Attendance Matters In The News

The crowd is atrocious, as expected, for UCLA-Hawaii.

Perhaps with that in mind, we have this tweet from Brandon Sosna, which I address below.

Now for some context. Are USC students super-excited because of the efforts of Coach Bohn, Sosna, the social media team and Clay Helton?

The answer is you basically have a freshman and sophomore class that never set foot on campus before thanks to COVID-19 and are experiencing everything together for the first time.

So a twice-the-normal size class of first-time USC students, which explains why there are nearly double the number of student tickets sold. It’s the same reason student events on campus the first week drew larger than normal crowds. It’s a giant freshman class composed of freshmen and sophomores.

And USC will use it for promotional purposes.

Now let’s see the REGULAR season-ticket sales from Sosna.

60 thoughts on “Attendance Matters In The News

  1. Watching UCLA and that’s the smallest crowd I’ve ever seen at a P5 game. 20K? Bohner and Brennan have to be sh*tting their pants.

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      1. Tbum Einstein, once again you missed trolling the site by almost an hour with your first post. What the hell is going on? Was the library closed or did you run out of cell phone gigs?
        Come on man.
        Hey Tbone, Trump derangement syndrome lives rent free in your huge brain.


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  2. So the idiots who will be attending the game at the Coliseum next week, who is going to be checking or verifying the idiots background check, the minimum wage earning gate keepers?


    1. Pudly –maybe you should remove the photo of Biden contemplating suicide if he’s not “instructed” he’s got the power to end press conference…

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      1. LMFAO!

        That clown Trump either shit his pants or is too senile to remember how to walk


        AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


      2. Jen Psaki released this statement: “No worries, America! Interim President Joe Biden will not be allowed to ‘take the easy way out.’ In this connection (& for his own good), he will not be permitted to visit military or police installations for……well, forever probably.”

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      3. The only instructions I could make out seemed be something to the effect of, “That’s right. Keep moving, sir. Keep breathing. Very good. Just a few more steps —we’ll shut the door behind you…it will be like none of this ever happened..”

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    1. There was some substance on his throwing hand…. you know, the hand which resembles Rosen’s vagina when clenched.

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    2. The amount of your identity that’s tied up with a college football team is very adult and definitely not contributing to you being an incel.


      1. The amount of time you spend on me is comical. Keep it up, you know sooner or later I might give a sh!t.
        For a Trojan booster?, you spend way too much time defending sow and their players…

        Hahahahaha 🖕🏽💥✌🏾💥✌️💥✌🏾💥

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    1. We’ll all (including Pudly) be as happy as you are if Clay is forced [at gunpoint if necessary] to repeat the James Mason “A Star Is Born” march into the Santa Monica surf next week……

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  3. Weird how PudlyTheSexMachine69 was bragging about the attendance of a women’s volleyball match that tickets were given away to. I’m a USC fan but it should be noted that no one in their right-mind is going to go sit in the sun for 3.5 hours when it’s 95° to watch bad football during a literal pandemic.


      1. Pudly,
        It must be fun to know somebody is hanging on your every word….and imagining everyone out there is applauding his clever retorts to all you say….
        #”WhenIWalkDownTheStreetIBet PeopleAreThinking…

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      2. Always great when someone has to explain their allegiance to our school…. sorta like when they have to explain how smart they are (mud) or how racist they’re not (fuck you) or politically reasonable (tboner)… and so obvious that all believe them!

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      3. On the subject of football –I’m a little worried about how our o-line is gonna hold up against SJS’s rush. I hope the game plan is to get the ball out as quickly as possible —I don’t want Kedon exposed on plays that take too long to develop.
        It might be nice to try to beat up on them with the run in the first quarter [and if we can’t manage yards that way —well, let’s just say it won’t be a real good sign]……

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      4. ..but… there were guys in their backfield pretty fast — if we give Slovis more time than that, he’ll carve them up and Helton will probably feel ‘that’s that’…. but I hope he gives the run game a chance to develop too….

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      5. Reports from practice would indicate that there is a good possibility that we run the ball more this season… and I’ve also heard the TE might make some kind of appearance this season too.

        We shall see in about a week!

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    1. Check out the new CDC guidelines (they’re good for a laugh).
      There are NO ‘bums’ —only people with insufficient access to government funding. There are NO ‘elderly’ —only people who are at greater risk of death due to government’s failure to provide sufficient youth.

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  4. If Bohn/Sosna are seeing a bump in Freshmen and Sophomores purchasing the student pass, this might be an excellent opportunity to change the student attendance at basketball games. For decades, USC students have avoided going to the bb games due to the sports arena. Now with the Galen center, they are still avoiding the games. They key is to change the behaviors of the Freshmen towards basketball imo. With two classes being on campus for the first time, this would be the opportune time to change their behavior. Just a thought for bohn/Sosna.

    Oh, and fire Helton.

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  5. ATTENDANCE DOES MATTER AT USC- I think Bohn and Folt will be shocked how few people attend games this season. The loss of revenue will also shock USC, and both Folt, and Bohn will feel the heat.

    The fans will attend if the team is winning football games. All the internal changes Mr. Bohn made within the athletic department does not matter.

    Football is a big time money maker at USC. Yes, attendance will come back if YOU REMOVE CLAY HELTON, AND START SHOOTING AGAIN TO WIN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RATHER THAN JUST A PAC 12 SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP which is not very exciting.


    1. If Alabama had a spring crowd like this it would be end of the world, headline news. Same at Clemson. Or Ohio State.

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      1. UCLA talks big. “Oh, look everybody we wanna play LSU.” But when it comes time to back it up they start a hurricane with alien technology they’ve stolen from Area 51.

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