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Here are some thoughts I had on the hiring of Lincoln Riley — and the mammoth expectations — on Portland radio station 1080 The Fan.

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  1. Scotty, on the radio you don’t seem to be as happy as the rest of us about the Lincoln Riley hire. It’s a huge upgrade from the Village Idiot and way better than some of the names that were being tossed out (Franklin, Campbell, etc.). And you are correct the administration felt like they had their backs to the wall and were forced to do something big when they saw 25k fans at the Coliseum for games. Having a hole in your pocket will get your attention.

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    1. Exactly, USC was in danger of losing enormous $$$ for many years, so there wasn’t really an option to not hiring the best available coach. Riley should be able to recruit top 5 classes at USC, which wasn’t going to happen at OK. If Grinch can put together the D, then the future looks really bright. Well done, Bohn.

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      1. The Grinch who stole Christmas (recruiting) part II

        Per ESPN FPI Division 1 efficiencies:
        in 2018 OU’s defense ranked #92 in the nation, (without Grinch)
        in 2019 OU’s defense ranked #44 in the nation in Grinch’s first year.
        in 2020 OU’s defense ranked #5 (the COVID year)
        in 2021 OU’s defense ranks #43

        In 2021, USC’s defense is the #102 ranked defense out of about 128.

        In all fairness, Grinch has had to coach a D that competes in the air raid happy Big 12, and the Sooners play a wide open offensive style of football that scores quickly. So, if Grinch can recruit some fast, talented CBs and Safeties, perhaps we can improve on the defensive efficiency.

        Irrespective, USC has a proven AD who has shown he can help to build programs and win Natties (track, beach VB, water polo) and now has a real Head Football Coach. The Men’s BB has been NCAA tourney calibre for years, now. I’m happy to be a Trojan.

        #19 academic university in America with great sports programs and a vibrant Art community. Fight On!

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      2. Sorry but the minor sports at USC SUCK ASS. H2O isn’t a national sport, neither is beach VB, other than track USC’s minor sports are poor to awful.

        The Grinch better step it up because winning natty’s is all about beating the SEC and Riley hasn’t done well there.

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    2. Scott seemed pretty realistic to me. He thinks there’s a huge upside to getting Riley but he recognizes we have a lot of unanswered questions until next September.
      Whatever happens, Riley will make USC WAY better. He’s a proven winner and the kids will buy in. And that’s huge.

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    1. Hey Boy Wonder, this isn’t bad from last year: Spencer Rattler threw three touchdown passes and ran for another score, Rhamondre Stevenson rushed for 186 yards and No. 8 Oklahoma beat 10th-ranked SEC runner-up Florida 55-20 on Wednesday night in the Cotton Bowl. This was the Florida Team that played Alabama down to the wire in the SEC Title game. And I’m guessing you were formerly known as JustOwns?

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    2. This is a very good point. Most of Riley’s recruiting is from TX, and most of those TX kids coming to OK have been skill position players. He has lost out on the TX linemen to Bama et. al. A few of those big fellas will want to come to the west coast, so I am hopeful that Riley can now snag some top rated trenchmen.

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  2. Scooter,

    I have heard you before in interviews. You have not changed. You sound like mud going up hill. However, you do have good insight and thought to what you say. Your writing is mostly on spot.

    for Scooter’s Report Card:

    Excitment: C-, no fire in the belly
    Anaylsis: B+: You could find out more indepth info and more of it
    Reliability: B-: You use to have around 3 blog per day, now you are down to 1 to 3.

    However, I do enjoy your writing and seeing all the great people on the board. Thank you

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    1. Breadth of Reporting: F!

      USC basketball (6-0) hasn’t been covered at all. And the Pac 12 looks pretty good with USC at #20, ‘zona at #11 and westwood at #5.

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      1. This could be a tough ending to the year for Scott & InsideUSC— Riley raising USC football from the dead, Enfield cleaning up…..

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  3. Michael, trojan67, calbasastrojan, teaboy,

    I have not seen Just Rent since the hiring of Coach Riley. he might see the writing on the wall and know that SC will dominate Thug U aka ruinville, aka cheeterville, aka ugly for a long time. he is holding up in his two story cardboard box on Cerritos Ave, in Cerritos.

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      1. Boy Wonder/Aranda/McKay’s Ghost – any chance you formerly were the poster known as Budda Kharma? Writing style and interest in physical football are similar. If not, hopefully BK comes back.

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  4. Need to bring Pudly back!

    And Scottie, when are you going to report on USC hoops? That was a helluva defensive job they put on SDSU, holding those guys under 50 points.

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  5. Congratulations Scott. You did an amazing job or regurgitating literally every point every other media talking head has made already. Except they actually have personality and don’t sound like a creepy pedophile trying to lure kids into a windowless white van.


    1. Good call, Charles. The NEW Scott doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. And, for all the criticism he gets, his analysis is more sober than any of the other guys doing this story. I can’t see anything anybody can complain about regarding his appearance on Isaac and Suke (or is it Robin Williams and Seth Rogan?). He didn’t trash the outgoing coaches (too much), he was generally positive about Lincoln (though he admitted there’s a lot to fix at USC) and, best of all, he didn’t try to please his hosts with snappy, over the top opinions. He played it real straight.

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      1. Let’s put it this way, Charles —Lincoln won’t get us banned from recruiting for 5 years…..


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