USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC-LSU in 2024

This will be the carrot on the stick dangled for fans for the next three years anytime they complain. Don’t like the price or location of your tickets? Well, we play LSU in 2024!

USC future schedules

At some point, the alliance will force USC to play Big Ten and ACC teams instead of Fresno State three times between now and 2028.

Bru McCoy

He has not been reinstated but he doesn’t have to worry and being charged by the district attorney. That’s a win.

George Kliavkoff

It literally doesn’t matter what he does. He is not Larry Scott, so he gets fawning media coverage.

Ed Asner

What a high school photo! No wonder it was used for the Mary Tyler Moore show.



The Bay Area

Who recruits it for USC? They need to get more out of the Bay Area considering its population.

Here are the seven players on the roster who previously attended a Bay Area school: DL De’jon Benton (Pittsburg HS), OL Andres Dewerk (Los Gatos HS), TE Grant Jones (De La Salle HS), TE Erik Krommenhoek (Monte Vista HS), TE Sean Mahoney (Archbishop Mitty HS), OL Jalen McKenzie (Clayton Valley HS) and WR Danny Ryan (St. Ignatius HS).

USC ticket spin

Who did USC think it fooled by releasing student-ticket sales but not overall ticket sales? Of course student sales are rosy when two freshmen classes are buying tickets for the first time.

Maninoa Tufono

The defensive lineman is on the USC football roster but was in Hawaii during training camp. What is his status? Paging Clay Helton.

Carol Folt

She is getting criticized again by USC employees upset over what they see as less-than-stringent COVID measures.

USC Hospitality

They were scrambling last week to have their usual places to eat open and ran out of food at at least one dining hall (Parkside) last week.

Things got so desperate these generic burgers are being promoted.

43 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. The seemingly random adds on this page cannot get any funnier. Directly below the story about the burger place is an add that reads, “Use this simple trick to empty your bowels every morning.”
    I have not read the rest of the add, but I imagine it has something to do with pulling your head out of the aforementioned region. Which brings Me to my loser of the Century:Clay Helton who is apparently constipated most of the season, so much so that he hears corn popping in his ears. Pull you head out Clay!

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      1. Wish our current prez was as smart as any one of those babies….
        […Then it would be okay for him to appear in highchair with bib dressed in a pink jumper outfit]…..

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    1. Pick which qtr. during the game vs San Jose St. that She-don Slovis gets hurt and true freshman Jaxson Dart makes his debut.

      I’ll say 2nd qtr. with 8:34 left Slovis takes a sack and hurts her elbow or shoulder again.


  2. The Biggest Loser of the Week for the 248th Consecutive Week…Donald J. Trump.

    The Trump Virus spreading like wildfire among children.

    From about 38,000 cases a week near the end of July, the week ending August 19 saw more than 180,000 cases in children.


  3. Don’t be surprised if you hear that administrators at the Dumpster Fire that USC has become are looking to find ways (covid related) to cancel the game vs San Jose St. on Saturday in hopes of saving Clueless Clay from another embarrasing home opener loss.


      1. You are so naive. The opening game with Alabama in 2016 was NOT a loss. It was just a small part of a grand plan to sneak up on the college football world in 2021…..

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  4. I’ve been watching a breakdown of schematics and GH doesn’t understand blocking. He runs plays guaranteed to get blown up. TO runs a defense that requires really smart play from players. So the defense will benefit from more training this year. Has GH learned blocking schemes?


    1. I see TO as a “river boat gambler.”
      Brings tons of pressure almost every play.
      Eventually the well-coached teams–Joklahoma, etc–learn to read the TO blitz and exploit it for huge gain.

      Luckily for us, we only have one decent offensive minded coach in the Pac 12 (Chipper), so TO may have some success vs the Pac.

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      1. One point here. I bet our guys are psyched to be playing for a riverboat gambler instead of the cranky old lady they played for before that….

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      1. Um…no. karma was saying he’s NOT into older men…


      1. Good for John Wayne [or maybe it was Robert Mitchum…or maybe it was James Caan —well, it was one of those guys) beating him up in El Dorado.

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      2. Ya’ gotta remember the Ed Asner slave ship captain character in Roots.
        Something about getting him a “belly warmer” for bedtime.

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      3. ..And he beat up his son (poor little Nicky Nolte) in Rich Man, Poor Man…

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  5. Loser of the Week: USC Media for accepting Mike Bohn’s stonewalling on ticket sales. Bohner gets a pass every time from USC Media.

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  6. Winner of the week:

    1. The Chipper and his “featuring” of trf TB Zach Charbonnet.
    No one knows the run game like the Chipper.
    DTR and Charbonnet are gonna be a challenge for any Trojan D.

    2. The Chipper–who gets an LSU team (on a neutral site–the Rose Bowl) that is dealing with mayhem in LA after Hurricane Ida. Chip can taste the upset.*

    3. Everyone on this site.
    All talk aside, now we get to see if the Trojans can do it on the field!

    Loser of the week (year, decade):
    1. The Pac 12 conference that failed to add Baylor and TCU to the Conference.
    Sounds like the Pac is gonna leverage an already dying brand.
    As smart business people are known to say, “Grow big or grow small.”
    Looks like the Pac is choosing to “grow small.” Hell, it worked for Ivy League sports.

    *Teein’ you guys up for the usual Chip Kelly donut fodder.

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    1. I don’t like the way the LSU game is shaping up either. UCLA may have beaten them without the hurricane —-but with it, LSU is coming to town at a psychological and preparation disadvantage. Orgeron should get his A. D. to postpone the game (just like Helton should have done when USC was forced to play Oregon as their third game in 11 or 12 days)…

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  7. USC’s recruiting in the Bay Area is likely connected to Stanford. They’ve manhandled USC a few times and are growing into a more appealing football destination than USC.



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    1. “Back in the day (early 80’s, fer sure)” we had at least 20+ players from the Bay Area on the team: JDR, Ricky Gray Ellison, Jeff Simmons, Tim McDonald, etc etc.

      We had SO MANY bay area players that the coaches would make special visitation and travel arrangements for our Bay area players after the Stanford or Cal game up North.
      Coach made sure that none of the special arrangements occurred until AFTER the game was won (which always happened back then).

      Most of the best Bay area FB players chose USC.
      If there are any decent FB players up North, USC needs to recapture the recruiting advantage.

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    1. Wow… only in California 😂😂😂. The whole state is West Hollywood. Fuckin faggots. No wonder pasadenatrojan and Cal75 are a couple of jock sniffers. No wonder USC is the softest team in the country. 😂😂😂


    1. In dorm food lingo, those burgers are known as:
      Breaded surprise.

      Why don’t they just bring in the In-n-Out trailer?

      Oh look, Fu is out on bail.

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      1. F. U. used to be smarter than this. WE’VE done this to him. You and me (and 3 or 4 others). “WE really are to blame.” Donovan wrote a song about it…

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      2. MG
        You better get with fu and wise the lad up. As several(and I mean many) fed agency programs have been and will accelerate social data accumulation in order to generate a social score, fu is going to have a hard time even boarding a city bus. Already being done and is going into effect rapidly. He better polish off the bike.


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      3. I will fight for F.U.’s freedom to speak, assemble, travel …and buy groceries…


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