USC Presidents’ Day Rememberance

Here is a photo of President William Howard Taft visiting USC in 1911. USC has a nice selection of photos of Presidents visiting the campus here.

(Photo/USC Digital Archives)

And who can miss the peristyle at the Coliseum for Franklin Roosevelt during his 1935 visit, where he also visited the USC campus.

Photo/USC Digital Archives

30 thoughts on “USC Presidents’ Day Rememberance

      1. Yes. But that’s not all, 67. Pudly broke up Ted Kennedy’s first marriage… he almost broke up George W’s marriage [but Laura was given 6 months to break it off]….


    1. Her husband lost in 2008 so she never became First Lady but had always heard stories Cindy McCain was a former Song Girl. Curious if anyone has a photo of her cheering on the Men of Troy.


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  1. Got to give SCottie his dues once in a while. We may not always agree with his
    points-of-view, but his historic shots are second-to-none

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  2. Nixon didn’t do the ’69 Wild Bunch team any favors by declaring that the winner of the Texas-Arkansas game on Jan 1, 1970, would be national champions. I would have loved to have seen either of those slow southern teams try to turn the corner against Jimmy
    Gunn or Charlie Weaver playing DE/edge.

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  3. Ah yes! 1911……..the good old days when americans could still think rationally….when 2+2 still equaled 4 and there was only 2 genders and you couldn’t be a boy today and a girl tomorrow and americans still thought that the key to success in life was a 4 letter word…..WORK…..yes, the good old days

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    1. Yes, the good old days when women were not guaranteed the right to vote and the Civil Rights Act was still 50 years away.
      What has happened to us as a country?


      1. The Civil Rights Act was what Martin Luther King fought for and died for. But the CRA that he fought for had to do with race and only race. He would turn over in his grave if he could see how the Supreme court has applied it to the sexual orientation and transgenderism. Yes, it’s true that we have gone a mile in the right direction since 1911. The trouble is that we have gone 1,000 miles in the wrong direction. If you took the farther left liberal back in 1945 and put him in a time machine and brought them here today……when they saw how you could lose your job and career just for holding the views that marraige should be between a man and a woman and that kids shouldn’t be taught about sex in kindergarden and schools should not be teach a kid that he can be a boy today and a girl tomorrow and there are 50-100 genders….they would think that the world has clearly gone mad. Yes…..we have come a mile in the right direction but we’ve gone 1,000 miles in the wrong direction


    1. Owns was the first serviceman in history to win the highest medal from each branch of the military — the Medal of Honor, the Service Cross, the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross …

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      1. It is amazing to me that you were able to find the information on Pudley and Lady Bird. I though that stuff was buried so deep nobody would find it. Great work MG.

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  4. what about remembering we hooligans who ran Walter Mondale off the stage in Sept. 1984 — he wanted to be President. We lauded VP George HW Bush when he spoke a few weeks later, and a few years later he did become President!

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