USC Surveys Fans On Game Day Experience

USC is surveying fans about their Game Day experience.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the DJ and smaller role for the band. Some object to the band being stuck in the Sun Deck when they could easily move back next to the student section.

Some people are not happy the Coliseum is now cashless. Others don’t like the tailgating situation, especially on campus. Maybe you are still mad that your seats got moved during the renovation. There’s been a lot of inconsistency over when the band is allowed to play Tribute to Troy.

The worst part, of course, is the on-field experience, watching USC get routed by Stanford and Oregon State.

36 thoughts on “USC Surveys Fans On Game Day Experience

  1. The powers that be Folt, Bohn Bots, and employees deserve all of this back lash for ruining everything great about USC. With their woke progressive crap. All of them have failed the University and brought it down to mediocrity with their pompous arrogance and incompetence!

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    1. To all of you fair weather fans who will leave a negative comment. Word of caution to you we have ways of finding out whether you have been to a game or not! If you leave a negative comment and have not attended a game this year we will use all of our powers to litigate a defamation suit against you! Do not test the progressive powers of our administration.


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      1. Sorry Ted, defamation is tough to prove based on one’s opinion printed on a media site. If it wasn’t, many who post here would be filing ch. 11, and Bohn and Folt would be even richer than they are.

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      2. Sorry Ted, I haven’t been to the Coliseum this season. I am not a fair weather fan. Late games are hard to attend because of the late ending. I don’t to walk out at 11:pm and find that I can’t find my car without using lojack. The last train out to my end of the line leaves during the 4th quarter and with everyone leaving because they are disgusted with the way the people wearing Cardinal and Gold are pretending to be Trojans, I have a hard time getting to the station. Finally my most recent experience at the stadium was not so fine (not because there was no DJ -they don’t belong at college games-high school maybe but not at a college game with a world class band) but getting in, was a nightmare.
        The clear bag wasn’t the right size so we had to trade it for a trash bag. Then we had to throw away our sun screen and watched the people seated in front of us applying the same product. The gate guards also rejected unopened bottled sodas, which were for sale inside for only $9.00. Our new seats were a bargain at $60.00 each, maybe for $75 they come with bolts to hold the seat in place.
        As for fair weather fans, when the university is paying millions to put entertainment in the building, and not getting a good return, they should be ashamed of what they are doing. Don’t blame the fans for not wasting time and money on an imitation of the real thing.

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      3. They said they wanted to “hear it all”, Ted.


    2. trojanboogs, I agree with you. Just think where we’d be had feckless folt had not interfered with the hiring of Urban Meyer two years ago. She preached integrity and then kept a coach in place that ruined the lives of the student athletes by failing to prepare them for competition. Look at the low NFL drafts under helton. She, bohn and helton should be sued for destroying the dreams of so many young athletes by not providing them with the proper training and development while instilling instead a lack of competition and weakness. Does she call that integrity???? BTW, I still have difficulty understanding why Urban was vilified by her because he didn’t stop doing his job to be a marriage counselor. The complaining wife of his associate coach could have called the police, could have left the house while he was gone, seen a counselor, seen a lawyer. However, she didn’t want to give up her gravy train and her celebrity status as a coach’s wife. So, it became Urban’s fault??? He was supposed to reprimand her husband and fix her marriage. Now I look at poor Slovis. The combination of that fool harrell and his idiotic air raid and helton’s lack of development have clearly weakened his confidence and endangered his future. It is a travesty.

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      1. Carra –All the Urban haters want is for coaches to rat out their own staffs rather then counsel them…and then go back to work supervising the people they ratted out. Yeah. That will work fine…
        [..And who would they be ratting out their coaches to? The losers that run the domestic violence centers? The folks with the sweetheart deals with domestic violence judges who only send people to “approved” centers?]…

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      2. And in keeping Helton, Folt and Bohn lied to the alumni, students and fans on a daily basis. That is not integrity. If they wanted to keep Helton, they needed to just come out and state that USC football was not important to them and that players would receive poor coaching, but that despite the fact that they could easily get alumni to pay for the buyout, they had made a decision that they thought Helton could turn things around.

        And they should have volunteered that since they made the bet that Helton could win with USC’s resources and prestige, they would take responsibility and resign if he did not accomplish a turnaround.

        That would be integrity. Accountability and honesty are the real core of integrity.

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    3. The root cause of this BS is Rick Caruso. He hired Folt to burnish his credentials as a woke liberal, so he can run for Mayor. He didnt hire Folt because she is a great visionary leader. She is at best an incompetent bureaucrat, at worst, she is going to destroy USC.

      Disbanding the Alumni chapters was about the stupidest thing any administration could have done. If they had a plan for bringing positive changes, that would be one thing, but kicking your most ardent supporters in the balls is just plain stupid.

      When will this BOT wake the hell up and figure out that Caruso is a dictator as Chairman? He had one corrupt leader in Nikias, can this university afford more incompetent leadership?

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  2. Who is the idiot responsible for making all the changes at the coliseum? There’s probably a few idiots coming up with all these stupid ideas/changes, but one person is giving the okay to implement the stupidity…so who is it?

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      1. Thanks, PJM…


    1. Ooooohhooo another racist! Finally we get music that people pouring out sweat and blood on the field can grove to and you call it lame and bullshit. I actually love that awesome DJ music. Matter of fact when I am carving meat for Sunday supper I have that jam on! Ask the players! They love that music! Even the white boys!

      #memoriesofthatnightinbrentwood #shouldnthavebroughtthesunglassesbackhomeboy


      1. As a former player and captain of the team, I love anything and everything our great athletic director does! I love the DJ music at the coliseum. I was once in Mr. Bohn’s car and he was bumping that polka and I was just jamming to it!

        #Icanbeaheadcoach #Illdoanythingyouask


  3. I’m not sure which was the dumbest hire between two imbecile athletic director’s, Clay Helton, or Karl Dorrell? They pay these administrators millions to make decisions that your average fan could make, but they still get it wrong. Dorrell had warning lights on his forehead, because he failed at UCLA, and was a useless bounce around NFL assistant, but Colorado still hired him. And everyone knows the Helton story, he was a clipboard holder, who never had any input to whatever staff he was part of .

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  4. That’s good. They must care about the program if they are asking the fans for their opinion. Besides, it gives the fans a chance to voice their opinion of the whole program.


  5. The only advantage to being in the coliseum this season is seeing the game in its entirety. So far the Trojans have been disrespected by Fox twice via televised games.
    As for Saturday, the Trojans had better be bolder in Boulder . Since both of the coordinators have blown their audition for the headman job, maybe they can save their employment record by putting in a decent showing.


  6. The fan survey is not needed. The USC product, and the brand are judged on winning games not fireworks, and a DJ. USC should have put out a survey last year- Fire or Retain Clay Helton. The late night games are also a joke how can a fan have a positive experience in that part of town on a very late Saturday night unless you are a gang banger.

    The fan experience will only improve if the team starts winning again.

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  7. Gomer is a gang banger and a thug. Come to think of it, he should be brought up on RICO statutes for the organized crime that went on over the last six years.

    FU, Gomer

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    1. Take a breather for a minute and tell us all about that Arizona audit you said you worked on!
      Why has every report of it been the opposite of what you claimed you found?
      It was refreshing to hear they hired objective people such as yourself to handle such a task.


  8. what’s wrong …sc has cut attendance in 1/2,so the enviro freaks should be happy,and all the other leftwing whackos agendas should help ruin game day too…it is now ‘carry on’ , no more of that aggressive ‘fight on’ stuff

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  9. Things at the Colisuem have gone Nazis on steriods in regards of controling things and people.

    I had season tickets to the Raiders back in 1985 and my dad and i would bring in a 5 gallon thermos jug of wine cooler along with a lunch. We also had season tickets to USC at that time.

    Now, you can only carry a small transparent bag, you really can’t take anything in, you get screened like you are going through the airport, seats got moved to a lousier section, and now it is a cashless system. There are too many hoops to jump through to see the product on the field, which is a failure at best.

    I don’t see a reason to go back until things change back to a more normal situation. Blame Folt, Bohn, and the SC Administration for the loss of attendance because they lost the priority of keeping the product at its best.


    1. Wine Cooler??!! puhahahahahaha bitch ass! Both you and your father! With wimpy fans like you no wonder we suck! Don’t blame the great President Folt or the his eminence AD Bohn! Look in the mirror you wine cooler drink punk bitch!



    2. So you’re saying things are different now than they were in 1985?
      Thanks for the heads-up!
      Next you’re going to tell us we can’t buy the Herald Examiner at the newsstand anymore.


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