More On Sam Cunningham

I said I had a problem with how Sam Cunningham’s passing was treated and I wrote about it here.

12 thoughts on “More On Sam Cunningham

  1. As I said on a earlier post, I was given Clay Helton his daily reach-around, so I thought Tim Tessalone would handle any press releases regarding Sam Cunningham.


  2. I got to meet Sam who was a speaker at WLA Trojan Club about 20 years ago. He lived I believe in Lemert Park or West Adams he brought his daughter who went to Dorsey HS with him. Just a tell it like it is, down to earth guy. We all know what he did in FB but he was so much more than that and he down played the Ala./SC game.

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    1. When Sam Cunningham was a freshman, USC’s starting quarterback, Jimmy Jones, was African-American, and led the team to a 10-0-1 season including a Rose Bowl victory…

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      1. Exactly! They were never gonna do back to back black QB’s. BTW when is the last time USC had a black starter? Rodney Peete?


      2. Ah, so you shape-shift your argument…very convenient…but nonetheless irrational and inaccurate…if you were truly a USC fan you would know there was another African-American starting quarterback shortly after Rodney Peete…the absence of an African-American quarterback during the past decade has been a function of the coaching hires and a failure to adapt to changes in playing styles (eg Alabama, Clemson, but more telling, as occurred at Oregon starting with Dennis Dixon).


  3. As I said earlier Sam was a great football player one of the best. Had all the talent speed, power, moves, and was a great blocker very similar to Marcus Allen he could play most positions on the football field and do well.

    Bohn, Folt, and Company you should retire his No. 39 jersey, or put a bronze statute right in front of the Mckay center just like the Wild Bunch. He is a great Trojan legend and should be remembered by either and every Trojan for years to come.


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