Rey Maualuga Arrested

Former USC linebacker Rey Maualuga was charged with DUI, criminal mischief first degree and criminal mischief third degree in Kentucky, per TMZ.

Maualuga “drove through yards, plowed into mailboxes and ultimately hit a parked car before his arrest Wednesday, this according to police documents obtained by TMZ.

  • Elisabeth Kimmel, a former media executive from La Jolla, Calif., plans to plead guilty after prosecutors accused her of paying a corrupt college counselor $525,000 to get her children into Georgetown and USC. Her son was supposedly going to be a pole vaulter at USC. She has asked for six weeks of prison time.

24 thoughts on “Rey Maualuga Arrested

      1. Rey Maualugi, just another crazy, liquored -up, bozo family member f**k up. It’s only a matter of time before Maualugi is inducted into the bozo FB HoF.

        #Osa Messina: “I’m shocked!”
        #St. Pat: “Let’s have another double Fireball for the road.”


      1. Owns you know all to well about liquored up family members crashing into lawns you now turned it into an ambulance chasing stalking lush! Fucin pathetic! Get a life.


      2. Why shall we do that cal 75? That lush owns doesn’t want to get a dui like Rey! He won’t show up to ambulance chase to give us an update. Then again it’s owns nothing he does or says makes any sense. Like him coming here on these blogs; taking his daily dose of punishment by SC fans.


      1. Just Rent,

        You are so full of feces. BTW, I have been a Real Estate Appraiser and a Real Estate Broker for over 35 and 20 years respectively and not once have i had to deal with the OREA or DRE. So go fornicate yourself, @sshole.

        God invented lawyers for lazy assess like you who live in a two story cardboard box on Cerritos Ave, Cerritos. They help bail your ass out of jail.


  1. Was it the $8 million USC-paid mansion occupied by Carol Folt that Rey Maualuga hit?


  2. Maybe if Pete had held him accountable the time he punched someone out in a bar, he would’ve learned his lesson. Maybe not, but ya never know. (Would be nice if people pronounced his name correctly. It has five syllables and people always leave out the second.)


  3. The way I see it Rey is a private citizen and as such not regulated by USC. He’s probably got a good excuse like his cleats got caught on the gas pedal and he couldn’t stop. Or his helmet slid down over his eyes.


    1. He must of been really liquored up this time around Me. If he’s going to try and use his football gear as a defense for DUI. This after driving onto lawns, knocking down mailboxes and finally stopped when hitting a parked car. Especially after being retired for a few years. The judge is going to say nice try Rey but you don’t play football anymore! You are a private citizen now.


  4. hello trojan fans, someone gets off on another persons problems get a life!?rey did alot for usc football ! the us society is evil run by devils! hopefully rey will find happiness within himself and be content with who he is! good fortune to you Rey!!!! sincerely, Edward

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    1. But he could not take out the sucla quarterback in 2006, although he gave him a good shot, and we lost that game and a great chance at a National Championship.

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