USC Morning Buzz: Donte Williams Won’t Name Kedon Slovis Starter

USC interim coach Donte Williams said this morning that Jaxson Dart is still not medically cleared.

But . . . Williams would not name Kedon Slovis the starter vs. Notre Dame.

Williams said he would do whatever is best for team even if it meant waiting until Saturday to name Dart the starter or playing him after the game starts.

Either way, it sounds like Williams wants Dart to play.

“We’ll do the best thing possible to put ourselves in position to win football games,” Williams said.

42 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Donte Williams Won’t Name Kedon Slovis Starter

  1. Dart is the future, protect his health, be on the safe side. We get that he is far better than Slow-miss, but not so much when playing injured.

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    1. Should be Slow-puss but…Shades of Kiffin who wouldn’t want to give anyone the advantage of preparing for an unprotected quarterback. It’s gamesmanship not well played. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dart on crutches before the game wearing a home jersey then come out in a slightly green away jersey just before the game. Then the cleared will get smeared as an unprotected quarterback with a gimpy leg.
      Should be fun.

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    2. Hopefully a mature-minded Orthopaedic Surgeon (who still believes in his Oath) with his patient’s best interests in mind does NOT clear Dart for Saturday.

      Slovis is still a top 10-20 CFB QB, even though many on this board continue to berate him.


  2. I hope the USC Orthopedic/Sports doctors are better than the USC gynecologist of infamy note. I don’t want Dart to play too soon and have a Pyrrhic victory. I never see Moss in the discussions to start, but see he has shined at times in practice. Is he an option for Saturday??? Of course, ideally for Slovis, he rises to the occasion and has a sterling performance.

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    1. Carra,
      A lot of players are never the same after “minor” surgeries … pray that’s not the case with Dart.
      As far as Moss, you can bet he hasn’t been brought along…and won’t be 100% if we need him..
      #ESPN: “DoYouFeelReadyIfNeeded,Miller?”

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      1. Michael, your comment about Moss is why, although I don’t think Slovis a quality QB, I ache that USC FAILED TO train him and I hope he can be better than I believe he is capable. I remain both angry and sad that our administration allowed so many players to be cheated of their player development and hence, realizing their dreams. I am sad to read your words, but believe you are unfortunately right. I think the air raid a gimmick and I never liked it or Harrell. Of course, helton was a bumbling idiot from the start and I hold folt and bohn responsible for the situation we are in today. They could have hired Meyers. If they had, we’d be in the hunt for the National Championship instead of being the joke of the NCAA.

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      2. Very true! Idk why that happens to some athletes.. Matter of fact I think Slovis hasn’t been the same since his surgery. Albeit, I don’t know if that surgery was considered minor or not.

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  3. Kedon Slovis needs to go home, and preserve his body for the school he’s going to enter the transfer protocol for next year. He’s taking a chance on a career ending injury playing behind USC’s offensive line. Dart is much more mobile, and his skills can offset the lack of talent on the line of scrimmage.

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    1. I think maybe we’re being a bit too optimistic about Dart. He’s probably not gonna be “much more mobile” if he’s playing with a leg brace.

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    2. Slovis football career is over once he leaves USC.

      If he can’t sustain being hit playing in the super soft PAC 12, what makes you think he has a future in the NFL?

      As it is, that girl Slovis has never recovered mentally from that hit put on him in the Utah game. Have you seen her standing in the pocket, nervous as all hell. I’m surprised she hasn’t she hasn’t developed a wandering eye, one eye looking forward and the other looking to see where the hit is coming from.


      1. He recoved from the Utah hit and had the greatest TRUE FRESHMAN year of any CFB QB ever. The stats confirm that.

        Now if you said he “never recovered from the hit TJ Epenesa of Iowa laid on him at the Holiday Bowl,” then I might listen.


      1. So MG, a SUCC So. Bend victory is worth more than Dart’s healthy Clown U FB future? I bet Dart’s parent’s are happy hear it.


      2. We are in this mess because of helton’s ineptitude, lying and pandering. He preached how he loved his “men” while cheating them of player development and hence their dreams and hopes of a better life in the NFL. helton is a self-centered liar.

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      3. So Dante and Dart’s choice is to play him OR bE GONe? Speaking of which…Owns…in a year like this, with the Pac being its usual mixture of all flavors from the convenience store fountain dispenser…what is your prediction? Duck Hunting? or Duck and cover? Seems to be UCLA’s turn to take over from Utah, who took over from Arizona State, who took over from…rare year where some of us here might secretly me more interested in powder blue/gold versus green(smelling of overly strong pine scenting)/god than cardinal/gold versus green(overrode by blue usually)/gold…

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  4. Donte creating a dramatic game time announcement for Dart starting. Like when ND came out in the green jerseys in ‘77. This time, USC by 30.

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  5. Dart should declare for the transfer portal.

    Why stick around at USC and risk what looks to be a promising football career by allowing the current bunch of clowns masquerading as coaches, who have no idea what they’re doing, feed him to the wolves knowing he isn’t fully recovered from his surgery/injury?

    I have no faith that USC will be able to hire a legit head coach who can develop talent, especially at the QB position.

    Franklin and Fickell, what QB’s have they developed? The year Fickell was head coach at Ohio St. and went 6-7 his QB was Braxton Miller who threw for an astonishing 1,159 yards for the season.

    James “Milk Toast” Franklin, he hasn’t developed any QB’s either. Christian Hackenberg drafted in the 2nd rd. spent 2 years in the NFL on about 5 different teams/practice squads and never attempted a pass in a game…not a single pass.

    Why should Dart stick around and have his talent wasted on either of those two Bozo’s?


    1. There is no reason to believe that the head coach we hire wont have an OC and QB coach that can develop Dart. With all the QB talent that comes out of California, it would be stupid to hire a HC that doesnt want to develop really good QB play.

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      1. No reason to believe that the next head coach USC hires won’t have an OC and QB coach that can develop players?

        No reason to believe, huh? Kiffin, Sarkisian and Helton, three incompetent stooges hired in a row and we should now believe USC s going to get it right this time…



        AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!


  6. Redshirt Dart! Save him for next year. Of course, the current staff could care less about next year, obviously. Anyway, hopefully the beating Saturday won’t be too bad.

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    1. I think if Dart plays 4 games or fewer, he can redshirt.
      I don’t keep close track of these rules. That’s what Pudly 76 is for–the details.

      I think it would be awesome to rest the kid for a few more weeks.
      See if he can squat/leg press a ton of weight in a few weeks from now–ie, prove he’s back to strong–and then play him vs UCLA and BYU. That would give him 3 games vs sporty teams and yet still preserve a redshirt (?).

      Just sayin’


  7. My biggest problem with playing Dart is that we still are running the incompetent air raid offense. They should have fired Harrell and let Jinks and Donte evolve the offense each week.

    While Donte is doing a decent job, it is obvious he is in way over his head in terms of understanding how to implement a real strategy on both sides of the ball.

    Aranda is the football guru we should hire.

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    1. Since we agree, gamer, our next job is to find Aranda an innovative young hot-shot OC who can take this Southern California talent/speed (along with some Texas talent) and turn it into what WE KNOW it can be.

      While cloning is still not approved by the US FDA, I’d take a Sean McVay clone.
      Put the Republic of South Korea on it. They’d do it.


  8. I had a similar injury to Dart. Maybe mine was a bit more serious, who knows. 1971. Things have changed. But I was in the hospital for over a week. Full leg Cast for a month. My leg got weak.
    No way Dart should even put the pads on. Your coach is thinking about his future not SC or Dart.

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    1. Hope you’re wrong on all counts…. but you’ve been right a lot lately….so let’s hope the whole “I’m not naming Kedon as starting QB” thing is just a mind game…and Kedon is penciled in to start and (God willing) finish this game (with good results)…

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    2. No wonder sheep are a better option for you ’86. Squatting for Chickens and swine must aggravate your weak knee pain.

      #Cue: J.C. Mellencamp’s “Hurts So Good”


      1. Cal hippie blew out one knee sucking cock.

        He blew out the other knee while on all four’s taking it up the ass.


    1. if he is ready, he knows how it feels, the medical people know so they will start him,that is all williams is stating…and kedon is ready either way.

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    2. About100 programs in the FBS would love to have Slovis on their roster.
      The kid is very good.
      He lacked a running game for his first 17 games, and we “kinda” found one with Keontay this year. He’s had fair pockets to throw from over his 23 games.

      He lost two top-notch NFL WR after his first 17 games, and the USC WR have been disappointing in 2021.

      This discussion is puerile. Dart is 18 or 19 years old–quite possibly with $5 Million to $100 million dollars to earn in his lifetime. For an uninspiring 3-3 FB team facing a real CFB team and real CFB coach, playing Dart doesn’t pencil.

      Get mom and dad Dart on the line and I’ll talk some sense into this puerile discussion.

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  9. I’ve had the meniscus operation on both of my knees. It is a minor operation. I was walking the next day without crutches. It’s one thing to be able to walk without crutches. It’s another thing to be able to take the hits you get in college football. This is football not badmitton. I wouldn’t put him in there until he is 100% ready. You can’t use kids as hunks of meat to further your coaching career.

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  10. football fans, heres aplay, split out to the right of the qb drake then starts in motion toward the qb then he stops and reverse back to where he started the qb looks left right then drake goes out and the qb tosses him passes him the ball!? sincerely, Edward ps reverse motion play an d pass !!!!!!!

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