Stanford Tailback Austin Jones Commits To USC

The fanboy media was in hyperdrive this morning after USC sent out a Fight On emoji on twitter, thinking it was Caleb Williams.

Instead, it was Stanford tailback Austin Jones is transferring to USC.


Jones rushed for 378 yards and two touchdowns.

Is he better than Brandon Campbell or Raleek Brown?

If I’m Jones, I would have gone somewhere else.

But it doesn’t matter. All that matters is Caleb Williams.

73 thoughts on “Stanford Tailback Austin Jones Commits To USC

  1. ugh!u r so rite john,im so tired of these yuong poeple makeing chooises and not askin me fur my opinyun,first missus ed dont ask me what i think and know austen power dont ask me what he shuold do to go to scool,its like my opinyun dont mattur to no one,smdh!

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  2. Hey Wolfie, SHUT-UP! Let the new coach do his thing. No one needs your opinion on every player. Helton’s gone, so go get lost for a while. If the new coach fails, we’ll call you.

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    1. How about you stop being a myopic sycophant? If you want happy, everything is perfect go give your money to the paysites that offer that exclusively and sell you fake news.

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  3. The amount of anger and defensiveness tells me that even sunshines know that we’re looking at a bumpy ride. Fortunately I still have my seat cushions!

    And I have the knowledge that we’re in the PAC 12, and its had a lot of coaching upheaval and still poor management. I get that USC averaged a NC every five years, cut down to about ten years after the bad late 80s to 90s stretch, and now this dozen years past, and Rose Bowls or NC games once every 2.5 seasons (an average also cut down from every other season)…

    But I’ve seen people say “getting to a good bowl game is a rare and crowning achievement that USC should be pleased to even get!” Seriously, a long time ‘SC said that, so I realized that things have very much changed. It was also a former Helton diehard, so… Maybe we can beat UGLY too? I’m sure there are other things to support about alma mater, especially the memories. Plus I’ve got these online classes at Bama.

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  4. He was a 4 star in high school. His yards per carry at Stanford was only about 3.5 YPC which isn’t that good and he wasn’t Stanfords leading rusher. In all fairness, Stanford(which is traditionally, since Harbaugh, a great running team) was 126th in the nation last year in rushing. I wouldn’t count on him beating out some of the other SC running backs.

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    1. You’re making the case for Jones … Stanford’s just bad. I’d rather have Travis Dye, but maybe this guy is better than what USC already has.

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      1. Antioch is just 68 miles from Palo Alto. Maybe both schools just knew that he wanted to stay close to home. Maybe neither school needed a RB. He was a 4 star. I too like Travis Dye but you can’t automatically say that this guy is not as good as Travis Dye because Dye ran behind that big Oregon O-Line. All the starters were 4 and 5 stars. Stanfords running game has not been good the last 2 years especially last year.

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    2. It’s all a part of USC locking down the West Coast recruiting-wise. I imagine Nick Saban saying: “those sons-of-bitches won’t even return our calls anymore.”✌️

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    3. Very odd Stanford guy transferring to USC. From any Pac12 school for that matter … 2 from Colorado to USC … Colorado not really a Pac12 school. More like a USC Farm Team … go back to the Big 12 where you belong. Big fan of Bill McCartney. Go Buffs!


  5. We’ll have to wait and see about this guy. He did gain 550 yards in 2020 in only 6 games. That works out to about 1100 yards in a regular season and even more if they went to a bowl game. But his production fell of last year. That could have been because of an injury or something else…..we don’t know.

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    1. I’m wondering if Stanford FB and David Shaw are going into that slow, terminal decline?

      Now that Shaw cannot beat Helton every year, he’s gonna have to earn his $10M/year paycheck.

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  6. Scooter,

    My question is and please find out, how many carries did he have, waht was his longest run, can he pass block, what is his speed, how many penalities on him, and why does he want to play at SC? He could be a diamond in the rough or just a player who is trying to make something of himself knowing that he won’t play as much as the other rb’s.


  7. Scooter,

    Info taken from 247Sports:

    Prospect Info
    Bishop O’Dowd
    Oakland, CA
    2019 – …
    Watch Highlights
    Transfer Portal Crystal Ball®

    No Crystal Ball predictions at this time.

    As a Prospect


    View recruiting profile

    Austin Jones | Bishop O’ Dowd High School …
    Stanford’s Shaw Praises Austin Jones
    Stanford’s Jones Talks TD Run
    Stanford’s Jones Talks Jump To College
    Stanford’s Jones Talks Freshmen Getting Early Action
    Stanford’s Jones Talks Pass Pro
    See all videos
    H.S. Scouting Report
    EVALUATED 10/12/2018
    Brandon Huffman
    Brandon Huffman

    4-7 Round
    DAY 3

    Duke Johnson
    Short, stocky back who carries 190 pounds well. A patient runner who waits for his holes to develop, hits then goes. Tremendous vision, sees the hole as it develops then gets to it. Great balance, doesn’t go down on initial contact. Runs with power but can also turn the corner and get up field. A weapon as a receiver out of the backfield, has good hands and patience and can make the defender miss at initial point. Competitive and runs with toughness. Speed is good but not elite so may not be a home run threat as a back, but could be used as a workhorse back. Impact Power 5 prospect with early third day NFL draft potential.

    Athletic Background
    Austin Jones is a 5-11, 190-pound Running Back from Oakland, CA.

    Jan 20, 2022: Transfer
    Austin Jones transfers to USC Trojans

    Jan 12, 2022: Transfer
    Austin Jones entered the transfer portal


    Jul 1, 2019: Enrolled
    Austin Jones enrolls at Stanford Cardinal

    Jan 11, 2019: O. Visit
    Austin Jones officially visits Stanford Cardinal


    Dec 19, 2018: Signed
    Austin Jones signs letter of intent to Stanford…

    Load more
    See all 23 entries
    In Pictures
    Austin Jones photo gallery

    112 images

    View Gallery

    UCLA Transfer Recruiting: Targets and Possibilities UPDATED 1:00 P.M.
    USC picks up Stanford transfer running back Austin Jones out of the NCAA Transfer Portal
    Stanford loses top RBs Jones, Peat to Transfer Portal
    Stanford running back Austin Jones enters NCAA Transfer Portal
    Oregon State’s Top Performers vs Stanford
    View all articles

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    1. Did pasadenatrojan stop writing because he ran out of room?.
      I know he is a busy guy because I believe he is the only one who contributes to 2 sports blogs.

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  8. Any opinion on Austin Jones coming to USC that is a negative, I would like to ask the opinion writer why aren’t they on USC football staff if they know so much. I believe we have to trust Riley and his guys to make solid decisions in regards to commits, it is kind of what they do for a living day in and day out. I am sure even Wolf is not used to having someone that can make good choices, we haven’t had anyone in so long. If you want to get negative about Lincoln Riley already, I would have to say you got a serious problem that you should take care of. The rest of us are going to enjoy the ride.

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  9. Whoa, SUCC lands a huge, punishing ex-Stanford RB. What is A. Jones, 5’7″ and 160 lbs. With all due respect to Jones, it seems like Riley is scraping the barrel for xfers.

    Just my opinion, but I bet Riley is having second thoughts about assuming the SUCC HC job.


    1. Hey Owns,
      As you state it, Austin Jones is kind of like Maurice Jones Drew (also from NorCal). 5’7” 169 pounds. Light in the ass, would go down on first contact against Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, and other killer LBs. He loses to USC for like the 4th time in his career and declares for the draft and to the combine at 210 pounds with Thunder Thigbs. He had a great NFL career but I always wondered how he gained 50 pounds of muscle in his thighs so quickly. So a UCLA chump like you shouldn’t rip on Austin Jones


      1. Calabasas, I didn’t rip Mr. Jones; I ripped bozo FB. I merely stated a fact that Mr. Jones size wasn’t near SUCC’s historical RB’s it features in its relentless(LOL), ground game.

        Ah, ding, ding.


  10. Nothing exciting…Travis Dye is better. So is Kenan Christon. I hear Dye is still a possibility, but he’s weighing his options, and the new Oregon coach is begging him to return to the Ducks. He just got married, and wants to start fresh somewhere else rather than Eugene. Bringing in this guy from Stanford for extra depth does not help our chances of getting Dye though.


  11. I am hearing we should know something on QB Caleb Williams tomorrow. He is getting alot of things thrown at him right now in extra benefits especially from LSU. If he goes to play at LSU he is nuts Brian Kelly has not developed many NFL QB’s at ND.

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  12. A pair of cornerbacks and now a running back. As the position coaches settle in and have time to recruit, we will see more quality transfers coming in. We need to bring in depth. There will be more kids hitting the transfer portal to exit USC also.

    I think remaking the team really does require a big remake of the roster.

    Lincoln Riley is not sitting back and accepting that USC will struggle next year, he is trying to build a Pac-12 Champion right away.

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  13. These transfers that Clay Helton brought in a year ago were able to come to USC and be eligible right away. That’s a one-time thing. If you transfer again like Sophser, you have to sit out a year unless you can get a waiver.


      1. Look at the USC transfer portal. Normally it says “immediately eligible”, but for Sopsher it is worded differently. I already knew this to be the rule.

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    1. Stanford events are the only events I’ve ever attended where the rich, tanned gray haired men & women actually look you up and down before shaking hands….

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  14. Current staff seems to be making a lot of 2023 offers in Texas mostly. I get that’s their current contacts, but they better start camping out in front of blue-blood Southern California high schools. Don’t be dickless Clay Helton and not visit Anaheim Servite for four years (maybe it was only two which is bad enough vagina boy).

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  15. HUGE NEWS –Caleb Williams has POTENTIAL legal problems now surfacing on various sites. The kind of POTENTIAL legal problems, even if proven ENTIRELY false, that would scare the hell outta Carol…..

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      1. They only won b/c Colorado reverted to playing like a Steve Alford team the last 3 minutes. Did you see the Colorado coach sitting on the bench w/ his head in his hands after his team passed to ball straight to someone behind the scorers table?


      2. Come on Michael, you know SC fans are not satisfied with just winning; as Tom Sawyer used to say, “When you do something, you got to throw in a little style”

        Except I thought SC had style tonight down the finish to erase a 6-game losing streak against the odd-shaped horses (Buffaloes)

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    1. I don’t know how FUN the next week is gonna be for Caleb. There’s some pretty nasty stuff about him floating on the internet. Hope it’s all bullshit (which it likely is)…..


      1. Luckily, the stuff on the internet involves a different Caleb Williams..


    USC 61- Colorado 58.
    The team did not shoot well tonight but played very tough defensively in a tough arena in Boulder. Not many teams win on Colorado’s home court. I think Colorado can beat UCLA, ARIZONA, AND OREGON ON THEIR HOME COURT.
    If we can beat Utah and sweep the mountain schools we will be just fine with UCLA coming up.


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  17. My Pasadena neighborhood growing up was filled with old guys that went to USC on the GI Bill after WW2/ Korea. In high school I had visions of Stanford and didn’t really know about USC as my dad went to another school and hated USC. One day I was talking to one of these older neighbors who gave me this advice:
    “Son, 4 out of 5 women are attractive; the 5th one goes to Stanford.” In all my trips there for games that thesis has held true largely. Could be a factor for a guy like Jones, though I will also say I’ve had Silicon Valley engineering managers tell me Stanford has massive grade inflation, the opposite of USC when I was there. Also something for those transferring in to consider.

    HUGE win at CU. The Princeton back cut set play inside 2 mins was the FIRST time I’ve seen Enfield actually coach well at the end of a tight game. This team is deep, has an iso threat who can score on anyone with Boogie, and Enfield maybe has finally brought his coaching level to par with his recruiting ability.

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