USC Morning Buzz: An Example Of Fans’ Mindset

So on Tuesday, I met a member of the 1967 USC team for the first time. A guy who sometimes gets mentioned in stories on that team.

And the first thing the former player tells me is, “I got rid of my season tickets.”

He didn’t say, “I’m excited about the season.”

Or “How many games will USC win?”

Or “I want to see Korey Foreman play.”

Nope, the first comment was he dumped his ticket. And this is a guy who played in the perhaps the greatest game in USC history. That is the current attitude. He doesn’t plan on going to any home games unless there is some type of change regarding the program.

He’s not an angry type who posts anything on the internet. Just a former player who has had tickets for years and goes to the games. But even he said he had enough.

And you know if he walked into Heritage Hall, I doubt anyone who has been hired there in the past two years would recognize his name. Trojan Tradition!

50 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: An Example Of Fans’ Mindset

  1. 1967 USC-UCLA, game of the century, 21-20, #1 vs. #2. City bragging rights, since many of the players were from the LA area. Two Heisman winners. McKay vs. Prothro. Home game for both teams. Those were the days.

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    1. The 24-7 victory over Notre Dame at South Bend wasn’t bad either. It was the year after the 51 to zip beat down at the coli —it’s called payback. I ran into Craig Fertig the Wednesday after that game and he was beaming: “We beat the hell outta ’em!”

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      1. Trump wants to bang his own daughter, Ivanka.

        There’s your hero, Donald J Trump…incestuous pervert.


      1. That girl Foreman will probably skin her knee in the 1st. Qtr. and be sidelined for the rest of tbe game.



    1. My bad, I meant that other girl Courtland Ford.

      That girl is going to get beat like he stole something.


      BOOK IT!



      1. Don’t deflect bonehead
        We’re talking about you. It’s an SC site and you get paid by huffpo to show your ignorance. Your ignorance is on full display.


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  2. Top 5 Games (Modern Era)

    5. USC vs. Alabama 1978
    4. USC vs. Ohio State 1980 Rose Bowl
    3. USC vs. ND 2005
    2. USC vs. UCLA 1967
    1. USC vs. ND 1974

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    1. The 80 RB was close only because Robo didn’t take advantage of his superior OL and backfield, he tried to get cute and pass until the end.

      67 game is #1
      75 Rose Bowl is in top 5

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    2. 1980 Rose Bowl when they ran the ball behind Munoz for 8 straight times and Charlie White was carrying the ball and Ohio St. coud not stop them. They ran the sam play over and over and over and over and over. And over. They did not change a thing. That is the greatest drive.

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  3. Times change now the poor get fat: Elton John
    Honestly I cannot sell the games to the family they don’t want to go through the hassle of coming out from Rialto, going through security to sit with vomiting drunks, and standing up every time someone wants to pee just see Helton screw the pooch.


    1. Rose Bowl holds around 93,000…reported attendance was 32,000…aerial photos didn’t look to me at all that stadium was 1/3 full. More like 20 percent full.

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      1. UCLA is running into trouble trying to give tickets away in the Mission District. Fights are breaking out. Would be homeless recipients feel they are being disrespected.

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      2. So the crowd might be slightly larger due to faithful Trojans coming out to see two LSU coaches Jolly John Robinson might be there and Big Ed O will definitely be there. (For the record Jolly John at 86 could outcoach Helton and beat him like a bass drum at a John Bonham concert)
        And there’s a chance LSU will treat Ucla the way Ucla treated Hawaii- I know plenty of Trojans who would pay to see that… But looking up the time of the game, I noticed they didn’t even bother to post the venue, just “watch of FOX”

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      3. Dear Me –I guess I’m outta luck if the UCLA game is on Fox …

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  4. All you Biden Bums I have a question: Are Joe Biden and Walter, (Jeff Dunham’s puppet) The same person? I have never seen them together and they look alike I think they are.

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    1. Name two people who think Biden will survive his first term.
      Already has pulled enough garbage to require articles of impeachment be drawn up.

      #HeyDocAhhhMy…thing… It’s Orange

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      1. Urologist: “Calm down. This doesn’t require any cutting. Just some soap”……


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