USC Morning Buzz: The Low Bar For Success

Everyone knows keeping Kedon Slovis healthy will be the challenge this season for USC.

Even Clay Helton acknowledged it Wednesday.

“We’re a 55-to-60-percent pass team,” Helton said. “Pass protection is going to be key in that and being able to keep Kedon upright. He’s had two injuries over the past two years. As long as he’s standing upright and healthy, we’re in a good situation.”

That’s a low bar for any head coach: Keeping the QB “upright.”

It’s sort of like the standard for Helton at USC. Keep him upright on the sideline and that’s about all you are going to get out of him.

  • Wide receiver Jake Smith, who transferred from Texas, is out for the season because of a foot injury. So USC has lost Bru McCoy and Smith before the season started. The question is will USC miss them?
  • One thing if you follow training camp. Do you ever hear of a wide receiver having a “bad” camp? You usually only hear about catches made in practice. A lot of times those catches might be against inferior (or much smaller) defensive backs. Or a blown coverage. So it’s pretty easy to get compliments during camp.

The defensive backs aren’t too close to the wide receiver on this play:

23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Low Bar For Success

      1. I not sure of that…they get more guys that never play or almost never…always getting surgeries and rehab…I don’t know who or what evals them,but they are lousy at it.

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      2. Tim, is it possible that the USC medical staff keeps players off the field and out of practices longer than they have to? Stepp implied last year that he knew he was ready to play but they wouldn’t let him.


  1. “I have a 60-65% record as head coach. Fortunately, under President Folt, perception comes before reality. As long as I smile and talk about my favorite gospel readings I’m in a good situation.”

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  2. maybe i am buying into things, but i think this year SC has a chance to actually be pretty good. first, we have a real S&C coach now in stiner. he has trained at real programs and knows how to train athletes. huge difference from the recent past. two, TO and the defense are the real deal. defense going to take a step forward. will it be perfect? no, but i say they are a top 25 defense. third, clay mcguire might actually be a good development coach. but hey, anyone would be better than drevno/callaway. i seriously think the competition for starting time on the line is going to make a huge difference and the o-line is really decent. and then of course, Slovis will be at his best and he has a real interesting bunch of receivers.

    the coaches poll put SC at #14 and I think that is a good evaluation.

    but the whole Pac-12 South is going to be much stronger this year – Utah, ASU and UCLA are going to be pretty decent.

    even if Clay went 11-1, it is time to hire a new HC at the end of the year.

    if TO or GH left USC, would Clay be able to hire top coaching talent to replace them? keeping Clay is a mistake because even if the current coaching staff pulls out a great season, once anyone leaves, they cant pull in top coaches under Clay.

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    1. What The Hell does Clay Helton know about keeping a QB upright?

      Answer: Absolutely nothing which is evident by his hiring of the worst offensive line coach in the history of football, Neil Callaway.

      I hate to have to post this video again, but it goes to show how incompetent Clay Helton is, hiring this buffoon Callaway who is just as clueless as Clay. And for Helton to put up a fight to keep Callaway on, he should have been fired along with him

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      1. I’ve said it before —I hate it when tebow nails it. Helton’s comment about just needing to keep Slovis “upright” (that’s what you say about fences not quarterbacks) demonstrates his sloppy cluelessness better than any comment he’s made to date. Combine that kind of thinking with the parade of clowns he’s put in charge of the O-line and it’s easy to see why Helton’s record against Top Ten teams is so miserable.
        It’s also clear that Helton and Harrell have no plans of making imaginative use of their stable of strong running backs. Every once in a long while we’ll see Slovis handoff to Ingram….who will be forced to get as many yards as he can on his own….just like all the other backs who’ve played for Helton.
        Helton learns nothing.

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    1. He as much as said it, karma.


  3. Imagine what a Kendon Slovis life insurance policy would cost playing behind the USC offensive line this year. We do have some developmental type offensive lineman with some possible potential, but why in the world did they not go after more offensive lineman in the transfer portal.
    Seems to me our Professors of Finesse Helton and Harrell just don’t understand the importance of building an offense around the offensive line.

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    1. It’s not all on the line. It’s the play calling too. The defense knows what’s coming and can just t-off on the QB every snap. There’s no need to defend against run from betweem the tackles. Also, by not running the ball you don’t wear out a defense. Clay’s comment really does show how shallow of a thinker he really is.

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  4. I recommend Slovis change his number on his jersey to read:


    The coach at San Jose St. is telling his team knock Slovis out of the game with some good hits, and we have a good chance to win this football game.

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    1. Why shouldn’t he say that, tommyd? Helton INVITED him to say it. In fact, Helton guaranteed that any team that can knock Slovis off his feet deserves to beat us.

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  5. Slovis should request a number change on his jersey to read:


    The San Jose St is probably telling his team- ” If we put some good hits on Slovis, and knock him out of the game we have a good chance to upset the Trojans by just playing the normal game of physical football”


  6. Low bars are easy to spot unless the low bar is a bar of soap dropped in the shower. (I’ll bet you expect this to go south here)
    Has a coach ever been out with a season ending injury? I know Papa Joe was relegated to the press box towards the end of his tenure, but if we can get Helton to slip on the low bar as mentioned above, maybe he’ll get a head injury and miss the rest of the season. Although he does sorta coach like a person with a head injury now. Has he EVER learned from a mistake?

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  7. Col. Klink Helton,

    How about if you have a run game of 55-60% of the time. That way you will keep Slovis healthy. If you know that you are afraid of Slovis’ health, then you change your offense to protect him. You don’t deserve to be the bottle washer at SC let alone ugly.

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