No Depth Chart And Why Clay Helton Is No Nick Saban

Once again, Clay Helton did not release a depth chart before the first game of the season.

Pretty much every school in the country releases a depth chart before Game 1. Helton hasn’t the past few seasons. No doubt he worries about offending the players.

In today’s version of why Nick Saban is not Clay Helton, here is a quote Saban gave the New York Times.

“I hear people say all the time, ‘Well, you make a lot of money.’ Yeah, but I create a lot of value.”

What value does Helton create?


36 thoughts on “No Depth Chart And Why Clay Helton Is No Nick Saban

  1. Good question what value combined due both Clay Helton, and Mike Bohn bring to USC. Are they bringing in extra dollars the answer is no. Are they costly employees the answer is absolutely yes. Combined the two of them make close to 6 million a year in salary. High paid employees are supposed to bring in new revenue for the university I see the exact opposite at USC.

    Change is good if new hires, employees or management increase revenue. If you don’t most companies make a change and recruit new personnel.

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    1. Seinfeld producer/writer Larry David clowns Trump Crime Syndicate Criminal Accomplice Alan Dershowitz…



    2. That such a used car salesmen line “I create a lot of value”! Exactly! ….What Clay Helton is a used car salesmen; just like the two permanent head coaches before him in Sarkisian and Kiffin. Can’t coach, recruit, or develop players but he creates a lot of value what a delusional fool!

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      1. LMFAO!


        AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!




      2. You cannot do a thousand “likes.” One man, one vote….

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  2. Great comments tommyd! In addition to their lack of value are two other critical issues: (1) reduction in USC status: we are living on the heroics and talents of the past Trojan greats (2) they are not ensuring the young men are being trained properly to get drafted and to be successful in their pursuit of an NFL career: look at the bad drafts under helton and look at the short careers of those who have been drafted. Yet, bohn and helton brag about SC’s stature……….one there before them and despite them. You cannot look at any aspect of their performance and see high quality talent. Bohn, mr. marketeer, is pushing videos rather than hiring a first rate head coach. He demonstrates “lipstick on a pig” each day. I was an executive for 25 years and I wasted no time to remove anyone who was bringing down the company and the team. Folt and the BOT are failures, too. They are not doing their jobs. USC, despite the helton/bohn phoney chatter is not in the same league as Ohio State or Alabama. If we played them, we’d be lucky to score a field goal. However, I remember great Coach Pete Carroll beat them and anyone else in our path. If folt really wants a championship, she should remove herself from the management of football and hire an AD who knows his business.

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    1. I believe the key phrase is, “If Folt REALLY wants a championship….”


    2. Folt will not give up the power. As a bong head from UCSB, she is way over her head and if she were to give up the power, then there would be no need of her. She does’t want to lose the $8 mil house in Santa Monica so she can secretly go smoke her bong on the beach, join her homeless crowd, and look like a meth head on the weekends.


  3. The value of the USC football program was about $500-800 million less than it could be with the right AD and HC in place in 2018.

    Texas is the most valuable program at around 1.1 billion. Based on net present value of revenue/profits. USC should be in the top 5 most valuable programs. USC is not even in the top 20 programs. Michigan State is worth more at $350 million.

    Is this acceptable?

    For an institution that claims to educate top business leaders, how can you make the business decision to keep a head coach that has diminished the net present value of the football program by at least half a billion and possibly almost one billion dollars? The buy-out cant be more than $15 million plus another $5-7 million for other staff buyouts.

    The payback time could be less than 2 years easily.

    This doesnt even factor in the lost donations.

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    1. There is more going on here than making or losing money. USC is determined to make itself over in the image of the city in which it resides —which means lots of crazy talk, a never ending parade of third rate administrators and the occasional headline-worthy scandal…..

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  4. Bohn, and Helton are master politicians like you see in most companies. They both have a gift for “gab”, and seem to focus on all the changes they have been made which have not really generated any results as of today.
    Both should be shown videos of a packed LA Coliseum before Saturday so when they come out of the tunnel for the San Jose St game the true fruits of their labor will be displayed with a near empty coliseum.

    Listen to both of them speak they have answers for everything, but have their their answers been correct if the sink is still sinking.. 2005 and Pete Carroll were a long time ago the question I want answered is how do we get the program back to that 2005 level, and it is definitely not through an expanded marketing department. Our head football coach and athletic director are two of the top paid professionals in college football yet the product they have now created are definitely not producing the results to match their monthly paychecks. Both came from lower level market programs, and both are not the right fit for USC.


    Mr. Bohn – Sell some tickets, and win some games you job is that simple. Sorry to say an empty Coliseum means the fans are not buying your BS, and a very good sign you are failing at your job.

    Clay- You need to make the Playoffs this year or you are gone. We have given you plenty of time, and heard every excuse in the book! it’s either win now, or pack your family and head back to rural life.

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    1. The latest example of management failure is recruiting. USC whiffed on nearly all of the highly rated recruits they brought to campus.

      Hire a whole lot of new recruiters and wind up at #30 in the recruiting rankings. And to make it worse, the two 5 star athletes that are in the class are being heavily recruited by SEC teams that have a chance to flip them. If that happens, any recruiting progress is immediately reversed.

      Recruits are waiting to see how USC plays this year. That means there is a ton of distrust of the coaching staff.

      Penn State went 4-5 last season and has the top ranked class right now. Michigan went 2-4 and has the number 15 ranked class. USC went 5-0 in regular season and 5-1 in total and cant seem to close on recruits.

      It is 100% distrust that USC coaching will develop players for the NFL.

      Check out this analysis of player development I found online. Wonder why the kids wont sign up at SC?

      View at


  5. “JUST WIN BABY” It’s that simple with the type of salaries Bohn, and Helton are getting paid. The real problem we have at USC right now is both these characters think “WE ARE WILLING ALREADY”, and then laughing at everything else on the way to the bank.

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    1. Well, in a way he IS more: He’s a huckster too.


  6. “WE ARE WINNING ALREADY” is the war cry from Bohn and Helton- I think if both Helton and Bohn take a walk thru Heritage Hall reality hits.

    Bohn believes the new trophies will come after the entire athletic marketing department is expanded and improved. Helton, thinks the Las Vegas Bowl, Pac 12 Runner up trophies, and a win on Saturday vs. San Jose St. will provide just enough job security through 2025.

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  7. Clay Helton’s value to USC is that he does not produce any negative stories for the school.

    After the perv med school doc, Varsity Blues and other national scandals, Helton makes it look like he is a good thing.



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    1. So all the domestic violence, burglary, robbery attempts and jumping off balconies after committing battery, done by players who played under Helton…aren’t negative stories?


      1. Ex-USC football player Jack Jones arrested, charged with breaking into Panda Express at 3 a.m.

        L.A. Times headline ^^^^^

        Can you see those three capital letters…USC?

        Doesn’t paint a positive picture for or of the University of Southern California

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      2. They are negative stories.

        But now, they never, ever return to the field under Helton. In prior years, they may have come back. But not anymore. And under USC that is a positive story to spin.

        I don’t agree with USC’s strict zero tolerance policy but it is what it is in 2021.


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  8. It is really simple. People fear, in a good way, and respect Saban. Can anyone make the claim about Helton?
    Saban honed his craft and created the atmosphere where men who would be head coaches follow and work for him.
    There have been reports that those who work for Helton are really working for themselves. The hope their presence at the school will translate into something better in spite of Helton.
    I remember when Tommy Lasorda was announced as skipper of the Dodgers. My mom was ecstatic because Tommy had earned the position. When Helton was handed the Trojans, I thought it was a good choice given the circumstances. Little did I know he had schmoozed his way into the job after being a placeholder for two offensive minded coaches. We all knew Helton was in over his head by the third week of his first season. That his contact was extended is testament only to the laziness of Lynn Swann and the blind faith that it would work out. The atmosphere around Helton will never rise to the atmosphere of Saban.

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  9. There have been thousands of articles demeaning Coach Helton since Darnold won the Rose Bowl and gifted SC with a No. 3 ranking. But one wonders what Helton makes of all this criticism. He has got to know what fans think of him. My guess is that he doesn’t much like being kicked around, but he likes the $5-million per year just fine, thank you ma’am.

    Most of these college coaches have made enough money to last several lifetimes. But practically all of them were/are after something more elusive, leaving behind a legacy. McKay, Robinson and Carroll made their bones at SC, but they also wanted to make their mark at the NFL-level. And Helton?– well, what you see is what you get.

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