USC Morning Buzz: Reggie Bush Thinks Clay Helton Has To Be Better

Reggie Bush, unlike Matt Leinart, doesn’t try to pull his punches when discussing USC.

Here he discusses USC in an interview with Fansided.

He’s trying to positive but also clear USC needs to improve.

Bush: Clay Helton has to be better this year. The offensive coordinator, Graham Harrell, has to be better this year. I believe if they can build off of last year from an offensive standpoint, they’re going to throw the ball well. They have a great quarterback, great receivers. One of the things that they’re going to have to do is find a more balanced attack. Find a way to just hold onto the football a little bit longer, because what happens when you throw the football a lot you can get some easy three and outs, and your defense can be right back on the field right away. And then help the defense out with sustaining some drives.

And then the defense will have to do a better job at creating turnovers, getting more stops. Football is a chess game. It’s not always about how many points can you score because if the other team can score a lot of points as well, then you got to figure out other ways to win games. I believe they have the right pieces there. The recruiting is improving. And listen I don’t have to be the judge over Clay Helton because time will tell. Time is going to tell if they’re getting better or they’re getting worse. There’s no in-between and this game. You don’t just stay the same. You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. USC can do a better job this year. I think they will. And I can’t wait to see it. I’m excited.

49 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Reggie Bush Thinks Clay Helton Has To Be Better

    1. As a former Team Co-Captain 1969… I’ve continuously called out that twit Helton since 2016, He been an embarrassment to the legacy of USC Football.. There are many more of my teammates that feel the same!!

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      1. ” I’ve continuously called out that twit Helton since 2016″

        – trojanwb


        Yeah but, no one knows who you are, so there’s that.

        I don’t recall you being interviewed on t.v. or by any social media outlets, in other words…never heard of you.

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  1. He pulled punches, and diplomatically too. He could have said, “Helton has to get on a rail and ride backwards out of town. Football is a game of Chess but Helton is playing Old Maid. Harrell has to get better the air raid offense is for eight man football, not big boy football. The ball needs to go up the middle with conviction not bouncing backwards like a teletubbie.”
    Then when mike was turned of he said, “Gimme back my damn trophy you hypocritical bunch crooked politicians pretending to keep sports amateur.”

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      1. I thought it was practice also. But there are zebras in the photo, and they don’t have the budget for zebras during practice. I used to live in SB, and their o-line coach from a few years ago received $2000 for the season. Maybe they got a big donation for the program from Carol…as if…

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    1. Oh, fuck. I just checked. You’re right. Carol couldn’t get into UCSB (!!!) directly out of high school.
      Give us back Wanda Austin. She may not give a shit about sports but at least she’s a genuine scholar.

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      1. Of course I’m right, I don’t speak of anything but the truth.

        Always. Thought you knew.

        MG is a little slow on the uptake.


      2. I guess I’m gonna have to take another look at the moon landing…. and the laser-focused Biden administration’s planning operations…..

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      3. Hey, I liked Ms. Austin. She reminded me of an English teacher interested in her students but, didn’t brook “one whit of sh*t.”


      4. My friend tebow courageously keeps rising to the bait when “moon landings” gets mentioned…..
        —Patrick Henry Tebow

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  2. In Reggie’s last year, USC was 6th in NCAA D1 rushing at 260 yards per game, and was second in yards per carry at 6 yards per rush.

    Last year, USC was 120th out of 127 D1 teams in rushing at 97 rushing yards per game, 3.2 yards per carry. I never thought I would see a stat like that for USC. Reggie was about as diplomatic as he could be.

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    1. A lot of that (alright, ALL of it) is on Helton, Graham and Drevno — we had the running backs to make the run game work beautifully. We didn’t have the plays [or the attitude up front) to give them a chance…..not even when it was first and goal from the 4 yard line….

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    2. Crap ’67, if Reggie Douche wanted to be diplomatic he drop the “SUCC homer” whine and, stop trying to imitate F*x’s “Mickey Big Mouth,” Keyshuck Shuck-Shuck.


      1. Crap ’67, if Reggie Douche wanted to be diplomatic he drop the “SUCC homer” whine and, stop trying to imitate F*x’s “Mickey Big Mouth,” Keyshuck Shuck-Shuck”

        mud his his second “post of the year”! Grammar is is specialty punctuation his pride and joy, logic and insight his folly. What a guy!

        mud, dumb as dirt only wetter

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  3. “Buzz: Reggie Bush Thinks Clay Helton Has To Be Better”

    Can Clueless Clay possibly get any worse?

    Fuck, three USC A.D.’s have had to make or force changes to his coaching staff because he’s too fucking stupid to realize his coaching staff’s are just like him…not worth a shit.


  4. I grew up in Santa Barbara. Carol Folt, was a waitress at Moby Dick’s ( true name of the restaurant no joke) fish restaurant on the Santa Barbara pier. My father and I use to eat there alot while I was in high school, and surprisingly I kind of remember her because she is so short.

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    1. Folt has a lot in common with Rick Caruso, neither have any shame un showing what big perverts they are.

      Caruso party’s with and jerks off to teenage tik tok’ers/youtubers on his yacht and Folt, well, does this on national television…


  5. Given USC’s performance the past three years and the guys lost off of the 2020 team, what makes Reggie Bush think that Charles Clay Helton can possibly be any different in 2021? Reggie says time will tell. Time has already told us that Clay stinks. Just come out and say that and quit our wasting time.

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  6. Reading this makes me wonder what Clay “QB Coach By Trade” Helton was looking at the whole year… Slovis reveals that his mechanics were off but Clam was blaming slight breezes in the corner of the stadium were at fault. That’d be like a auto-mech telling you the reason your engine wont turn over is because your spare tire is flat.

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    1. I’m glad Kedon feels better and is ready to go. I’m glad if soft tissue damage has corrected itself over time (although I don’t know how they’d measure that). But I’ve watched him carefully from his first game through the spring scrimmage and there is NO difference in his upper body motion on ANY of his throws. He’s still letting the ball go with everything he’s got and his throwing hand still ends up in his left pocket on every throw. And that’s the way it should be. Let’s not pretend otherwise. Let’s just hope he has awareness in the pocket, doesn’t take any hits to his throwing shoulder and doesn’t experience any deadness to his arm as a result of all the long throws he’s gonna be asked to make all season (cuz that’s Harrell’s answer anytime we get behind).

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      1. Check this, it’s funny how the liberal privileged always let their true colors show…

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    1. Head space you waste on me shows how little you use for critical thinking…

      saw joshie latched on to another team so he can be fired again. So funny how he’d brag about playing against all those guys that got cut by the browns the next day..

      Another team to get even with🤪💪💋

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      1. Remember when we had occasion to use the phrase “the gift that keeps giving” every time Callaway was interviewed?

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  7. Sometimes I almost wonder whether the Pac-12 or whoever makes up the schedules wants Clay Helton to remain as HC so that SC will remain mediocre. Every year SC has a creampuff schedule. UCLA has a tough schedule this year. Utah and ASU have a fairly tough schedules. But not SC. They play mostly cupcakes. San Jose State is a really good team. But I don’t think that they have the firepower to beat SC. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if UCLA beats LSU.


  8. I’m throwing another name out there for the next USC coach. Jeff Stoutland. He won two rings as Bama’s OL coach and run game coordinator, and another with the Philly Eagles in the same position, and he was a great LB and DL coach before. He really gets both running game and passing game protection, how TEs block and catch, what the running game needs to be effective and what QBs need to be effective (he’s consistently the top or one of the top pass blocking offenses as well). He just knows the game, and he knows offense and protections, has seen everything. He may sound like Sammy “The Bull” and be no nonsense but he’s outgoing, great with players and media. That personality and that Superbowl and college championship jewelry will do wonderful recruiting by itself. Spread it around, maybe USC will think outside the box.

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