USC Social Media Strikes Again

Did you see how USC released its basketball schedule today?

This is how it referred to the USC-UCLA games:

When you consider UCLA is considered a top 3 team entering the season, is this the best way of dealing with them?

Where is the professionalism of the social media dept.? Does Mike Bohn approve of this? Another own goal for USC social media.

22 thoughts on “USC Social Media Strikes Again

    1. the other LA school lost to the same team Trojans lost to in the last march madness. We tired Gonzaga out before they played the other LA team. So far as I am concerned we are the best basketball college in LA. Also other LA football team only beat Stanford after we tired them out at the coliseum. So we are better than the other LA team. We will again tire out Colorado for them. Even when we lose and they beat Colorado, all logic says Trojans are better than the other LA school!



      1. I can’t believe it. That’s exactly what the Gonzaga and Stanford players said in a joint press conference this morning!
        The Grand Plan now is to let UCLA score so many points in the first quarter on November 20th that they are too tired to finish the game (you know, kinda like last year).



    Is that petulance derived from jealousy, a feeling of inferiority…or both?

    USC has to be above that kind of crap.

    Just name the opponent on schedule and stop with the B.S.

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  2. SC and ucla will both have good teams this year,oregon too. I going to say it was a tongue in cheek sarcasm, which I usually enjoy,dry sense of humor type. I think those 3 will pretty much dominate,but Arizona could be in waiting,not sure about Ore St…they seem to be surprising lately in major sports. I probably would have voted not to give those uclans any ammo to fire them up.

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  3. Coach Cronin got a contract extension, Andyain’twinning didn’t, ’nuff said.

    I dislike pre-season BB polls but, I haven’t seen bozo BB listed in any top 25, P/S polls.

    The Chuck E. Buggs, Goodnight bozo Xfer of the Year prediction:

    Booger and his Daddy.


  4. Our punctuation and grammatically challenged Blogger shouldn’t be so quick to call out a post that simply substitutes another name.



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    1. Memo to: marvienna

      Pedantic: adjective

      1) ostentatious in one’s learning.
      2) overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching.
      3) usually posted by an annoying SUCC half-wit.


  5. I have an employee who lives in Ohio and is a big Ohio State fan. Many OSU printed schedules refuse to use the word Michigan and instead use the acronym TTUN (that team up north). Lighten up Francis!!


  6. Anyone else listen to Graham Harrell’s comments to the media about what happened against Oregon State? He keeps talking about the failure to execute, but hasnt once admitted that his offensive scheme could have anything to do with it. What a jerk!

    FIRE GRAHAM HARRELL immediately, please! It would show the players that there is real accountability in the program. Donte and Jinks could easily identify a few improvements each week, some new plays that would stretch opposing offenses. Not saying it would make USC a winner, but it would send the right message to the team. I personally think that most of the offense would celebrate, or at least nod their head in agreement.

    TO might have a screwed up defense, but at least you can tell the guy is willing to try to change things. GH needs to go. He is the core of the rot.

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    1. I finally understand Harrell: It’s not that he doesn’t know how to fix his broken offense — he doesn’t know it’s broken.


  7. Scooter,

    I agree with you about SC saying the other team in L.A. SC should be above that. I listen to the ugly ruins station after their usual loss, and they refer to USC as the other team in L.A. Disrepectful. But on the ohter hand, why have respect for the greatest cheating program of all time and that is U Clowns Lose Again.


  8. When you consider the use of “considered,” consideration should be given to a synonym to avoid consideration as to whether you use “consider” too often.


  9. Off Topic Football
    Reportedly SC is shifting Maximus Gibbs to interior DL. Why wasn’t this done way back in spring?
    But why doesn’t SC ask Liam Jimmons, an original DL, if he would again play that position to help the team? Jimmons is 6’5″ 320 lbs.
    Or Andres Dewerk 6’7″ 310
    Or Cadyn Stephen 6’5″ 305
    Or Jason Rodriguez 6’6″ 310
    Or even Jacob Lichtenstein 6’6″ 270

    My guess is some of the above players might be interested to get some playing time instead of bench warming.


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