USC-San Jose State Is Easy Ticket

If you suddenly decide to go to the USC-San Jose State, it’s not hard to get a decent ticket.

StubHub has tickets is sections 112 for $34. Or Section 115 for $345. Or Section 200 for $35. Or Section 119 for $45.

And ticket prices usually go down the day before and day of the game. So these prices are a bad sign for sellers.

Are any of us surprised? Of course not.


21 thoughts on “USC-San Jose State Is Easy Ticket

  1. Who in the world would pay to watch a Clay Helton coached team? It’s the same story every year. They might win on Saturday but I guarantee it won’t be impressive. I am willing to bet it is still a game in the 3rd quarter. 😂. USC sucks!


      1. you live it, you dream it, you fuck it, all things “USC”….. don’t stop the compliments!

        FIGHT ON!!!!

        – Gabby a.k.a. pudly

        This ^^^^^ is your brain on drugs


  2. Anything better than the following baseline performance would be an improvement

    * First Qtr: 2 interceptions due to better scouting by opponents; maybe 1 field goal.
    * Second Qtr: Opponents up by 10 to 14 pts.
    * Third Qtr: SC catches up but does not surpass opponent
    * Fourth Qtr: Drake London pulls game out of his hat after Kenan Christon is not called on during game

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  3. It’s a good deal are there any tailgating tickets left? Or should I eat at the burger joint that took over for the habit on campus. To make a bad deal worse the band will be at Cromwell field for the warm up and fans must sit in the stands


  4. $345 for San Jose State? And behind an endzone?

    I don’t even know if I would pay $300+ for one of the bigger games like UCLA or Notre Dame. For sure not with Helton as HC.


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      1. Helton would probably get outcoached by any bobblehead, not just the plastic one of him.


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      2. SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 AT 3:31 AM

        someone said the price includes a personally autographed Helton bobblehead.

        – Gabby a.k.a. pudly


        You’re included in the price? You’re always bobbing on Helton’s head.

        Crotch Kick!



  5. So you want to see Slovis throw a desperation pass in the fourth qtr with 2 seconds left for a td just to tie the game? I am hoping San Jose St. beats SC so Bohn can fire Helton on the tarmac when they fly out


  6. hi trojan fans, well this clown gatson,hes addition by subtraction hes a turkey !? Gee viewed green bay last night was that a midget i saw brown that is one of the reasons helton is out a 5 star over rated player what a stiff he is??????????? sincerely, Edward


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