A New Wrinkle For Tailgating

USC said it will reduce campus tailgating density for Saturday to about 25 percent of a typical game day by limiting activities to those who have been permitted through its tailgating reservation system.

You will still need to go through COVID-19 check procedures to be allowed on campus.

I wonder if even 25 percent of the normal on-campus tailgaters even want to show up?

  • Meanwhile, Isaiah Pola-Mao did not practice today but is still expected to play vs. Stanford.

31 thoughts on “A New Wrinkle For Tailgating

    1. Now now boys, there are no reasons to get upset about the limited tailgating. We offer all the tailgating food favorites like hot dogs different variety as well as nachos that comes with a prize! Forget about tailgating and enjoy what the coliseum concession stands have to offer at an affordable price to boot! We also offer beer at a great price too!


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  1. Urgent Request:
    Please could someone again post the video of the little fat guy hockey coach telling his team off in the locker room? You know the one where it looks like his wife told him “the team thinks you’re a big joke—go in and say ‘fuck’ a lot at halftime”……and he yells in a girly voice “you’re fucking fuck babies –we fucking only have to score one fucking more time –stop being fucking crybabies and stop fucking feeling sorry for your fucking selves”….. [It’s even beats Helton crying at halftime — it’s THAT good]….

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  2. Newsom is gonna cuck Larry Elder and the right wing nutjobs so hard on Tuesday. Heard he’s going to recorded and send you all a copy.


      1. Yes. Exactly. But that looks like what the majority of California voters want….


  3. USC should have a Memorial Game for Sam “Bam” Cunningham this season not just a halftime presentation. All his former teammates from the 70’s should receive sideline passes for this Memorial We need to honor this man, and I still say put a statute of No. 39 right out in front of the Mckay Center. I challenge you Carol Folt, and Mike Bohn to do something special for this great man. Sam Cunningham did more for USC than the Wild Bunch.

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  4. Mike Bohn groveling to USC Alumni. This game means absolutely nothing. Stanford loses to Big8 and USC struggles mostly against Santa Clara. Stay home and re-arrange your closets and let Bohner preside over the Clay Helton dumpster fire.


  5. USC needs a black quarterback! These white boy surfer qb’s are out of style. Shedon had nothing but space and opportunity and was scared to run. Unless y’all get Archie Manning y’all need a truly athletic dual threat! Oh yeah, he’s playing for Alabama 😂😂😂😂


    1. How do I choose to post as TebowObama or one of my other screen names like Fuck You? I have plenty of time on my hands because I don’t work and just sit on my ass and eat all day. I accuse others of being racists but routinely voice race-based opinions towards Polynesian and Caucasian athletes. I’m a gigantic, useless turd

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      1. Of course it’s also possible that he/she is a student in a California high school —unexposed to history, literature, art, science, etc. etc…..

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      2. I’m still laughing about how tbone’s son-in-law got knocked out when he got cold cocked while rousting that drunk… bet his daughter is so proud she married a guy so much like her daddy.
        Must be a great place to be during the holidays, sitting around that dinner table.


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  6. hi football fans, well helton and staff is up and down coaching. verus stanford a clown runs 80 yards for a td with out any resistance! defense was not ready to play? again this is heltons problem inconsistent? sincerely, Edward ps pass rush ?????????????


  7. hi folks, recall ted tollner his glasses would fog up on the sideline while playing pocket pool with himself!? now while watching him coach i would say to myself ? there has to be better coaches than that jokester????????? sincerely, Edward ps a true idiot to behold!!!!!!!


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