Su’a Cravens To Lead USC Out Of Coliseum Tunnel

Since USC already has Su’a Cravens as part of its four-hour pre-game radio show on Saturday, it is going to have Cravens lead the team out of the Coliseum tunnel.

A reminder: This game is on the Pac-12 Network. How are you going to watch it if you don’t get the channel?

Where is George Kliavkoff to solve that problem?

11 thoughts on “Su’a Cravens To Lead USC Out Of Coliseum Tunnel

  1. Su’a Cravens To Lead USC Out Of Coliseum Tunnel


    I doubt he makes it out of the tunnel without getting hurt.


    1. That girl cravens has a cup of coffee in the NFL and found out Helton’s pillow soft practices didn’t prepare him for being tough enough to be a pro waterboy, they bounced his girly polynesian ass out right to the scrap heap. He’s another damn embarrassment.


  2. No big deal –I would rather see a true Trojan like Troy Polamalu, Marcus Allen, or Anthony Davis lead the team out of the tunnel. Have you all noticed none of the former USC stars are shown at many of the games the last few years. Thank you Mike Bohn, Clay Helton, and Carol Folt for alienating our former great players who use to make quite a big difference in recruiting especially on national TV, and local Pac 12 Network games. Although I still see their loyalty to the program …it has to be come from USC also.

    Mr. Hughes who recently passed away did as much for this University as anyone. I did not see one thank you from President Folt, or Mike Bohn for his long term monetary contributions. One has to wonder why they are not honoring him and his family at halftime on Saturday, but then again the type of people running this university today are all in it for their paychecks, and not much else in terms of true loyalty to this university.

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  3. Jeeez Scott for the last time Prime Ticket is not coming back. Google “streaming PAC 12 games,” & click the results, go on buddy, you can do it. I promise your Commodore 64 won’t catch on fire

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  4. hi folks, georgia is hoping big things but aaahhh kirby with his golf visor and limited mental ability is lacking. then theres the qb jt what ever holds on to the ball way to long causes injury problems plus does move around well in the pocket !? kirby is a chocker !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, E


  5. hi folks, well looks like 40 freeport dr and 39 are hang outs for some desperados from texas wanted villegas, riveria, flores on the small side! thats delmont pa 15626!? sincerely,E


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