Su’a Cravens And Jason Hart Replacement In USC News

In the USC newsletter, I name the frontrunner to replace former USC assistant coach Jason Hart.

As expected, five-star Kijani Wright of Windward and now Sierra Canyon committed to USC today.

  • Meanwhile, Su’a Cravens has joined USC in an unspecified role for pre-game and post-game shows at football games this season.

If Cravens is allowed to be as honest on these shows as he was when he played at USC, things could get pretty interesting.

Then again, if he is too honest, USC might try to censor him.

23 thoughts on “Su’a Cravens And Jason Hart Replacement In USC News

    1. Having left a USC team that was 120th in rushing yards per game in the country, and a team that averaged only 3.2 yards per carry, I thought he was diplomatic. Go to it, Markese, hope you tear up the big 10.

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  1. So even a mediocre coach like Enfield can pull in 5 star recruits because they want to come to USC, but Helton is missing out on all of them?????

    Could it be that Helton is so powerfully repulsive to recruits that they would prefer to go to Arizona? aka T-Mac possibly ending up there.

    keary colbert is the latest coach i have lost all faith in. he has been missing on the best recruits for the past couple years.

    we have a blue-print for success on the defensive side – hire young , up and coming coaches that players also think can develop them into NFL talent in every position. dont hire coaches from low level programs like Texas State and North Texas. all those recruiters we hired have failed because helton is kryptonite to recruits.


  2. Flamboyant used to be code for “GAY” but I don’t know if that’s what he was saying without being homophobic. Either way Stepp kept us in a couple of games by being gritty, we will miss him.

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  3. Good, maybe some brutal honesty from Su’a Cravens about Clay Helton and USC football will be infectious among other USC media members.

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  4. hi folks, public notice us government because of corruption at all levels,bribery big time owes in access over 18 billion +++++ to us citizen edward goscinski in compensation for all these various violations of law!

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  5. Stepp looks like he is in great shape.
    Wouldn’t that be interesting if Stepp leads the Big 10 in Rushing for Nebraska, and Carr finishes second for Indiana this year.

    USC was very foolish not using their talents even though they were hurt alot at SC.

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  6. It seems a lot of players get hurt at USC no matter what position they play or where they are ranked in recruiting. Seems like USC has the most 5🌟 busts also, that never get taped into their full potential to become NFL caliber.


  7. So Jason Hart was responsible for program changing players like
    Charles O’Bannon Jr., Jordan Usher, Victor Uyaelunmo, Kevin Porter Jr.,
    Elijah Weaver, J’Raan Brooks, and Kyle Sturdivant?

    If that’s his legacy, then he really won’t be missed.


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