Three Recruits Decommit From USC

WR Kevin Green Jr.; WR Caleb Douglas and DB Ephesians Prysock have all decommitted from USC today.

Coincidence? Were they nudged by Lincoln Riley? Or were they told something regarding the status of Donte Williams?

Prysock is a four-star corner so Riley probably wanted him but maybe Prysock heard something about Williams. Stay tuned.

27 thoughts on “Three Recruits Decommit From USC

  1. Doulgas is a low 3* and Green is a medium 3*, and Green is tiny at maybe 5’10 and 160lbs. Can definitely upgrade there. Good to open up schollys for new guys.

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    1. You have to wonder when he lets go on 2 three star receivers when he had 2 four star receivers decommit from Oklahoma as soon as they found out that Lincoln was leaving for SC.

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      1. How about Crapfonso Ellis and Turdell Sands both of them played for the Raiders. I always wondered if those 2 ever got together to shoot the shyt; about what a crappy game or practice they had that day!

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  2. I’m thinking Lincoln Riley doesn’t care who leaves the program, because he needs available scholarships for the men in the trenches. He said during the press conference that he needs the big boys up front in order to run his offense effectively. Finally, we have a coach that gets it!!

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    1. BB, I heard the same thing from LR too. He wants to build both sides of the ball from the front to the back. In other words, he wants to build the O & D from the trenches and then work his way back. I suspect LR pushed the USC recruits out. Probably more pushing to come, perhaps even some veteran players when he sees how some of them practice this week to get ready for Cal.

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      1. Speaking of…. this might be a good game for Hunter Echols not to take slow, baby steps getting off the field during substitutions…. the kind of mistakes that turn field goals into touchdowns …the kind that turn 3 points into 7 points….

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  3. Interesting. Hard to know what to make of it. But you would expect that under a new coach, some recruits would be told that they should look elsewhere because the school was now going in another direction. I see nothing wrong with that since Riley didn’t recruit these kids. It could be a good sign. It could mean that Riley is opening up spaces for a lot of other better recruits that he plans to bring in. We’ll see.

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  4. Who wants anything this shitty staff recruited … not HCLR ! Donte can pack his bags too. So important to programs that he had 10 different jobs in 12 years. See ya !


    1. His D-Backs were terrible so criticism deserved there but he had an opportunity to coach at a place he admires. Can’t blame him for grabbing the opportunity and unfortunately, we watched him struggle.

      He isn’t HC material but cut him a little slack, this ain’t his mess. Whatever LR does with him by my opinion, is better for the USC football as he envisions. But Donte will not be unemployed because he has his strengths.


  5. Always with the “stars.” They don’t mean what you think they mean. Working at a recruiting site is just above the covering high school football on the sports media career ladder. Seriously, if anyone has a talent for nailing recruiting they’re going to get promoted up to covering an actual college team. The recruiting sites are full of fresh out of college kids who need a job to pay their student loans. Think about that when you take the number of stars a player has the gospel.


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