Don’t Try To Make Sense Of NCAA

I’ve been critical of Reggie Bush for trying to revise history but I’ve always said the NCAA was wrong with its draconian sanctions of the USC football program.

Now we see the double-standard at work again today: The NCAA could not conclude Baylor violated rules when it failed to report/address allegations of sexual assault committed on campus. The school got four years of probation and a $5,000 fine.

It could not conclude Baylor violated NCAA rules? Just like North Carolina’s systemic academic fraud was not a violation.

But USC lost 30 scholarships over 3 years and got a 2-year bowl ban for the Bush case? Are you kidding me?

15 thoughts on “Don’t Try To Make Sense Of NCAA

    1. As much as it pains me to do, I agree with Flow here on the NCAA. Sadly.

      However, Reggie’s latest tweets and such isn’t so much “revising history” as it is just asking for his trophy back that he voluntary handed over. The “history” regarding Reggie is that he was, without a doubt, a top 5 all time player.

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      1. By the grace of God the NCAA realized that the Standards (and Punishment) they forced down USC’s throat were absurd and never applied them to anyone again… and they are deeply grateful that Pat Haden allowed them to come to this conclusion on their own rather than in a courtroom…

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    1. Makes perfect sense. Baylor and North Carolina were never threats to the SEC that the NCAA Mafia needed to Strong Arm out of the way for Mike Slive. Also, does ever one realize that Mike Slive was part of the Pac 10 Conference in 1980 when half the teams were on probation? He saw the result and that is why SEC school do not rat out each other.

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  1. Scott- You are absolutely correct with your take!!
    The NCAA is awful, corrupt and impotent.

    Now on a positive note:

    Kijani Wright to USC – 5* from Sierra Canyon!!
    Thanks Enfield!!

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  2. Is the NCAA corrupt? Definitely! But why should that surprise us. Is not the rest of the country corrupt? When you start teaching the kids that there are 50-100 genders and that white people are evil because they don’t have as much pigment under their skins as minorities, then….is not the school system corrupt? When you start promoting an organization(BLM) that states in their founding charter that their goal is the overthrow of the USA, then…..are not pro sports corrupt? The NCAA…….corrupt and just as american as apple pie and hot dogs. Bye, Bye miss american pie

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  3. Where was SC’s AD? If we had a real AD …….at any time!!! This could have been a different result. Look at the Ohio State with the entire team getting perks including tattoos. Tressel lied on TV and yet, they only got a slap on the hand. Ohio’s AD fought the NCAA and its president backed him. Not so much as a whimper from Pat Haden. It’s very true about bullies, they back off when confronted. NCAA is a bully and they backed off every team that confronted them. It’s a huge shame that SC could not defend itself.

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    1. Because Pat Haden was too busy making money on the side for his family, as well as himself. That’s why he never did anything about it. He was trying to keep that from being exposed, to the NCAA. Not too hard to figure out. Especially when he made a half ass appeal/ gesture to the NCAA rescinding the sanctions against USC. Compared to every school out there that have benefited and done worse at the time. Auburn, Alabama, North Carolina, Miami, Ohio State and Notre Dame. Baylor years later. Did I leave any one else out?

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  4. Just Rent,

    Before you start ragging on SC, I would suggest that you shut your pie hole and don’t type. We all know Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden had the players paid and Sam Gilbert had a heart attack and died on the Grand Jury steps. He was going to sing about the cheating. BTW, an ncaa offical had said that if they had gone after ugly and Johnny Cheetin’ wooden, that the team would have been on probation until the end of time.

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  5. Basically the NCAA just said it is open season on Baylor coeds.

    Wonder if would have reached a different conclusion if young males were getting buggered instead?


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