USC Morning Buzz: A Caleb Williams Deadline Approaching

While Lincoln Riley visits high schools in Southern California today, everyone wants to know when Caleb Williams commits?

He has until Friday to enroll at USC if he wants to participate in spring practice. The thing about Williams is he is so good he could probably get away without being at spring practice if he wanted to. But I imagine he would want to be in spring drills.

  • There was a bomb threat at the Galen Center last night after the USC-Arizona State basketball game. The LAPD arrived and determined it was not credible.
  • Here is Baseball America’s preseason Top 25:

43 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Caleb Williams Deadline Approaching

  1. USC hoops, 17-2, with or without bomb threat, one of the best defenses in the country. Work on free throws and this team can go places in the tourney.

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    1. The Arizona and UCLA games are gonna be huge —- they’ll have way more national importance than any USC football game in some time.

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      1. Well, MG, if the story about Wisconsin now being in the mix is factual, the guy sounds as if he is at a car show and cannot decide on the Ferrari, Porsche or Rolls (although Owns would say SC is more like a beat-up Volkswagen).

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  2. seams prety despirate to try to get line mans from high scool teems cuz john aint got none at usc,probaly shuold mined his own bizniss and stay a way from the yuong poeples,thats what the policy all ways tell me,smdh

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      1. He does wear them…in public.
        [But that doesn’t help the secret service when he has “accidents” and shames himself at night].

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  3. Non Sports Info For All My Friends [yes, that includes Owns]…
    Watch out for that “Please do not not resuscitate” request when you fill out your Will and hospital paperwork. A dear, much older friend of mine in California died last night because she came out of a
    minor operation with an irregular heartbeat (probably caused by the anesthesia she was given) —she was, then, given morphine, lost consciousness and was unattended for three days due to her “no resuscitation” request —which the hospital interpreted as meaning no nutrients of any kind being administered.
    The result was preordained.
    The phone call I got from the hospital came one moment after I was awakened by the biggest earthquake we’ve had on Maui since we got here.

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    1. Sorry for your loss, mate.

      Having spent all last summer in a hospital as a patient I learned that at times you are but a hunk of meat to the staff. They do work 12-hour shifts in a mask, so they are weary at the end of their shift, and you might not get the best treatment all the time.

      But this tragic incident raises the question of what constitutes a condition qualifying for a “no resuscitation” response? It does put a lot of subjectivity into the decision.

      I am going in on Thursday to have some basil cell cancer removed from my chest, but the anesthesia being administered is 50% of the usual dosage. Still, I will remind the staff if there are complications I want to be resuscitated, that I cannot die before this Williams kid decides where he will be eating his next hamburger.

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      1. Thanks for your post, John.
        You can be sure I’ll be saying a prayer for ya on Thursday (boy, this has been quite a time — never thought I’d be saying prayers for Scott and John within a couple of months]…!

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    2. Thanks for the good wishes ol’ Sport, but this is minor league surgery.

      Or as the Buffalo Bills said with 13-seconds left: “We got this one in the bag.”

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      1. Ha! I was just telling my son Evan McPherson didn’t jinx himself by saying “we’re going to the playoffs!” before his last second field goal cuz the goal posts don’t have ears —it’s different when you say you’re gonna kick someone’s ass before a fight cuz the other guy can hear you…..

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    3. HOpe you are safe and without much damage from the shaker, Michael.

      And yes, be very cautious with the advanced directive paperwork…
      This case you are describing stinks of medical misadventure.

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      1. Thanks, Bourbon.
        I have the same impression you do about the level of care this dear older woman received. She ran a French Cafe in Oakland for 50 years, held free Bastille Day parties for all her customers every year and cared for every stray cat or dog in the neighborhood the whole time.
        Suffice it to say, she gave the world more than she got.
        RIP, Simone.

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    4. …and on a final note related to Hawaii:

      Timmy Chang signs as HC for the Rainbow Warriors, when Manoa refused to offer June Jones more than a 2 year contract!
      Sounds like Timmy was psyched to get the job!

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      1. Sorry for reading this post so late, my buddy. And please know I join you in praying for your friend.


  4. Caleb Williams went 5-2 as a starter in the regular season in a sht conference. Iowa State and Baylor, not very talented teams, used the “Air Raid killer” defense and held OU to 27 and 28 points respectively.

    ‘SC was a dropped pass from sweeping the P12 in its last full season with a head coach as crap as Helton and Harrell and their Air Raid.

    Once again we will wind up with a top 3 national class in recruiting/ portal.

    So why is the emphasis on Caleb Williams? I think it’s mostly to do with a type of ‘SC fan that is more interested in winning media points than football.

    SC continues to have top talent, even a number of 4* OL (something we like to forget around here), and a highly rated DL as well. We’ve done well in the P12 as mentioned, and had some highs.

    The real issue is we aren’t in the Bama, Georgia, Clemson level that ‘SC expects it should be in, and we drop some games in conference to less talented but better coached teams (kinda like LR at OU). And that’s been because we don’t play big boy football.

    We’re hoping that by having the very best backfield and receiver talent and maybe a new triggerman (even though he’s not bigger, stronger or faster and has a spotty W-L record with no perceivable excuse), that the Air Raid will finally break through against big boys that play big boy football.

    Since that’s what we are left with, I’m onboard.

    I think the odds are always with big boy football, but with enough talent even this maxed out Air Raid experiment in year ten may FINALLY win a couple of games in post season. If not USC just threw $100 million to add to its $60 million in soft ball futility (that’s coaching staff now and future, not mentioning the loss of revenue). Glad it’s not my money.

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    1. It looks like the only thing that’s gonna make you happy, global, is the sight of Carol Folt and Mike Bohn greeting Caleb as he drives into his reserved parking space between theirs —

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  5. The biggest thing that would make me happy is, if Folt was shown the door and a real AD was hired by the new President. Who then would come in and clean house of this woke liberal progressive nonsense crap at USC.

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    1. IF that’s true, good riddance.


      1. C’mon MG, don’t be a bad sport. At least C. Williams gave Clown U the time of day. Face it, there were more positives to other teams as opposed to all the notorious negatives of SUCC’s FB program/University.

        Now Riley will have scrounge the portal for a QB with a bit of experience.

        #Cue: Joe Cocker’s “You Can Keep Your Hat On”


      1. My Dear Friend Owns,
        As you perhaps know better than anyone I have the emotional maturity of a 13 year old. I am now full of burning hate for C. W. If he comes to USC I hope we play him behind Miller Moss and ruin his career…..

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  6. Michael I am now in the same place you are. This little shit is playing everyone. But for what end.? Go the fuck to Wisconsin and freeze your prima dona ass off in an offense that does not develop QB”s and hands the ball to the running back 80% of the time. My question is why is he doing this? Is he oblivious to what a smacked ass he is making of himself? If it’s not for NIL $ then what the fuck??? Wisconsin is not real but why he continues to drag this out and piss off his future fans and teammates, I will never know. I have lost all of my enthusiasm for this long awaited announcement. Right now, I do not give a shit where this narcissist punk decides to play football. Yeah. Wisconsin is a great place to go for QB development and the NIL world is also off the hook. Give me a break Caleb you narcissistic jerk. Just go away.

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    1. Trojan 5,
      Something tells me if Caleb comes he’s gonna turn into a team-destroying cancer by the end of the season.


  7. Of course if Williams decides he is not fit to be a Trojan (he would rather be a Badger?) this begs the question of what will Dart now do?– It might be too embarrassing for him to return to SC although I believe his heart was always yearning to be a Trojan.

    And it shows Wiley Riley might not be as slick as he thinks he is. He could have played this differently, saying there would still be a quarterback competition, instead of apparently giving Dart the old heave-ho.

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    1. We definitely didn’t handle the QB situation optimally.
      IF we now end up with Dart at QB it might take him some time to convince the team he’s not guy we had to “settle” for…..


  8. hello football fans, the kalooob looking at wiscosin?/?/ he wants to freeze and suck on some cow utters !!!!!!!!! Regards , E


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