San Jose State Thinks USC Is “Well-Coached”

USC is a consensus 14-point favorite over San Jose State.

San Jose State QB Nick Starkel threw to 11 different targets last night in the Spartans’ 45-14 victory over Southern Utah and had 394 yards passing with four TD’s.

Of course, playing USC is a different matter for San Jose State.

“USC is that team that everybody grew up watching,” San Jose State coach Brent Brennan said. “They’ve always been incredible, they’re well-coached, they have awesome personnel. They lost one game a year ago, they lost in the conference championship. They have a first-round draft pick at quarterback, they’ve got draft picks at every position.

“So how do we get ready for that? For me, it’s day by day. We take it slow and focus on the process.”

Did Brennan say well-coached?

59 thoughts on “San Jose State Thinks USC Is “Well-Coached”

  1. Based on UCLA’s blowout of Hawaii, USC should win by much more than 14 against SJSU, but won’t. #ClayHeltonEffect

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    1. San Jose State Thinks USC Is “Well-Coached”


      I’m pretty sure the Spartans were being facetious.


  2. This will be a good test for USC defense, not just their QB, but also Spartans’ RB Tyler Nevens, an Oregon-style (5’10”, 180 lbs) explosive back who averages over 6 yards per carry in his career. Would love to see a balanced USC attack with more rushing to keep SJSU offense off the field.

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      1. Are you going with Georgia? I am. (If it happens, I’m going with UCLA too —both my picks are slight underdogs but)…..

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      2. Good point, Pudly. I was crassly thinking only about ranking possibilities down the road (and that’s not like me)—you’re considering the unbearable ignominy attached to Kelly beating Our Coach “O”…..

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      1. Can’t speak for 67 —but I’d be amazed if USC lost to SJS.

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      2. Michael, so hard to predict outcome…on paper, you would think it should be something like 38-13, but with Clay, could be more like 28-20…

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      3. Could be 50- 10 USC —but could just as easily be 31-24 USC — I don’t see SJS winning but they could make us look bad…….

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    1. San Jose St. knows how to utilize their TE’s, they’re big, physical and can catch, they’re not used as decoys the way Dumb & Dumber (Helton & Harrell vice versa) waste the position.


    2. Did you notice how long it’s been since usu played any football? And then you might take a look at their records for that year and the year previous….


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    1. A lot of the time Gaston is looking good cuz guys are arm tackling —but some of the time he’s still going after getting slammed. I guess great balance never hurts.
      I’ve gotten to the point where I couldn’t watch one of these highlight videos without pounding, repetitive music in the background —soon I may need it for games too.

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      1. The only time I ever did that was back when JuJu put together a clip with “Love is Blue” as background…

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    2. Unless Clay Dough and Opie get fired, the kid might want to look elsewhere to actually carry the ball, the only thing he’ll do under those two merde eating clowns is block.

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      1. Tebow — I learned that walk watching videos of Biden trying to climb the stairs to Air Force One…

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  3. That’s gamesmanship, pure and simple. If you want to catch your opponent napping, you lull them to sleep. I am betting USC is going to spend the week picking apart the SJS win over the weekend. But I will also bet the Trojans feel superior to their opponent.
    Fortunately Helton can counter the compliment with platitudes. “We put our pants on one leg at a time sometimes we jump in like firemen. If we want to run we first need to lace up our shoes. When there’s only one set of footprints in the sand, Jesus is carrying Me. A stitch in timeouts saves the whole nine yards.”
    Platitudes are Helton’s speciality.

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      1. Anywhere from 6-6 up to 8-4. We lost two important lineman, one physically unable to perform and one broke his hip in a car accident.

        Gonna be some major tight end plays. Garbers needs to stop scrambling. Two good backup QBs if he gets hurt. Nikko out of Mater Dei and Crawford are two good receivers and running back by committee. D is solid and two deep.

        But we have zero 5* and few 4*. We do more with less. OC is former NFL pro and DC is 10 yr NFL pro. Both know their stuff. Although Musgrave looks tired.

        Sorry I was slow to respond but I’m getting ready for the tail end of a hurricane on the/wed.

        We did beat Oregon last year.🙄

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    1. San Jose St. needs to pull the upset so there wull be no excuse to keep Helton.

      Help kick Helton’s dumbass to the curb


  4. Predictions: Georgia 28 Clemson 24 Trailing 24-21 late in the 4th Qtr JT Daniels throws a 25 yd game winning touchdown pass.

    USC 27 San Jose St. 14
    Lots of penalties and turnovers by the USC Trojans in this game but USC puts the game away late in the 4th qtr behind the passing of Slovis.

    UCLA 31 LSU 28

    UPSET : UCLA wins in a late game 4th field goal with 17 seconds in the game.

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      1. TommyD, I like your USC call, looking forward to Georgia-Clemson, though I wish it were a bit later in the season so both teams could work out the bugs, but I would be shocked if UCLA scores north of 20 against LSU’s defense. bruins haven’t seen anything like the LSU front 7 since 2019 vs. Oklahoma (when they trailed 31-3 at the half), and DTR seems to have regressed during his time under Chipper’s tutelage. And let’s not forget that Clancy now has a hand in the brubabe’s defense.

        Georgia 31-Clemson 26
        USC 34 – SJSU 17
        LSU 38 – Chip’s Donut Holes 16

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      2. Everybody’s probably in the ballpark on these (except my 50-10 –which is more wishful thinking than prediction)…

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      3. Why did I pick 50? I can’t remember ever seeing a 50 to anything game in my life…..

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  5. San Jose St. has a pretty good QB and offense not sure about their defense, but in the past few years USC has struggled in the openers with alot of penalties. The SC offense is a pass happy timing offense, and it takes time to click especially in the opening game. Perhaps, Helton and Harrell surprise us, and actually give the ball to the backs early in the season creating more balance on offense. This new coach at San Jose St. is one of the top young coaches in college football, and if they have another good season he will be on everyone’s list who is in need of a guy who can turn a struggling program around.

    Georgia and Clemson will go down to the wire. JT Daniels has some great receivers to work with it will be difficult to stop especially late in the game when I see Georgia scoring late to win the game.

    Yes, LSU has a very tough defensive line every year, but UCLA will be able to throw the ball on them quite a bit, and move the ball. If you watched the UCLA game Saturday Chip did not open up the passing game for a reason to hide some of his cards. LSU, had a good offense the year they won the national title, but in most years they aren’t explosive on offense, and if they get behind struggle with the passing game. To me UCLA will be right there as a contender in the Pac 12 South this year which is good for USC since UCLA can now beat some of the other teams in the South this year, and then it will all come down to the SC-UCLA game in November, and then the Trojans get them at home.

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    1. USC (journeyman coach & talented team…. w/a few holes) vs. San Jose State (journeymen team with talented coach).


  6. the 15th ranked team a 2 TD 12 meager points fav over a not ranked team…at home, with many 5 and 4 star players, more than all the Pac 12, and a veteran multi million dollar head coach, why that is absurd,even obtuse.

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