Call Them The Lone Star State Trojans

In its history, USC has had only 40 football letterman from Texas.

This year, USC has 17 players from Texas: S Xavion Alford, TB Darwin Barlow, OL Ty Buchanan, TB Brandon Campbell, OL Casey Collier, TE Malcolm Epps, OL Courtland Ford, S Xamarion Gordon, CB Dorian Hewett, TB Keaontay Ingram, WR Chase Locke, WR Joseph Manjack IV, TE Lake McRee, WR K.D. Nixon, PK Alex Stadthaus, S Chris Thompson Jr. and WR Tahj Washington.

There were 8 Trojan lettermen from Texas in 1992 and 1993,, which was the previous high.

19 thoughts on “Call Them The Lone Star State Trojans

  1. It will be interesting to see dept chart to begin the 2021 USC Season especially at the running back position.

    No question if your from Texas there is favoritism – Barlow came from TCU, and Ingram from Texas. Kenon Christon should get playing time as a returning player, and if he moves behind both of these players he will transfer out sooner rather than later. This guy has too much talent including speed to sit on the bench again this year.

    We shall see if Helton ruins another very talented player, and forces him to transfer

    “Indiana coach Tom Allen says Stephen Carr, the former 5-star recruit who transferred from USC, will start at running back against Iowa on Saturday. Sounds like Carr made the decision very easy with a dynamic fall camp”

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      1. Thanks for the insight into your world.



    Why does USC have close to 8 Tight Ends on the Roster? Seems to me that is a waste of scholarships at a position that Harrell hardly goes to on game days. Are we starting a USC Tight Academy which serves as a training ground for the transfer portal????? Yes, USC needs to use the tight ends more in the offense, but having this many tight ends sitting on the bench shows you how poorly managed the program is at the moment.

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  3. If you can get good players from Texas, I say….go for it. What bothers me is that they keep losing 5 stars from right here in their back yard. That never happened when Pete Carroll was here.

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    1. That never would have happened if they hired Urban Meyer, but the new president put the brakes to that, had they hired Urban Meyer two years ago USC would have gotten double the five stars that they have now plus they would would have have been in the playoffs at least one of those years.

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      1. You must be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet if you think USC would actually put Trojan football decisions in tbe hands of carol folt.

        Goddamn some of you fuckers are beyond stupid!

        Carol Folt is a nothing. Yeah, the powers that be at USC are going to put 100 years of Trojan football tradition in the hands of a nobody UCSB grad



      2. And I’m convinced that Urban Meyer wanted the SC job far more than he wanted to go pro. I think Chris Petersen wanted it too until he met with Pat Haden in 2 meetings where Pat Haden spent all his time trying to convince Petersen that he wasn’t the man for the job.


    2. It never happened when USC had a coach that had a clue, kids fled when Tollner was around, Smith to some degree, same with Hackett, now you’re seeing it again

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  4. I hope these guys prove me wrong, but not impressed. How many of these guys could start at Texas A&M or even down Texas? None … that’s why they’re at USC and how many of them will start here? Only Ingram has stood out in the least. Outside of Donte Williams, USC has one of the weakest coaching and recruiting staffs in CFB. Suck on that Mike Bohn.

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  5. USC should start recruiting players from the U.K. rather than from the polynesian pipeline and Texas, the girls in the U.K. don’t get hurt on every play like the girls USC currently have on the roster…


  6. Mike Bohn said in his introductory press conference that USC would put a recruiting wall around Southern California. Pffft! Besides Donte Williams, USC can’t recruit SoCal. What every recruit and everyone with the exception of Mike Bohn seems to realize, Clay Helton is Dead Man Walking. Bohner, you’re all blow and no go. The McKay Center stinks of your farts.


  7. MR. HELTON, AND MR. BOHN where is the opening game USC depth chart. This has been a tradition at USC since the Mckay era. Are you that insecure where you feel those players that are not listed as starters in Game 1 will leave the team, and immediately enter the Transfer Portal. You have recruited about 8 Tight Ends on scholarship at the moment, and probably 2 maybe 3 will play the entire season so can you blame the kids for not transferring from a poorly managed football and athletic program. The kids, their families, and the fans need to know why in the world your trying to hide from the truth by keeping the player depth chart in football such a secret.

    I just checked the ticket availability for Saturday’s game. You both should be embarrassed about the number of tickets for sale at below market pricing in just about every section except the student seating area. You say it is because we’re playing San Jose St the real truth is the program has slipped quite a bit because never before have I seen so many seats available for a USC home game.

    Enjoy your paychecks this week! The question is did you earn them, and how long you remain on the payroll. Mr. Bohn, your assistant Brandon Sosna says student attendance is up, but that’s due to increased enrollment this fall so please get back to reality.. Your marketing department is a laugh, and the only way the demand for tickets will return is if you win some football games this year, and create a product on the field that the fans want to be a part of once again. The students have returned to campus this fall it certainly does not look like the loyal USC football fans will because we told you last year we wanted a change, and it has not happenned.

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