardon me Sir, but…”)…and Wolfe is like”Nope, don’t care…can’t handle…”

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      9. btw,
        In every institution there is always one person who is afraid of being found out and, as a consequence, is running scared 24/7…..

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  2. I remember my daughter’s first days in pads. Bloody awful! Not another month has gone by where her pads ordeal hasn’t interrupted our activities. I’m sure Helton has the same feelings about pads. He seems to avoid them with great regularity four or five days a month is all he can endure. Helton doesn’t want to tampon the spirits of his men because he loves them like a father.

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      1. I’d expect that post from others, however since we’re on the subject- the most frugal women are truly Canadian. Why do Canadian women wear a puck instead of a Tampon? Wait for the response -A PUCK LASTS For THREE PERIODS.


  3. “Me” has taken Wolf’s blog to a new SUCC low on the back of his feckless, asinine attempt at satire. One wonders whether “We’s” mother, wife and daughter(s) would appreciate his mock, literary swill.

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      1. I should say —in defense of Me—that I usually love his stuff. I think the ‘daughter’ stuff represents a temporary (but major) lapse in “artistic judgement.”

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      2. Me too – even though I was among the original sparring partners for him on this site (MULE!!!!), I eventually became one of those who sided with him when merited and find his contributions to be the sine qua non of Wolf Time…he’s not wrong here, just couldn’t resist the opportunity, after such a prolonged absence, from pinning the tail on the dock…er…Mule!

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