USC Morning Buzz: Did You Go To The Parade?

Are you braving the crowds for the Rams parade? I should put “parade” in quotes.

Most classes at USC this morning are online and entrances are closed to pedestrians on Figueroa. That makes it tough for people who actually have business on campus who are searching for an entrance.

Maybe today will pick up business at The Lab?

It would be a great day of business for The Fields LA, the food hall adjacent to the LAFC soccer stadium. But it’s closed until March 15!

Go Rams!

UPDATED: Some USC parking structures are charging $35 to park today!

34 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Did You Go To The Parade?

  1. This is just me musing but I think whenever an L.A. team wins a sports championship that the parade should be somewhere near the ocean to show off how beautiful L.A. and California can be.

    Can you imagine a sports championship parade going through Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach? Or even Santa Monica with the ocean in the background?



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    1. Great idea except for one thing:

      As my mother said on most January 1st with the Rose Bowl in all its splender being televised nationally– “Here come another 100,000 people from Iowa”

      And it seems there are more parade guards than actual fans. If this happened in Cincinnati they would have to close the schools. But this being L.A., the general attitude is “Rams won the championship. That is great except I skipped the game and went to the beach instead. Beach parking set me back $10, but I figured I was nearly $5000 ahead by not going to the game. Besides, the waves were up”


    2. Carol said she’s prefer if Santa Monic didn’t hold parades open to “just anybody.”
      [As they go about the business of picking a new Board Chairman is it possible Carol will allow members to reassess their last selection … i.e., the one for University President]?


      1. You know what is cool? The goofy “reply” function is now working to my advantage —allowing me to post corrections before the stuff that needs to be corrected]….


      2. Between the date stamp and the reply feature is probably why Ed is thriving here. None of it makes any sense!


    3. When the Kings won the Stanley Cup they had two parades, One through Downtown and another through the South Bay beach cities.


    1. As they say in lawyer-town regarding a poor argument–
      “Now that is a reach”

      But I can think (they can’t yet arrest you for what you’re thinking)
      of having sex with several women without a gun pointed at my head.

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      1. Which part did you think was a typo, Michael–
        That having sex with Helton would be a reach or
        That I could have sex with several women without a gun pointed at my head?

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  2. If I saw a video like that I probably would not be able to eat for 2-days

    But what was it between Swannie and Ton-o-Hel to have given the coach a 5-year extension?- Did Swan ask for a cut?

    And isn’t it a shame that great Trojans like Haden and Swann are now looked at as if they were Benedict Arnold, the old traitor. I guess the 2 should have quit while they were ahead, instead of taking the thankless SC job of Athletic Director.

    Mike Garrett and today’s Bon-Bon would have ended up in the same old scrape heap if they had not lucked out with the Carroll and Riley
    gifts-from-heaven hires.

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    1. I just replied it would be nice to see George nominated for Chairman of the Board of Trustees …and the reply was censored….

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      1. It is worse on the OTHER’s blog, Michael. That guy cannot handle and censors good-natured “insults” or sarcasm, whereas Scott will put up with anything and everything. In fact, the only way to insult Wolfie is to not write about him.

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    SERIOUSLY- RON HOWARD would be the perfect fit as Chairman of the Board. Good guy, knows SC, and can bring in some big bucks to USC.


    1. Unfortunately, Ron Howard WOULD be the perfect fit for Chairman — another empty headed progressive, devoted to the happy-talk policies that are destroying Los Angeles.

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      1. Your political absolutism is both impressive and scary. How do you reconcile the whole trying to overthrow the government and the idiotic plot to steal the election for Trump? I mean, you’re career was in law, right?

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      2. Very fair question, smacky. When it comes to anything questionable about Trump, MG goes all Col. Klink – I See Nothing!


  4. I would vote for Cowlings, but only if OJ was his chauffeur

    I had never seen the word ‘prescient” used in print, but Michael used the word above, and then when I was reading about the origin of the Trojan mascot, George Tirebiter, and how this developed into a new mascot, Traveler, I saw the word ‘prescient’ again.

    Synchronicity. Now if we could only foretell if there will be a baseball season, we might really be on to something here.

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  5. Scooter,

    $35 for parking is a bargain. At the dump sofi, they charge $170 for parking. SC is losing its grip on making money. Waht is wrong with them? But knowing where to park, I would have parked for free, walked in and walked out and be home before one person had left after the parade. I park on the east side of the 110 freeway. Easy in and easy out.

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      1. John Wolcott,

        With all the times that I parked there for Radier and USC games that started morning, noon, and night, which were many times over, I only had my car broke into one time. Back in 1984, Da Radias were playing at 1 P.M. and then Bruce Springsteen played at 8 P.M. I did not get back to my car until around 12 P.M. My windows were broken and they took my 8 track tapes. I had great music on those 8 track. If you get back to your car within after an hour after the game you should be fine.

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