Gary Bryant Appears Out For San Jose State

Wide receiver Gary Bryant is in COVID-19 health and safety protocols and likely to miss the San Jose State game, according to Clay Helton.

He had a hamstring injury previously in training camp that sidelined him.

Meanwhile, the Colts released former USC wide receiver Tyler Vaughns.

21 thoughts on “Gary Bryant Appears Out For San Jose State

    1. owns, what gives? No more Mapplethorpe knock-off photos? I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that your presence here gives “Inside USC” that classy je ne sais quoi…


      1. ’67, you obviously haven’t attended a Mapplethorpe exhibition or leafed though a Mapplethorpe monograph.

        As far as I know, Dear Pisley’s recent head up his kazoo selfie I was happy to share doesn’t quite qualify as art but, it does count as undeniable evidence.

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  1. BREAKING!!!

    Head Coach Clay Helton discovered that Toa Lobendahn had one game of eligibility left and installed him in the San Jose State game as starting center after every O linemen was disqualified for winking at their girlfriends.


  2. Gary Bryant Appears Out For San Jose State


    In actuality, she got rug burns on her knees


  3. I’ll go as far as to say that next week that girl Gary Bryant will be out because she shoved her tampon up the wrong hole and now her hemorrhoids are enflamed.



  4. From College Football News…

    What’s Going To Happen

    USC might have had to replace a few starters on the defense, but the team is loaded with super seniors to at least bring the mature depth to handle a veteran squad like San Jose State.

    The key will be handling what the Spartans are going to bring with the pass rush. Let’s just say they didn’t show their cards against Southern Utah, and now the heat is about to come from the outside.

    USC will win, but they’ll have to keep trying and push a bit after getting out to a hot early start.

    – CFN 2021 Preview of all 130 teams

    USC vs San Jose State Prediction, Line

    USC 38, San Jose State 23


    My prediction

    USC 29

    SJS 27


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