Malachi Nelson Commits To USC

I hear Lincoln Riley was at Los Alamitos High School today and it paid off handsomely as five-star QB Malachi Nelson committed to USC. He originally committed to Oklahoma.

Four-star wide receiver Makai Lemon decommitted from Oklahoma today so Riley’s visit had to have an influence.

These are expected developments but still good news for USC fans.

Driving to Los Al for a cushy visit and commitments sure beats life in the SEC, too.

  • Meanwhile, Lincoln Riley vs. Brian Kelly in the Vegas Kickoff Classic on Labor Day weekend in 2024 at Allegiant Stadium

41 thoughts on “Malachi Nelson Commits To USC

    1. New coach may be a decent guy… but to all the recruits who are considering USC: Stay the F–k away!! The so called fans of the university celebrate you when they are recruiting you… I was offered daughters and sisters when they were recruiting me! But when I was playing through injuries and the team wasn’t winning, I got spat on and called all kinds of vile names. They threatened to rape my mom and sisters because I was injured. The worst fans in the world!

      Go anywhere but USC!


  1. That’s what I was hoping when it was announced on Sunday. That he would start recruiting asap. He gets it and he has only so many days before early signing day.

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  2. “Meanwhile, Lincoln Riley vs. Brian Kelly in the Vegas Kickoff Classic on Labor Day weekend in 2024 at Allegiant Stadium”

    Oh yeah! Now that’s gonna be a huge game with national title implications. Reminds me of USC-Auburn in 2003.

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    1. Oaktown — Lincoln told ESPN today “I’m not only gonna win that game…I’m gonna pour it on & drive Kelly outta coaching.”

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  3. Scooter,

    Where is the BYU own booze report card?

    The students who pretend to be SC students get an F for foul language.
    All coaches get an F
    Dart get a B, he finally started to show what he has.
    Running game B
    Oline, F, just because
    Defense: Destroy it. it sucks.

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    1. And in four years when Lincoln doesn’t win a natty…everyone will be bitching and moaning…by the way, I have as many national championships as a head coach as Lincoln….and I’m not a head coach.


      1. Do you think after four years, Lincoln will have beaten more than three teams with winning records?


  4. I, an alumnus and son of a father who graduated from USC and has been a lifetime fan just has been awakened from a many year slumber with bottled up insane excitement is now going crazy. I again can’t get enough of USC football news and can’t stop reading everything available…it sure feels incredible. FIGHT ON!!!

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    1. Indeed, SCion. Indeed.
      It’s always great to be a Trojan (despite alot of the carping that goes on around here):
      #19 ranked academic university in America and
      #3 ranked in California (behind Stanford and Cal Tech)

      11 or more CFB natties, and 7 Heisman’s.
      It’s been a tough decade, but we are back on the road to relevance in CFB
      BTW, the Men’s BB team is looking sporty and ranked #21 by the Basketball power index with the #5 strength of record–despite having a weak strength of schedule..


    1. 67,
      Look at the job his o-line is doing! On at least half of those throws he just calmly sets up and lets the ball go at his leisure. [Because of the camerawork I couldn’t tell what happened with the ball when he was chased outta the pocket].

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  5. Big difference in the quality of quarterbacks Riley will bring in. No. 1 priority for a QB is dual threat- running speed, and arm strength required or go somewhere else.. This is what makes his offense explosive. No more recruiting the slow footed qb’s who sit in the pocket. The running qb makes it hard to stop the air raid.

    We need more speed at running back, wide receiver, linebackers, and defensive ends.

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  6. 2022 Schedule: All 3 Non Conference games at home (Rice, Fresno State & Notre Dame with a new Coach.) Oregon & Washington not on the schedule again.

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  7. Prediction for Saturday vs. Cal.

    Cal 35
    USC 21

    All the Trojan assistant coaches take the day off as do the players. Might be better to cancel the game, and say all the coaches tested posted for Covid.

    The win for Cal saves Justin Wilcox from getting fired.
    It’s the Joe Roth Memorial Game- so a Cal victory is a great salute to one of the greatest Cal quaterbacks of all time who passed who left us way too young.

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    1. “Liking” the touching tribute to Joe Roth….


  8. heiio trojan fans, this r brown at 5 6 will be a duda stiff another california over rated player common these days!? sincerely, E ps wheres the fair look players guys not on crack!!!!!!!!

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    1. Oklahoma AD Castiglione or someone there must’ve really said something to piss Lincoln Riley off after Oklahoma State loss. The guy is recruiting with a vengeance.


  9. hi football fans, well daniels is what playing qb coming off the bench for ga. a 5 star hes aaahhh about really 2.5 !!!! a walk on is way better than this fellow hes a head case! sincerely, E

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  10. there is probably a ton of behind the scenes intrigue happening right now. what is happening with bedenbough?

    the recruiting wars right now are going full bore. ND recruits in play. OK recruits in play. all those players who were waiting for SC to make a coach selection need to talk to riley and see if they fit in his program.

    riley needs to replace alot of the roster to make this the team he wants to build. the roster deteriorated so much under helton. not the fault of the players, but of helton and his staff.

    bohn/sosna knew this long ago, but had to let it all fall apart before they could convince folt/caruso to get rid of helton.

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    1. Then Folt and Caruso should go for being incompetent, instead of trying to take partial credit for the Lincoln Riley higher.
      Riley has 2 weeks to get a top class at USC plus there’s the transfer portal. There’s no time for lolly gaging; time to hit the ground running which he has since he got here. Riley needs to work harder then anyone else in CFB right now.


  11. It all started for Lincoln Riley at Texas Tech, and he has not forgot where he came from. It’s take care of your buddies from Texas Tech, and the State of Texas. For that reason I am willing to bet the following coaches will be retained:


    1) Graham Harrell- Offensive Coordinator/QB coach
    2) Clay Meguire- Offensive Line Coach
    3) Seth Doege- Quarterback Coach

    All played and or coached with Lincoln Riley before at Tech.
    All are well connected to the Pirate himself -Mike Leach
    I bet they are all having beers together tonight laughing about Clay Helton, Todd Orlando, and Donte. If you look back at their careers at Texas Tech at best they were just an over .500 team although they did beat Texas in Lubbock a few times.

    Let’s hope Lincoln gets rid of this Texas Tech connection, and brings in a new Oklahoma winning culture to the USC program. A completely new staff is recommended. He is supposed to bring in his offensive line coach from Oklahoma, but I am sure he will find a job for Meguire maybe as a Tight End Coach. Other than Lincoln Riley none of these coaches came here from big time winning programs so it will be up to Riley to install the correct winning culture.

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  12. Forgot to also mention Mike Jinks our running back coach also coached at Texas Tech Hick University in lovely Lubbock, Texas. Jinks was the running back coach at Tech for a long period of time so we now have 5 coaches including Lincoln Riley who all came from Texas Trade Tech.
    If you have ever been to Lubbock American Graffitti, and A & W Rootbeer Drive Thru’s with waitresses on roller skates are still quite popular.


    1. Out of everyone you mention Tommy d Jinks is the only one who should stay. Maybe Donte cause he can recruit but his coaching is suspect, after this season. Maybe they should look into bringing T Martin back to this staff it was obvious he was the one getting so Cal recruits to USC. After he left the recruiting in so Cal went to Shyt. Nobody wanted to play for Helton because he couldn’t develop talent.


      1. Get out of the past. Martin should never be considered. Riley is quite capable of recruiting So Cal himself. With CH gone, USC recruiting took an immediate upswing, and with Riley hire it is soaring.


    2. Jinks has done a good job despite being surrounded by idiots who did not know offensive football: prior O-line coach, the OC, and of course HC CH.

      Jinks is a good guy and a good coach. His RB’s run hard despite frequently poor run blocking over the past 2-3 years.


  13. hello football fans, re. damian some fans are out of control, but the thing is damian that you were rated a better player than you were? in other words you were rated high and you were justa below average player? you had problems? sincerely, E


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