USC-Notre Dame Pictures Of The Day

USC players celebrate after Frank Jordan (3) hits field goal with 2 seconds left to give the Trojans a 27-25 victory over Joe Montana-led Notre Dame at the Coliseum in 1978.

And here is Riki (Gray) Ellison celebrating the victory.

60 thoughts on “USC-Notre Dame Pictures Of The Day

  1. I feel sorry for the Notre Dame players — with their heads hanging or their butts on the ground. Defeated in the final seconds. So near and yet so far. I’ve looked at the pictures several dozen times over the last 3 minutes —and they make me sadder and sadder…

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      1. MG, Owns, ’67, All – the numbers are here…for any discussion…Owns right about Alabama (doesn’t mention that it only reflects fact that 1985 Tollner and 2016 Helton Incidents happened when they did…those didn’t happen when McKay, Robinson, or Carroll, were coaching, did they? And the record against all the other Top 10 programs…Ohio State, Texas, Michigan, Penn. State, Oklahoma, Nebraska…even the numbers against Notre Dame, minus the last decade…pretty, pretty, good…even with SarKiffton…

        But we have to provide the context, analysis, and entertainment!

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      2. I’m sure I’m not alone in having used the site extensively – everything but box scores for older college games…and coaching staffs (as you go back in time, rosters become sketchier in detail as well).

        My personal favorite is ability to correlate with pro football version, which in turn features the simplistic but nice for discussion Average Value for every NFL player…and all the historical statistical tracking…

        Which, until KiffSarton, was a lot of fun for a USC fan, in any argument with a fan of any other program, even Alabama. Think your team was better than USC ’78-“79? Oh yeah? Not a chance (go from college to pro and add up just Munoz, Foster, Van Horne, Budde, Allen, White, Matthews, Mosebar, Smith, Lott, Johnson, Banks, Ellison, Browner, etc – then go compare to any Saban team or other – I’m waiting!), and here’s my evidence, counselor. Would you perhaps like to discuss settlement? I thought so…haha!

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    1. They sure did the year of the photos: National Champions, dominated Alabama in Birmingham, beat Big Ten co-champion Michigan State, the other co-champion Michigan in the Rose Bowl, ranked Washington and UCLA…hey, speaking of which…and that whole head-to-head thing…

      Sorry, had too…so little enjoyment to be had this year (aside from the nostalgia served up by Scott – nice job of posting pic of Frank Jordan after we discussed him yesterday and then Bourbon mentioned the story about his little brother booming kicks)…

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    2. Don’t be … they always make up any heart break in South Bend.

      Robo put the 2nd teamer on D into the game too early .. game was never out of reach and was close just like that after two O series by Montana.

      Amazing how USC made it through that year with only one loss .. that schedule was brutal !

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  2. Scooter,

    The photos that you are providing are heaven and hell. Hell because the torment that we suffer from not seeing greatness on the field nor will we for a long time. Heaven, it brings back memories of how great USC was and can be. Now I know what Moses felt like on the little 40 year hike, torment and hope. Sheesh. Let the misery end.

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    1. P. T. — I’m pretty sure all USC fans have spent the last 6 years coming to fully appreciate Moses’ pain [Moses tapped the stone twice after he was distinctly told to strike it only once —what did USC fans do to get barred from the Promised Land]?

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      1. SC has been banned for leaving what it truly menat, to be a source of hope and inspiration for others. To become someone that you wanted to become. Now, there is nothing but vultures working there sucking the life and blood out of the school. Until the vultures are gone and once SC restores itself to its former self, there will be no bliss in the land of Troy.


  3. Scooter,

    The photos that you are providing are heaven and hell. Hell because the torment that we suffer from not seeing greatness on the field nor will we for a long time. Heaven, it brings back memories of how great USC was and can be. Now I know what Moses felt like on the little 40 year hike, torment and hope. Sheesh. Let the misery end.

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    1. As SI says in the PT’s photo link: “What a Comeback! Anthony Davis and USC Shatter Notre Dame!” Great cover photo of AD, one of the strongest runners ever at his size (5’9″).

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      1. James, exactly right. Ara probably bought himself 10 additional years of life by retiring and not having to face USC every year.

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  4. Off-topic, but USC has essentially hired from within since 2010. Haden scared to death that a coach would tell him no. Interesting quote this week about LSU AD Scott Woodward’s approach with prospective coaches is “That’s totally his M.O.— he’s gonna make him say no.” Balls baby, balls!

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      1. AD was paid to wear those … was the 1st Nike sponsor. Word is he was paid in stock since they had no cash. AD let it ride and made millions.


  5. Another game I remember vividly. USC was up 24-7 going into the fourth quarter and once again JRob and Hackett took their foot off the gas and damn nearly allowed Joe Montana bring the Irish back.

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  6. This is the tape that needs to be played; when Bohn is interviewing candidates for a new head football coach. These are the expectations we need to be at again. If you can’t handle the pressure you need not to apply and be shown the door, next.

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  7. Damn ’67, you’re a cheap little bully.

    “USC first fielded a football team in 1888. Playing its first game on November 14 of that year against the Alliance Athletic Club, USC achieved a 16–0 victory.”

    “The first football team fielded by UCLA took the field in 1919. The team was coached by Fred Cozens, and compiled a 2–6 record.] UCLA did not participate in an athletic conference until 1920, so the 1919 football team played a schedule full of local high schools and other assorted teams. Cozens was UCLA’s athletics director from 1919 to 1942.”

    So SUCC FB had a 31 year head FB program head start. What an AH you are ’67. I bet you were beat up for change and marbles and than ran home to hide behind your mommy’s skirt.

    Oh BTW ’67, ” The Alabama Crimson Tide is 6-2 all-time versus the USC Trojans. Alabama first played USC in 1938, losing 19-7 in Los Angeles. The Crimson Tide most recently played the Trojans in 2016, winning 52-6 in Dallas. Alabama currently has a 2-game winning streak over USC.”

    SUCC couldn’t even score a TD in 52 – 6 Alabama massacre victory.

    I won’t even shove SUCC’s piss poor BB team all-time losing record to UCLA down your throat.


    1. Owns, stay off the hooch. This makes no sense.

      BTW, your walk down memory lane didn’t mention that ucla’s first game against usc was a 76-0 loss.

      And here are 3 of the bruin scholly players from back in the day. Apologies to Pasadena.

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      1. ****”Owns, stay off of the hooch. This make no sense.” ****What makes no sense AH? Are you referring ’67, to your total lack of Enquish reading comprehension.

        ’67, how about you take your thumb out and construct a coherent sentence like most third graders. Maybe you should take a few Clown U ESL classes. Is it any wonder your frame of comedy reference is a Three Stooges short. The Stooge’s were the peons of the vapid comedy industry. Will Feral continues to ape the Stooges/Clown U comedy formula.

        What’s hard to understand ’67, bozo FB lost to Stanford, a 41 point ‘dog at the crumbling mausoleum. And, just this year, bozo FB lost another game to a 17 point, unranked Stanford ‘dog @ the crumbling Mausoleum. bozo FB can’t handle competitive FB. Hence, your childish glee at the first FB rivalry game score – Mighty, Mighty SUCC 76 – UCLA 0.

        #bozo FB shocks the world: Alabama 52 – Mighty, Mighty, elite SUCC 6 – and no TD’s.

        #SUCC FB: A 75.00, watered down St. Pat Fireball


    2. Just Rent,

      When Thug U aka ruinville played SC, it was in 1927. That is an eight year span between strating up and playing SC. So my quesiton to you is is this, what was ruinville doing in those 8 years? I know, they were protesting on the future 405 fwy, they were supporting homo and lesbo rights, they were circlie jerking instead of getting ready for the big boys. You and your boys deserved to be destroyed by sC back in 1927. You and your boys had eight years to perpare.

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  8. Lol for rents, lease, sale; you senile lush you wish the ruins that you root for can ever field a team half as good as the 2004 National Champion USC Trojans. The biggest beat down in natty game history. 55-19 against the chokies.

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    1. Bragging like a true Clownster about a game that happened 17 years ago.

      Matt Leinart ends up a big fat flop in the NFL .

      How about bragging about Clown U losing to Stanford, a 41 point ‘dog at the crumbling mausoleum.

      How about yapping about SUCC’s choka, choka, choka, choking away a 12 point lead with 10 minutes to go and hand Tixas the win & Natty at the Rose Bowl.


      1. And you still suck 17 years later you are the biggest clown on this blog coming on here seeking attention all the time. Why, because the dog refuses to play with you because you are too drunk for company. Lol you are too easy to make fun of Bruin lush Rob a gluten for punishment on this site year after year, week after week, day after day. UCLA will always be irrelevant no matter how hard you try in that silly imagination of yours.

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      2. Leinart’s career in the NFL left a lot to be desired, however, playing QB in the NFL is probably one of the hardest things to do in American pro sports. Furthermore, he’s one of the greatest clutch college football players of all time. I’ve never understood the logic that if you don’t make it in the NFL that it somehow diminishes your college career. Leinart’s time at SC was the “Camelot” of college football.

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      3. Leinart never recovered full arm strength after that elbow surgery (hope this isn’t Slovis’s future…), and it is doubly tough to play in NFL without a deep threat. He indeed had the college career every kid dreams of.

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      4. Arizona really stunk during Matt’s years.

        I think his horrible lack of mobility–along with a substandard O-line–was his NFL downfall.

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      5. Owns – ragging on Leinart is less credible than ragging on Gary Beban…it happens…part of it was his deciding to come back for senior year under Pete’s persuasion (was set to go #1 overall, instead of dropping down in a stronger crop the next year – doesn’t mean results would have been different, but might have, you never know)…part of it was change in NFL rules and athleticism making arm strength be at that much more of a premium (Leinart had too much Snake Stabler in his game – Dbacks are just too quick too close nowadays and turnovers being at much more of a premium, and the need to be able to convert the quick little gimme out pattern for five yards has replaced the 4 yard fullback dive on first down from the old days)…part of it was he was immature and liked to have a good time, and didn’t take advantage of having Kurt Warner around to help him develop…

        Nevertheless, easily in Top 10 all-time great college QBs…

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      6. Jus Rent,

        At 4:30 PM on Friday afternoon, they are gonna honor “Puke” McClown at the Rose Bowl. I do not see why. Yes he beat SC four times, but did he win the heisman, did he win a national champship? No, but he did puke his brains out against Oregon.


  9. Thanks for the 3 Stooges- Three Litle Pigskins movie clip. I have to say Larry as a fake football player sure reminds me of Clay Helton, and Moe who took the money from the gangster in the movie reminds me of Mike Bohn in that both despite promises put a bad product on the football field.

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  10. Memo to: Toejamboogs

    What, pray tell, is a “gluten for punishment.”

    No doubt “boogs, you’re a bozo Communication Ph.D.


  11. Memo to: SUCC Rah’Rah’s- Toejamboogs, Bourbon4me, ’67, James and tommyd.

    Excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses – As usual, nothing but two-bit excuses for SUCC lame defeats and legion of NFL flops.

    What’s Marqueasy Lee doing these days.

    So now Leinart (Da Chin) is playing 2nd or 3rd fiddle to Reggie “I saws the $$$$ and I tooks it” Bush on Fox’s crappy studio CFB thing.

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    1. That Tourette’s kicking in (just like a Mule) again?

      Beban – such a flop…completely negates his ill-gotten Heisman Trophy in 1967, without which UCLA would only have the Oklahoma renegade to hang it’s diminutive she/little bear bonnet on…

      Of course not – he was a great college player. As was Leinart…as was Lee and Jarrett and many others…to include Eric Ball and Brett Hundley…

      No excuses – pro results weren’t great…it happens.
      Tourette’s lala Mule? Now, that’s special, Frenchy…

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      1. Gary Beban had injured his knee his senior year, and really lost his mobility. Never really had a chance in NFL. I got to know him about 20 years ago, great fellow, great leader, and had a great career in commercial real estate. Really small guy – maybe 5’10”, maybe played at 175 lbs.

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  12. Memo to: Bourbon4me

    It will be 31 years of sobriety in Dec. 2021. Marrying my now deceased, ex-wife and making the decision to get/remain sober were the smartest things I ever did.

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    1. This provides even more depth to your character…as a character…good for you, congratulations, sorry to hear about your wife (can somewhat empathize, as my wife has lost mother, aunt, and two 1st cousins in last 18 months – not same though). This won’t in the slightest deter me from Mule hijinx, liking ‘anti’ or even sometimes nasty comments (if humorous) from the likes of your kin 67, 75, and MG…but…as hopefully has been made clear, many of us enjoy having you here (it definitely would not be the same at all without you)…at least most of the time…

      BTW-Did I mention that UCLA has won only one meaningful game since the 1976 Rose Bowl lately? note: I like saying it because it’s funny, and mostly true…but I’m not a partisan, and am fully aware the Bruins have had some great teams and players since then, and often, because I like the Pac in general – except for Nike and Radcliffe – I pull for the powder blue…the 1983 Rose Bowl win over Michigan, 1985 Fiesta Bowl win over Miami and 1986 Rose Bowl win over Iowa were three of the best west coast wins of what was a somewhat down decade for USC (albeit not to the degree of the ’90s, and not touching the past 10 years), all over really good teams). I have to leave off the 1984 Rose Bowl blowout over a 10-1 Illinois team, as, although the most impressive individual game performance, with Slick Rick at the helm, and being that year where the conference was on probation and 6-4-1 got you there…

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