USC Morning Buzz: Cranky Fans Edition

I’ll have a newsletter post later on how disappointing the death of USC legend Sam “Bam” Cunningham was handled yesterday.

This segment of “Trojans Live” had an interesting start because it begins with the premise, “what is real, is of course, cranky USC fans out there.” It almost seems a way of diminishing any fan criticism before it gets started. And there wasn’t much criticism in the segment, which you can watch below.

Meanwhile, it looks like the stigma of Varsity Blues is over as former USC student Olivia Jade (daughter of Lori Loughlin) will be on Dancing with the Stars.

46 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Cranky Fans Edition

    1. Boys, why are you talking about a former student in Olivia Jade? When the best two private universities in the west are going to play each other in a football match? Coach Helton assured me that we are going to win this game like we beat that state school from the same area. I want to reaffirm my trust in Clay and Mike to keep our football team undefeated! Stop obsessing with a young girl and concentrate on the mighty football men of troy!


      1. Right, it’s below USC’s standards to obsess over just “one girl”…

        USC to pay $1bn over abuse claims against gynaecologist George Tyndall. The University of Southern California (USC) has agreed to pay more than $1bn (£730m) to patients treated by a former campus gynaecologist accused of sexual abuse. It is the biggest sex abuse-linked pay-out in higher education history.Mar 25, 2021


  1. I didn’t get the news about Sam Cunningham until after I gave Clay Helton his daily “reach around” treat. But I thought Tim Tessalone handled the situation appropriately.


    1. The crankiest Trojan I’ve ever seen —by far—- was that guy the Pac 12 Network interviewed at halftime of the SJS game.

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  2. Suffering from Cranky-Panky.

    Go watch UCLA game vs. LSU. Chip Kelly and Justin Frye have a bunch of 3 * OL playing like clockwork. UCLA has only one 4* OL on roster.

    Then watch SC vs. SJSU game tape. SC OL improved but not as good as UCLA and SC does not have UCLA’s running backs (Charbonnet, Britain Brown).

    Also UCLA has much better schemes and diversions than SC’s simple-simon system that signals what it is doing and where it is going.

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    1. I agree with play calling, we are predictable. But LSU defense is terrible. It was last year and is this year. Before we get all crazy about the little gutties, let’s have them do something of note first.

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    2. Good call. Watched Lane’s Mississippi team perform brilliantly and got the feeling we would have been better off just sticking with Lane & sparing ourselves the Sark and Helton experiments….

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      1. Lane Kiffin needed a babysitter, that was J.K. McKay’s job…

        J.K. McKay says he is not George Orwell, this is not 1984, and he is not Big Brother watching over Lane Kiffin.

        “That’s not how I see it,” McKay says, “and not how Lane sees it, either.”

        “Yes, Lane has been something of a lightning rod,” McKay says. “My job is to keep him off ‘SportsCenter.’ We’ll look up at the TV screen at that little scrawl across the bottom and I’ll say, ‘See, you’re not there. Way to go.'”

        It was barely a month ago that McKay picked up the phone in his Century City law office. On the other end was his lifelong friend, Pat Haden.



      2. Lane…or maybe even Sark off the sauce…you would have thought that the third coach hired after Pete would have been the best, but sadly, Clay is the worst by a mile.

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    3. UCLA is going to curbstomp USC.

      UCLA 47

      USC 17

      UCLA will only get better as the season progresses and USC will remain as predictable as ever.

      Ugly…yeah it’s going to get ugly alright.


    4. Chip has been out to make himself the best West Coast offense coordinator after his brilliant Zone Read, Triple Option, Hurry-up offensive ran into NFL players who aren’t up to be ran into that type of extreme conditioning. Chip brought in a list of the best West Coast / BYU offensive coordinators (not named Norm Chow), including Dana Bible (who had some health issues but was healthy enough), as coaches and consultants. And Chip is pretty adept as a run game coordinator. He hasn’t gotten the passing game he’s going for but it’s coming– he’s a very smart guy. I just can’t believe UCLA has paid him so much money not for the offense that he knew and could have been quickly successful with, but to watch Chip make a point that he’s not a one trick pony. Good for him, he deserves it. Look at us, with a coach that abhors the idea of learning any GD thing.

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      1. The lamentable fact is —Clay feels like he’s progressed a lot.. he’s gone from Tee to Harrell….

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      2. We got incredibly lucky when Orlando was fired by Texas and their loser HC and we picked him up on the rebound. Now Clay will use the solid defense as a way to offset his horrible decision to hire Graham Harrell, who is pretty much an amateur at coaching.

        Slovis is regressing under Harrell’s offense. If Slovis doesnt get better I am betting he is benched and Dart steps in. Harrell/Helton have only one chance this year, so they will burn Kedon’s career if they need to do it to save their own butts.

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    1. Your sisters gave up on the idea of marriage and are now hoping to find some sucker who will take them in, huh?



  3. What everybody forgets is why Trojan fans are cranky. When you are paying north of $60 for an afternoon of entertainment you expect to be entertained. If you go to a musical you expect the choreography to be spot on. You expect the actors to hit their marks and say their lines. You don’t expect a ragged performance only to have the choreographer say, “well at least we finished the play.”
    Traditionally USC would have pummeled SJSU and wiped their feet on the way out. Fans are getting tired of paying $20.00 for a bowl of chips and cheese and want a Bowl of Roses or better. Fans want to watch a fight where their favorite doesn’t misses three out of every four punches. Fans should remain cranky until the choreographer gets the chorus on their marks. Unfortunately our choreographer has a disco ball for brains and clay for feet. We haven’t fought like warriors we’ve minced like pansies.

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    1. Agree…but let’s wait & see how we do against Stanford. I admit there’s plenty of evidence already that past is gonna be prelude with this team. But I’m reserving the right to be surprised ….until Saturday. If we look the way we did against Oregon or SJS, it’s time for Bohn to act….and save Trojan football……

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      1. Oh now you wanna wait to see how they look!? Not what you said on Monday when you were licking Heltons balls! You are a fence straddling pussy!


  4. Harrell reminds of my past professors, use the same material over the following year. Make no changes whatsoever as they would require effort. Cash check. Repeat.

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    1. Harrell isn’t growing…. his players aren’t growing….it’s not surprising that the offense isn’t developing….

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      1. I know you don’t miss practice sucking Clay Heltons dick! You stupid little bitch ass fanboy. You are king of Helton humpers. Truth be told you like being mediocre and that’s why you support this trash!


    1. What’s not fun to watch is that garbage program you come from! Cal has been trash since Marshawn and Aaron. You stupid USC cocksucking faggot! Crawl under a rock and die


  5. U can watch film from the last 5 years and each game looks the same. QB is running for his life and gets sacked. Red zone offnese doesn’t score a td, qb throws off back foot, throws to the same receiver, no consistent run game. I am sick of this crap. Next week Slovis will throw off the back foot, get sacked and only throw to Drake, no consistent run game. Repeat for the entire season. Sucks, especially with Cunningham passing away and seeing a great player and what he represents and compare it to SC football of today. Not good.

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    1. P.T. — I hope I’m not being overly optimistic when I say it’s possible USC was holding back some cards in the SJS game…..


      1. Michael,

        From the 5 years that we have seen, you saw the entire gambit of SC’s offense last Saturday. There will be no suprises or new effects. Harrel and Helton are so entrenched with this offense that they can’t think of anything different or inventive.


  6. Don’t be surprised if Kenan- transfers. The guy is too talented to sit on the bench. We need speed in this offense, and he can or could have provided that if it is not too late.


  7. You would have thought that the third coach hired after Pete would have been the best, but sadly, Clay is the worst by a mile relative to Kiffin (who has grown up a bit) or Sark (when he is off the sauce).

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