USC Winners And Losers Of Week


Lincoln Riley

As he puts together his transfer-laden roster, he has to be thinking life will be even easier than imagined in the Pac-12 as he watches Arizona State and Colorado implode; Stanford stand still; Cal being Cal and UCLA hire a 61-year-old defensive coordinator who doesn’t excite its fan base.

It’s a lot better than moving to the SEC.

Miller Moss

He is currently the backup to Caleb Williams. Should he look at Arizona State’s QB situation?

Boogie Ellis

He did it all by himself at the end of the game Sunday night (and he had to).

Drew Peterson

The USC guard did not get honored during the Senior Salute even though he is listed as a senior. So he can come back for another season if he wishes.

USC baseball

The Trojans won 2 of 3 vs. Santa Clara and drew 1,374 to the season-opener on Friday night.

Oklahoma women’s tennis

The No. 2-ranked Sooners swept No. 10 USC, 4-0, on Sunday. This brought great pleasure to all the Oklahoma fans desperate for revenge since Lincoln Riley resigned.


The Pac-12

No College Football Playoff expansion for the next few years. It means the conference will have to make it the old-fashioned way: By earning it.

Some USC support staff

Why are people who were responsible for the worst recruiting class ever (2020) patting themselves on the back for the work Lincoln Riley has done to rejuvenate recruiting?

Arizona State

What is the state of the football program? Who’s keeping track of the program? The athletic director. The university president? It’s a mess.

Andy Enfield

USC squeaked past Washington State, barely winning another game where it shouldn’t have been close.

Lindsay Gottlieb

Can’t sugarcoat the first season of women’s basketball at USC for the ex-Cavaliers assistant. USC is 11-14 and just 4-11 in the Pac-12, which is good for 10th place.

24 thoughts on “USC Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. Makes me wonder how USC can pay a women’s basketball coach such a high salary with such poor attendance and won/loss record especially compared to other programs like Stanford, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, and UCLA who have been at the top of the conference for the last twenty years, and it looks like that won’t change.

    Was Lindsay Gottlieb like Clay Helton at the right place at the right time or did Mike Bohn not know what he was doing and overpaid looking for instant success from the program which probably won’t happen??? My personal opinion is that Gottlieb will leave in two years to go to the WNBA, but it might be the WNBA team don’t even pay their coaches what she is making at USC.

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      1. Ya, I thought the same thing. Like is womens tennis now up on the level of football? Or cheerleading? Oklahoma is going to bestewing until we clean their clocks on the football field.

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    1. How stupid is Howard? He lost a game? Something happened he didn’t like? He felt disrespected? So what? Those are precisely the moments every coach, at whatever level, has to remember the big picture…and keep his cool.

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      1. …time for Howard to rest his nerves…..

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  2. So Enfield at 23-4 is a loser of the week because he barely WON. I know we are all supposed to take Scott with a huge grain of salt, but at times he becomes a parody of himself. But it is Scott’s shtick and so on with the performance.

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    1. Come on, Slim —look at the bright side —-you’d have to really search far & wide [and w/o luck] for another sports site calling Andy a loser today at 23-4…..

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